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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Yes, It's Deja Vu Time Again, Terror at the Bus/Train Stop

It's a cliche already to call a vehicle a weapon, and most people groan when they hear it and shrug their shoulders, but unfortunately, the Arab terrorists have been taking the saying very seriously. Today there was another terror attack when an Arab terrorist from Shuafat, an Arab neighborhood in Jerusalem took a heavy vehicle and mowed down innocent people crossing the street and waiting for the train.

Wounded pedestrian at scene of the Jerusalem ramming terror attack. Photo: 0404.co.il.

An Arab driving a van killed one person and wounded some 14 others, several critically, when he slammed into pedestrians and vehicles at two points along the capital’s light rail line midday Wednesday, according to Army radio.The fatality, a Border Police officer, and the wounded were crossing the street when they were hit by the speeding vehicle, according to Israel Radio.
At one point, footage from a light rail security camera shows the white Volkswagen van hitting pedestrians as it rushed down the tracks.
Victims at scene of Jerusalem terror ramming. Photo: Israelphoto
Victims at scene of Jerusalem terror ramming. Photo: Israelphoto.

The driver then descended from his vehicle, several blocks north of the Old City, and attacked passersby with a metal rod, police said.
Border Police officers in the vicinity gave chase along the rail line, and opened fire at the suspect, killing him, police said.
The driver was wearing clothing similar to those worn by a haredi Jew, Army radio reported.Police are reporting that the suspect, Ibrahim al-Akari, 38, was a Hamas member from the city’s Shuafat neighborhood. On his Facebook page, al-Akari lauded the shooting of Yehuda Glick on October 29... complete article on Algemeiner
As soon as I saw this picture on top I shivered. I remember a facing a wall when I was injured in the first such terror attack about eighteen years ago barely a kilometer from this attack. Nothing's new, unfortunately. At least the terrorists who killed and injured innocent people were immediately executed in both attacks.

I am very pleased that recent Arab terrorists have been killed. That is what should happen. No one I know wants our tax money to be spent on housing them, feeding them, their medical care or legal expenses. And we certainly don't want terrorists to be released, no matter what or whom we would get in return.

As my friend and I were on our way home, out of Jerusalem, we noticed this man walking along the Old City Walls, most probably from the site of the terror attack.

If you know him, please tell him thanks.

PS The attack!


Yakov Butterfield said...

This is the 2nd attack today the other one was on Shivtei Israel St./Hahoma HaShlishit St. near the first attack area. Both were around noon. Nothing like studying in Kollel and hearing gun shots and ambulances.

Batya said...

What other attack today? Awful on the "teffer" seam.

Anonymous said...

As horrific as all this is, it should not be surprising to the observant G-D fearing Jew. Whatever the Torah commands and warns but is not heeded, its consquences will happen. By allowing our enemies to live in the Land and giving them full citizenship and even the right to be members of its government on par with the Jews, etc., etc., is a chet of gargantuan proportions. H' is just reminding us more and more as we get closer to that great and awesome Judgment Day. May it come with great mercy for the bnai Yisrael.

Anonymous said...

Since then there has been an attack in Gush Etzion, with three soldiers injured.

Amongst other measures the body of the terrorists should be incinerated (which is against their religion). No funerals for their glorification.

Batya said...

a 22:43 changes must be made,
a 23:06 the terrorist must be found and executed. Incineration idea good, but I doubt if Israel would dare.

Anonymous said...

In the attack in which the baby and the young woman from Ecuador were murdered, Israel gave the body of the terrorist to the family for burial. Depending on the case, there are probably many other times when they have the body. As for not daring, I take your point. But what could the bleeding hearts claim, that it is "inhumane"?

Batya said...

Maybe we should send the bodies to Turkey...