Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Palestinian History 101, Curriculum and Essay Question

This is no joke. This poster here is probably the most valuable thing ever produced by Dry Bones.

And to give Sha'i Ben Tekoa, author of Phantom Nation: Inventing the "Palestinians" as the Obstacle to Peace, deserved credit, he opened his session I attended a few months ago by asking the university students in attendance how many had taken a course in "Palestinian History." Of course, no hands went up.

Here's the basic curriculum for the Palestinian History Course, which is probably the easiest course offered, if offered any place:

  • date established
  • early leaders, king, emperor, president, prime minister...
  • capital city/cities
  • major cities
  • borders, old maps
  • language
  • religion
  • currency
  • summarize its rise and fall
  • Please answer: Why wasn't there a rebellion against the Hashemite invaders/occupiers in 1948-1967?
And now for the bonus essay question:
What is the impetus to the rise of "Palestine" as cause célèbre since 1967?


YMedad said...

The easy way that an Arab who calls himself 'Palestinian' can respond to this line of argumentation is that local Arabs were always oppressed by outsiders - from Jews, to Romans, to Abbasids, Ommayads, Ottomans, British and Jordanians. Not that that is true but the average university student won't know that. There is much more than this and the goal is to prove why there was no "Palestine" on the one hand and why it is Eretz Yisrael - a point too many will not aceppt.

Batya said...

That's excuse, not a fact. And it doesn't give list of leaders, dates, etc.

Anonymous said...

In answer to above comment, the reason for the 'palestinians' being oppressed by others is that they are 'invaders' everywhere they go, because they are really either Syrian Arabs, Lebanese, etc.,and even from Muslim European Lands (Bosnia, etc.) who settled in Israel (then called Palestine {name given by the ancient Romans) where they were promised employment and because both the Turks and the British wanted to populate the Land with the Arabs, in that they were afraid of Jewish immigration, as more and more Jews were beginning to trickle back to Israel and that scared both those occupying powers. The Jews were originally the ones known as the Palestinians and only after the '67 War is when the Arabs started calling themselves the 'Palestinians',all part of the international plan of the deJudaization of the Jewish Homeland, Israel. This is a basic condensed version of the history of the 'Palestinian Arabs'.

Batya said...

good points