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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chirac and Olmert

As an Israeli, it hasn't been pleasant to realize all the corruption in our government.  The epitome has been Ehud Olmert.  One doesn't hear a word defending his behavior.  I'd rather he be condemned for the dangerous policies he supported and the lack of proper planning and thinking before the wars he declared.  But if it's his selfish corruption that caught him, at least he's out of office.

I know that there's corruption in many governments, but somehow I didn't think that long time French polician Jacques Chirac was a corrupt politician, too.  There's something else they have in common.  Both Olmert and Chirac were mayors of the capital city, and then they held top national office, Olmert as Prime Minister of Israel and Chirac President of France.

Mayors have lots of opportunities for graft with all the contracts going through their offices.  I'm sure there are many more, but they just haven't been caught.  Jewish tradition distinguishes between This World and the Next World.  Each has its rewards and punishments.  The most imporant is the Next World where we will make our reckoning with G-d and pay for our sins.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Yitzchak Rabin's Legacy, The Altalena

The Israeli media is now full of 1984-style programs and statements in memory of their idol, Yitzchak Rabin.  In contrast, many of us remember a different Rabin and a different Israeli History.

Yitzchak Rabin was a David Ben Gurion loyalist, a Palmach officer, an IDF (Israel Defense Forces) Chief of Staff, twice Israel's Prime Minister, who was murdered (assassinated) after a public appearance at a Left wing rally, fourteen years ago.  Since then Israel's Left, media, politicians, academics etc have used it as the springboard, justification for massive character assassination against anyone who dares to disagree with their opinions and ideology.

If this was literature, instead of history, it would be written as a classic case of poetic justice, "...a literary device in which virtue is ultimately rewarded or vice punished, and often in modern literature by an ironic twist of fate intimately related to the character's own conduct."

That brings us to the Altalena, a tragedy caused by vile hatred of Jew against Jew.  It dwarfs the despicable sezon, when Ben Gurion's followers gave names of fellow Jews to the British to have them arrested and worse.

In 1948, Menachem Begin's Irgun had managed to buy much-needed arms for the battle for Israel's Independence.  An agreement had been reached with the new provisional government concerning how they were to be used and distributed, with a priority for freeing Jerusalem's Old City.  But David Ben Gurion tricked him and ended up sending his soldiers, including Yitzchak Rabin, to attack the ship, sink the weapons and murder Jews.
"Begin had meanwhile boarded the Altalena, which was now heading for Tel Aviv. He hoped that it would be possible to enter into a dialogue with the Provisional Government and to unload the remaining weapons peacefully. But this was not the case. Ben-Gurion ordered Yigael Yadin (acting Chief of Staff) to concentrate large forces on the Tel Aviv beach and to take the ship by force. Heavy guns were transferred to the area and at four in the afternoon, Ben-Gurion ordered the shelling of the Altalena. One of the shells hit the ship, which began to burn. There was danger that the fire would spread to the holds which contained explosives, and the captain ordered all aboard to abandon ship. People jumped into the water, whilst their comrades on shore set out to meet them on rafts. Although the captain flew the white flag of surrender, automatic fire continued to be directed at the unarmed survivors. Begin, who was on deck, agreed to leave the ship only after the last of the wounded had been evacuated."
The late Shmuel Katz, told me that he had always believed that the main goal of the attack was to assassinate Menachem Begin, whom Ben Gurion considered his strongest rival.  Menachem Begin, always the noble gentleman, in his naive innocence could never accept such a theory, nor would he demand apologies and cheshbon nefesh, accounting of the soul, from those who attacked him and his followers.

In Psychology there's a principle called projection, "Projection also appears where we see our own traits in other people..."  That explains why Menachem Begin and Israel's pro-Jews in the Land of Israel Right wing do not constantly verbalize character assassination and incitement against the Left, but the Left always does it against the Right. 

The Israeli Left has a documented history of discrimination and violence, for example the Altalena and Amona, against the Right, though they have no problems constantly proclaiming us as violent and guilty of attacking fellow Jews.

Israeli society is still suffering from pre-State hatreds and the Yitzchak Rabin murder is being utilized as a tool against a large and growing segment of the Israeli public.  I don't know if we'll ever really know who was behind that assassination.  I just know that the Left has enthusiastically adopted it as their mantra, their weapon of choice against loyal and innocent Jewish citizens.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Rabin Legacy - Yes, I Plan on Writing About It

Sorry that I'm just too tired tonight to write about the true legacy of Yitzchak Rabin, who was Israel's Prime Minister twice.

The best thing for now would be for me to go to sleep and get some needed rest.

Corruption in Iraq- How Could Anyone Have Expected Anything Else?

How could the American invaders/interferers in Iraq expected anything other than corruption when it's in the political culture there?

It's no secret that the money, oodles and oodles of money, that has been given to the P.A. sic Palestinian Authority has also gone into the wrong pockets.  Europe, the United Nations and a large collection of other organizations and countries have been funding a fiction.  The leadership is getting rich, but the streets aren't being paved and the sewers aren't being constructed.

Like the fable about the "Emperor's New Clothes," it's all a sham, and they're in the conspiracy together.

If There Had Been "Multicultural Education" in The Early 20th Century, My Parents Would Have Been Failures

Over ten years ago, when I began taking my EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teaching seriously, getting licensed etc, I first heard of Multicultural Education.  In a nut shell, it takes the "pressure" off of children of various cultures and immigrant groups and allows them not to fully integrate into the dominant culture.

My father and his older brother started school, in Brooklyn, NY, in the middle of the 1920's.  They spoke only Yiddish when they entered school, but their parents instructed them to learn English well, so they could be the English teachers at home.  Their job was to make the family as American as possible.  My father, uncle and aunt (a few years younger) were all successful and got university educations.  Their story isn't unique.

All immigrant groups to whatever country know that the key to success is learning the language and the culture of their new country, integrating, not staying totally different.  Multiculturalism holds them back.

It's interesting to note that one of the big pushers, ideologues of the opposite approach, multiculturalism, is none other than Bill Ayers, Obama mentor, former Radical Left wing leader of Students for a Democratic Society which was the major student anti-war organization for most the of the 1960s.

Today, adults in the work force know well that education is the key, and if they didn't learn what they need to know when they were younger, they go back to school.  The community colleges are packed and offering classes before and after work, just to give people a chance.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why Does Bibi Let Labour Rule?

Likud's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu would have had been better, stronger for Jewish Rights, if he had been in the opposition.  He lets Loony-Left Barak's Labor Party rule.

NRP (by any other name is still the NRP) tried to get a bill defining Jerusalem ‘Capital of Jewish People,’ but the Labor Party blocked it!

Likud supporters got Labor, bad deal all around and dangerous for the State of Israel.

Dry Bones: Perfectly Said and Drawn

Dry Bones got it 100% right here!

What Ever Happened to...? Arkady Gaydamak

It was only yesterday, when it looked like Arkady Gaydamak would be taking over Israel.  He had bought the hearts of many Israelis by rescuing them from Arab terrorist missiles, hosting great massive parties, supporting cult-like sports clubs.  Then he disappeared.  Rumors of serious legal problems spread.  And apparently the rumors were true, because now he's jailed in France.
"A French court on Tuesday sentenced Russian-born Israeli mogul Arcadi Gaydamak, who is also a French citizen, to six years in prison and a five million euro fine for his role in illegal arms deals in the 1990s."
I'm sure you've heard the saying that if something sounds "too good to be true, that's probably the case."  I guess that is a good description of Gaydamak's "contribution" to Israel.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The "Israel" J-Street Wants Could Never Survive

Under its present more microscopic inspection, the truth about J-Street is being revealed.  Its "pro-Israel" label has been removed, because its aim is to attract those who aren't.

On its site there's talk of love of Israel and yearning for "peace," but it's a dangerously naive ideology, far removed from facts and reality.  Every sic peace agreement has only encouraged terrorism and made life more dangerous for Jews all over.  Each concession has just encouraged our enemies to demand more.

Groups like J-Street endanger Israel and Jews all over the world.

Just because someone claims that they "love Israel," doesn't mean that their wishes, plans, ideology are good for Israel.  G-d gave us a tiny sliver of Land.  Only the Jewish People have a national history here.  There's nothing to share.  Non-Jews willing to recognize our sovereignty may stay if they obey the laws, but if they don't, they must leave.  It's perfectly acceptable world over to have laws like that, restricting residence and citizenship to those willing to obey the law and pledge loyalty.

Monday, October 26, 2009

American Interference in Iraq as Template for sic Palestinian State

America's invasion of Iraq hasn't made it a safer and more western, democratic country.  Violence is increasing.  The idea/concept/ideology that the United States can train a country, change a people's culture, etc into "American style," peaceful etc is a very serious and fatal mistake.

Here in the HolyLand, in Israel, we've suffered from Arab terrorism even before the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948.  The terrorism certainly predates the 1967 Six Days War and our liberation of our historic Homeland, Judea, Samaria, Gaza, the Golan and the Sinai.

It's an unrealistic fantasy to imagine that the Arabs would let us Jews live in peace, whether in Tel Aviv or Tel Zion, Ramat Rachel or Shvut Rachel, Haifa or Hebron.  It will take generations to change the terrorists into peace lovers, and there's no guarantee that the Arabs will ever want peace.  I'm not willing to risk my life just because some dreamers think that the Arab terrorists can be made into a country.  They're not a people.  They have no history.  We Jews have one. 

Both the christian and muslim religions are based on the Jewish Religion.  That's easy to verify, and that proves that we have the history.  This is our Land, and no American campaign, ideology can change it.  America, Obama, butt out!

Spooked and Spied On

This unnerving story from the New York Times about a British family which was spied on by their local government, brings to mind what once happened to a neighbor of mine.

The British family was spied on by their town, because it was suspected that they didn't really live in their school district.  Besides the invasion of basic privacy, think of the expense of all the spies who followed, photographed them and checked through phone and other records.  This is very 1984.

My neighbor's story was different, but spookier.  A number of years ago she picked up a "trampist," hitchhiker going to a nearby community, which is very acceptable in our neck of the woods.  He began annoying her with talk of being a Jew for Jesus.  Then he noticed the gun (perfectly legal and licensed) she had on her.

He demanded to see her gun, to hold it.  She refused. He unbuckled his seatbelt and leaned over.  She was faster, grabbed her gun and cocked it.  She pointed it at him, stopped the car and ordered him out.  Later on she was contacted by the police.  They took her gun from her.  Apparently, he was a Shabbak (internal police) agent assigned to spy on our communities.

I guess the guy found us all too boring and law-abiding.  Honestly, we really are.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Eckstein challenges halachic ruling and threatens exposure

Posted by Jewish Israel

Hareidi halachic authority Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv recently issued a ruling forbidding the acceptance of Christian funding from the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ/Keren HaYedidut).

Yechiel Eckstein, the Director of IFCJ, responded by threatening to expose hareidi organizations which take funding from his organization in order “to make sure everything is perfectly transparent.” Read the full report at Jewish Israel to understand the implications.

“Rabbi” Eckstein may be determined to embarrass and corner the Torah observant world, but Jewish Israel can attest to the fact that more and more Torah true authorities are expressing utter alarm at the degree of Christian influence in Israel, and they are beginning to take a firm stand and calling for consensus and accountability. Jewish Israel continues to hold weekly meetings with rabbinic leaders in Israel and we are regularly updating our halachic section as opinions and rulings are made available...more at Jewish Israel

UPDATE: Arutz 7 has picked up on Jewish Israel's post and "counter offer" read:
Evangelical Funding Heats Up: Rival Groups to Reveal Names

I Never Wanted to Be A Man

I'm a post-World War II Baby-Boomer, part of the generation which was expected to embrace Feminism as the perfect rebellion.  None if it attracted me, because I saw it as an attempt to be men, and I wanted to be a mother.  I saw a contradiction in these two goals.  Birthrate statistics prove me right. 

My very specific age group, those born (and remained in the United States) around the same time I was, had very few children.  The 1970's, which should have seen a secondary baby boom, didn't produce many kids.  My former fellow Brownies, Girl Scouts and classmates had different production goals.

On the other hand, I could and would never accept even the mildest hint that my opinions are less worthy than a male's.  I didn't and still don't consider it Feminism.  To me it's just common sense. 
  • Why should anyone think that men are smarter than women? 
  • Why should women pretend to be dumber than men?
Some how I never learned the feminine skills women have adopted to get what they wanted.

I'm inevitably attracted by articles which analyze women's success, like this one by Joanne Lipman. "Joanne Lipman, a former deputy managing editor at The Wall Street Journal, was the founding editor in chief of Condé Nast Portfolio magazine." It's interesting that she does have children, and she's unusually successful in what's considered a masculine field.  Maybe that's part of the reason for her success.

There are G-d given differences between males and females.  The early Feminists preached rejection of it, and that's the cause of so much failure.  For women to succeed and reach our goals, we must do it as women, not faux men.  We have different biology and different minds.  We must utilize our gifts, not imitate men and not hide away our identities in masculine-style clothes and game plans.

Everyone's different.  We all must find our own path and wear the most comfortable shoes we can find.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Limor Livnat Has More Than Disengagement to Apologize For

I guess Limor Livnat is trying to revive her political career by turning "right."  In American politics they used to say that they knew that Ted Kennedy was getting ready to try for the Presidency, because he was dieting.

So Limor admits making a mistake about Disengagement, big deal.  Let's hear her apologize to all the teachers for her rotten Dovrat education reform.

Not that I take all these words seriously.  She's only campaigning.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Antisemitism, Can It Be Stopped?

A few years ago, when I was leading a group of christians to a tour of Tel Shiloh, a little girl innocently asked:

"Why do people hate Jews?"
In some ways it was the most difficult question I had ever been asked. Her family and other members of the group stood around embarrassed, happy that they weren't expected to respond.

The irrational emotion/ideology of antisemitism has been around a long time, probably since our forefathers, Abraham, Issak and Jacob wandered the HolyLand thousands of years ago. Until the true Moshiach ben David, Messiah son of David brings us Redemption, we Jews will suffer from hatred, discrimination and violence.

No doubt that modern Jews aren't the first to mistakenly believe that we can find a cure for it.
It's so ingrained in many cultures, that people are unaware that their statements show strong anti-Jewish sentiment

And too many Jews think it's up to us to irradicate it.  They think there's a simple cure, like antibiotics against bacteria/infections.  The Israeli Government thinks rebranding will get us more allies, not being willing to recognize that latent and "out of the closet" antisemtism is the cause of our diplomatic isolation.

We must fight antisemitism by recognizing it, labeling antisemites in all instances and making it clear in actions and words that we're proud Jews.  We do what's best for us regardless of what others think or want.

This will give us respect, both self-respect and respect from others.  That's it, straight and simple.

Shabbat Shalom u'Mevorach
May You Have a Peaceful and Blessed Shabbat

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Radio Features Elderly Aliyah

Nettie, of the Rusty Mike Radio Show, discovered me; the miracles of googling.  She had planned a show about taking care of elderly parents and bringing them on aliyah.  She contacted me and asked if I was willing to talk about it.

At present the interview isn't on the site, but it should be soon.

Last year and even last summer, feel so far away.  For years we've had an "empty nest."  I'm glad that my children are all so independent.  Now my father is living with us, and the kids are helping as much as they can.

I hope to be able to have my parents particape in Melabev, in Jerusalem.  There's a center for English speakers.

Some Things Never Change

THIS WAS WRITTEN IN 1968 (40 years ago) - Astonishing !

You probably won't remember the name Eric Hoffer. He was a longshoreman who turned into a philosopher, wrote columns for newspapers and some books. He was a (non-Jewish) American social philosopher. He was born in 1902 and died in 1983, after writing nine books and winning the Presidential Medal of Freedom. His first book, The True Believer, published in 1951, was widely recognized as a classic.
Here is one of his columns *_from 1968_*. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

This article was written 40 years ago!!! Some things never change.
by Eric Hoffer (LA Times 5/26/68)

The Jews are a peculiar people: things permitted to other nations are forbidden to the Jews.
Other nations drive out thousands, even millions of people and there is no refugee problem. Russia did it, Poland and Czechoslovakia did it. Turkey threw out a million Greeks, and Algeria a million Frenchman.

Indonesia threw out heaven knows how many Chinese and no one says a word about refugees. But in the case of Israel , the displaced Arabs have become eternal refugees. Everyone insists that Israel must take back every single one.

Arnold Toynbee calls the displacement of the Arabs an atrocity greater than any committed by the Nazis. Other nations when victorious on the battlefield dictate peace terms. But when Israel is victorious, it must sue for peace.
Everyone expects the Jews to be the only real Christians in this world. Other nations, when they are defeated, survive and recover but should Israel be defeated it would be destroyed. Had Nasser triumphed last June [1967], he would have wiped Israel off the map, and no one would have lifted a finger to save the Jews.

No commitment to the Jews by any government, including our own, is worth the paper it is written on. There is a cry of outrage all over the world when people die in Vietnam or when two Blacks are executed in Rhodesia . But, when Hitler slaughtered Jews no one remonstrated with him.
The Swedes, who are ready to break off diplomatic relations with America because of what we do in Vietnam , did not let out a peep when Hitler was slaughtering Jews. They sent Hitler choice iron ore, and ball bearings, and serviced his troop trains to Norway.

The Jews are alone in the world. If Israel survives, it will be solely because of Jewish efforts. And Jewish resources. Yet at this moment, Israel is our only reliable and unconditional ally. We can rely more on Israel than Israel can rely on us. And one has only to imagine what would have happened last summer [1967] had the Arabs their Russian backers won the war, to realize how vital the survival of Israel is to America and the West in general.
I have a premonition that will not leave me; as it goes with Israel so will it go with all of us. Should Israel perish, the Holocaust will be upon us all.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dan Meridor Has It All Wrong

Nothing will invite further criticism than "self-examination."
Deputy Prime Minister Dan Meridor thinks Israel should establish its own independent committee to investigate Israel Defense Forces activity in the Gaza Strip during last winter's Operation Cast Lead.

"I have faith in the army and it is my duty to protect it, its commanders and its soldiers - and the most effective tool for this is serious self-examination," Meridor said in a recent interview with Haaretz. "A state that examines itself [protects itself from] harassment. Today, with the development of international law, one of the best means of defense is for a state to investigate itself." 

It shows weakness, doubt and is a Pandora's Box of tzorrus.

We must be realistic.  The Arabs here are not ready for peace.  They don't want it.  They want war.  And the weakness of Meridor's way of thinking is a serious danger for us.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Think That Israel's Ambassador to The U.S. Michael Oren Should Go...

...back to Israel!

He's much too Left wing to represent what's best for our country, and his flirting with J Street is certainly too far in Left field.

Michael Oren joins Ehud Barak as proof that Bibi is giving Israel a Left-leaning government.

Prime Minister Netanyahu proves, again, that the Likud doesn't have the guts, the confidence, the determination to be strong patriotic and Right.  He's not leading.  He's following what he thinks the population wants.  He's just another pol' chasing polls.

Obama Using Race As A Weapon Against Opposition

Ironically, Obama's team is more race conscious than the opposition.  Reverse discrimination is still that, racial discrimination.  Just because Obama is (half) Black doesn't mean he should be immune from criticism.  And just because someone criticizes him or his policies, doesn't mean that the person is looking at the color of his skin.

U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama and his fans have a colored chip on their shoulders.  If Obama had been white, Hispanic or Asian, he never would have gotten nominated and certainly not elected.  Maybe with a decade or more experience he would have been more qualified, or maybe he would have just become a disappointing has been.

Now, because his supporters produced a great campaign, the world and the United States are stuck with him.

Egypt "Disinvites" Israel to Cancer Meet

Israel's top, internationally recognized hospitals have patients from all over the world, especially Arabs.  Successive Israeli governments consider it a great chessed, charity/service to save lives.  So it's an added international/diplomatic insult that Egypt has recinded its invitations to Israeli doctors who had been invited to an international conference of the American group Susan G. Komen for the Cure – the world's largest breast cancer advocacy organization.

Egypt's "peace" with Israel is cold at best.  And remember that just yesterday I reported on the anti-Israel statements by Jordan's King Abdullah, another faux friend.

Back to breast cancer, as soon as I saw this article last night, I thought of our very own jblogger, RivkA, who blogs about her illness, struggles and how she lives as normal a life as possible between doctors, exams and treatments.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Too Drafty From the "window of opportunity"

I'm very sensitive to drafts, and nothing endangers me more than the deathly cold draft coming from the proverbial "window of opportunity."

Every time some international bigshot blabbers about this "window of opportunity" for us to make a deal with the Arab terrorists, I know what they really want.  They want the Land of Israel, our well-documented Jewish historical Homeland to be Juderein, cleansed of Jews.  One of the latest to use that phrase is Jordan's King Abdullah II.

Even more outrageous and absurd is his saying that the United States should focus on Israel, rather than Iran:
"I've heard people in Washington talking about Iran, again Iran, always Iran," Abdullah was quoted as saying.
"But I insist on, and keep insisting on the Palestinian question: The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the most serious threat to the stability of the region and the Mediterranean," he added.

Now, even if you're a Jewish Leftist, I'm sure that you'll admit that Iran is a much greater danger to the Mediterranean and world peace than me and my neighbors.

Peace doesn't come through narrow "open windows."  If we step in that space, we'll be between a rock and a hard place, until we're G-d forbid, crushed to death.  True peace isn't some sort of "on sale now, or you'll miss the boat" special. 

You can't cut glass with rhinestones.
Faux "peace" here in the Middle East would endanger the entire world.

Knesset Member Molla in Messianic Money Jam

Posted by Jewish Israel

Knesset Member Molla in Messianic Money Jam
In what could be a tale of double deception, it’s been reported that Kadima MK Shlomo Molla may have pocketed thousands of shekels in funds which were designated for the Ethiopian Jewish community by a very deceptive Christian missionary “rabbi” Jonathan Bernis of "the Jewish Voice". Jewish Israel provided vital information to members of the Israeli parliament on the web of missionary connections involved in this case...more

Daystar creeps back into Israel
Two years after being barred due to a public outcry, Israel cable TV provider HOT is once again broadcasting Daystar Television programming in Israel. When the TBN Russian affiliate launched back in August, Jewish Israel was concerned about the precedent this would set for other missionary networks to claim “the right” to spread Christian gospel in Israel, and whether this would mean that Daystar would be making a comeback. Well it seems we were late in the game, as Daystar was already up and broadcasting here. Will public pressure work this time?..more

Arabs Are Still Attacking Israel

The sic Palestinian Arab terrorists are still launching rockets, missiles, at Israel.  Just a few hours ago, there was another attack. 

Just because these attacks aren't reported in the international media doesn't mean that they don't happen.

The Pseudistinian Arabs don't want peace.  They don't want to live with us.  They want all Jewish Israelis dead and gone.  Also, Christians have been leaving the area since Jordan invaded in 1948. The Arab Moslems may like the Christians more than they like Jews, but not by much.

Read up on World History.  In the middle of the previous millenium the Moslems tried taking over all of Europe.  Their aim was to conquer and rule over Europe.  Then they were defeated, but don't rule them out today.  There are many more Moslems in Europe and parts of the United States, South America etc than you'd want to imagine.  They're not benign immigrants who aim to loyally integrate and assimilate into their new cultures.

Jewish Americans are always questioned about their loyalty to the United States vs Israel, but how thoroughly are the American Moslems examined?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Aliyah To The Land of Israel At 89

Less than a week ago, my father and I boarded an El Al plane to Israel.  It was 39 years, one month and ten days (on the goyish calendar) after my husband and I boarded the Greek Lines ship which took us to Israel.

With the help of Nefesh B'Nefesh, JAFI (the Jewish Agency,) Israeli Consulate officials and lots of Siyate D'Shmaya, help from the Almighty, the clerical process took no more time than it had taken me and my husband to cross the oceans from New York to Haifa Port, Israel. Especially when you consider that it was the Succot Holiday, when only a minimal staff was working, this was a record-breaking effort.

My mother still hasn't been able to join us, but G-d willing she will.

The flight was great, and the special service was special, just the way it should be.  It's never too late to make aliyah, but it still is easier when you're young.  But at this stage in life for my parents, having so many of their grandchildren and all their great-grandchildren here is unbeatable.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Good News About The UN's Endorsement of The Gladstone Report

No, I haven't lost my mind.  If the New York Times is correct in the following paragraph...
"The United States and Israel had warned beforehand that moving the report forward now would jeopardize attempts to restart peace talks between the Palestinians and the Israelis. President Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian leader, had initially accepted delaying action on the report until March, but he reversed course and orchestrated the two-day special session in order to quiet domestic outrage over his initial stance."  complete article 
I generally refuse to be confident that the Arabs will just keep rejecting everything, saving us in the process.  And that goes for this, too.  What's important is to see this from their perspective.  Although we all know that the Arabs in the Gaza area have been attacking southern Israel for years, launching all sorts of missiles, the Arabs haven't admitted it.  They very much ignore and deny it.  We have here a classic case of the joke about the person who murdered his parents and then pleaded for mercy, because he's an orphan.

The Arab terrorists were certain that they'd be held totally blameless for Israel's defensive actions.  The United Nations probably considers the Gladstone Report "balanced."  In a sense the conclusions are, but they're not based on facts.  It's just a fantasy of diplomatic fiction.

Let the Arabs get angry at the U.N.

Israel should, too.  Israel should just save its dignity, money, pack its bags and leave that farcial, antisemitic organization.  For Israel to be a member, it's like a masochist paying to be abused.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Obama's Nobel Peace Prize, Gladstones's Gaza Investigation, The Same International Anti-Israel Reality

I'm a realist, a pragmatist.  I look through clear, untinted lenses.  I see the world for what it is.  Throughout world history the Jewish People has been attacked, persecuted and discriminated against.  Were there protests during the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Holocaust or the smaller campaigns and pogroms?  NO; we all know that's the truth.  A few righteous gentiles barely caused a ripple and certainly didn't stop the tide of persecution and attempted annihilation.

The clear farce of U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama's Nobel Peace Prize proves without a doubt that trusting, or taking seriously, international opinion and judgment is foolish and futile.

Israel should just condemn the Goldstone Report and then just ignore it.  We should do the same with Turkey.  The antisemitism there is part of their culture and has nothing to do with us.  Their tourism industry is happy to get our money, but any Israeli going there must realize that they are supporting our enemies.

We're on our own, in terms of human allies, and only when we recognize it will our only true, reliable and loyal partner lend a hand.  I'm referring to G-d Almighty. 

"Yisrael, batach b'Hashem!"
"People of Israel, Trust in G-d"

The Year of Double Kohelet, Ecclesiastes, and No Simchat Torah

This year I didn't celebrate Simchat Torah.  No, it wasn't a private protest against G-d and the Jewish religion.

For family reasons, I had to fly from Israel to New York, and there are differences between the calendars and customs.  In Israel, we celebrate the Jewish Pilgrimage Festivals, Succot, Passover and Shavuot with single day Holy Day restrictions, while in Galut, the Diaspora, they are double-days.  The result is that Passover lasts eight days in the Diaspora, rather than the Biblical seven in Israel, and Simchat Torah is a day later abroad, since Succot is a day longer. 

This year had another difference, because Succot began on a Shabbat.  The usual custom is to read Kohelet, Ecclesiastes, on the Shabbat during the week of Succot. Since there was no Shabbat Chol HaMoed (intermediate day,) it was read the first day of Succot in Israel but in the Diaspora the following Shabbat which was the day before Simchat Torah.  Because I'm an Israeli, I wasn't required to observe Simchat Torah on its Diaspora day, and I just walked very discreetly back to my parents' home after Shabbat.

I heard Kohelet, Ecclesiastes, twice, first in my own neighborhood synagogue here in Shiloh and then a week later in the Great Neck Synagogue, where I was a guest.  For those who don't know what Kohelet, Ecclesiastes, is about, it was written by King Solomon, King David's son, who built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.  It's a beautiful philosphic testimony in which he admits that he wasted much of his life on material persuits.

The phrase, "nothing's new under the sun," is repeated many times.  Kohelet is also the origin of:

Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 קֹהֶלֶת

א לַכֹּל, זְמָן; וְעֵת לְכָל-חֵפֶץ, תַּחַת הַשָּׁמָיִם. {פ} 1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: {P}

ב עֵת לָלֶדֶת, וְעֵת לָמוּת;

עֵת לָטַעַת, וְעֵת לַעֲקוֹר נָטוּעַ. 2 {S} A time to be born, {S} and a time to die; {N}

{S} a time to plant, {S} and a time to pluck up that which is planted; {N}

ג עֵת לַהֲרוֹג וְעֵת לִרְפּוֹא,

עֵת לִפְרוֹץ וְעֵת לִבְנוֹת. 3 {S} A time to kill, {S} and a time to heal; {N}

{S} a time to break down, {S} and a time to build up; {N}

ד עֵת לִבְכּוֹת וְעֵת לִשְׂחוֹק,

עֵת סְפוֹד וְעֵת רְקוֹד. 4 {S} A time to weep, {S} and a time to laugh; {N}

{S} a time to mourn, {S} and a time to dance; {N}

ה עֵת לְהַשְׁלִיךְ אֲבָנִים, וְעֵת כְּנוֹס אֲבָנִים;

עֵת לַחֲבוֹק, וְעֵת לִרְחֹק מֵחַבֵּק. 5 {S} A time to cast away stones, {S} and a time to gather stones together; {N}

{S} a time to embrace, {S} and a time to refrain from embracing; {N}

ו עֵת לְבַקֵּשׁ וְעֵת לְאַבֵּד,

עֵת לִשְׁמוֹר וְעֵת לְהַשְׁלִיךְ. 6 {S} A time to seek, {S} and a time to lose; {N}

{S} a time to keep, {S} and a time to cast away; {N}

ז עֵת לִקְרוֹעַ וְעֵת לִתְפּוֹר,

עֵת לַחֲשׁוֹת וְעֵת לְדַבֵּר. 7 {S} A time to rend, {S} and a time to sew; {N}

{S} a time to keep silence, {S} and a time to speak; {N}

ח עֵת לֶאֱהֹב וְעֵת לִשְׂנֹא,

עֵת מִלְחָמָה וְעֵת שָׁלוֹם. {פ} 8 {S} A time to love, {S} and a time to hate; {N}

{S} a time for war, {S} and a time for peace. {N}

For me this was an extra reminder of why I was in New York instead of being at home.  My elderly parents need my help.  My mother's in the hospital, and I had to bring my father back to Israel with me.  They both must leave the house they have lived in since 1962.  They have to give up most of the possesions they have amassed in almost half a century.  Havel Havelim, Vanities of Vanities, is how King Solomon describes it all.
ו עַד אֲשֶׁר לֹא-ירחק (יֵרָתֵק) חֶבֶל הַכֶּסֶף, וְתָרוּץ גֻּלַּת הַזָּהָב; וְתִשָּׁבֶר כַּד עַל-הַמַּבּוּעַ, וְנָרֹץ הַגַּלְגַּל אֶל-הַבּוֹר. 6 Before the silver cord is snapped asunder, and the golden bowl is shattered, and the pitcher is broken at the fountain, and the wheel falleth shattered, into the pit;
ז וְיָשֹׁב הֶעָפָר עַל-הָאָרֶץ, כְּשֶׁהָיָה; וְהָרוּחַ תָּשׁוּב, אֶל-הָאֱלֹהִים אֲשֶׁר נְתָנָהּ. 7 And the dust returneth to the earth as it was, and the spirit returneth unto God who gave it.
ח הֲבֵל הֲבָלִים אָמַר הַקּוֹהֶלֶת, הַכֹּל הָבֶל. 8 Vanity of vanities, saith Koheleth; all is vanity.
ט וְיֹתֵר, שֶׁהָיָה קֹהֶלֶת חָכָם: עוֹד, לִמַּד-דַּעַת אֶת-הָעָם, וְאִזֵּן וְחִקֵּר, תִּקֵּן מְשָׁלִים הַרְבֵּה. 9 And besides that Koheleth was wise, he also taught the people knowledge; yea, he pondered, and sought out, and set in order many proverbs.
י בִּקֵּשׁ קֹהֶלֶת, לִמְצֹא דִּבְרֵי-חֵפֶץ; וְכָתוּב יֹשֶׁר, דִּבְרֵי אֱמֶת. 10 Koheleth sought to find out words of delight, and that which was written uprightly, even words of truth.
יא דִּבְרֵי חֲכָמִים כַּדָּרְבֹנוֹת, וּכְמַשְׂמְרוֹת נְטוּעִים בַּעֲלֵי אֲסֻפּוֹת; נִתְּנוּ, מֵרֹעֶה אֶחָד. 11 The words of the wise are as goads, and as nails well fastened are those that are composed in collections; they are given from one shepherd.
יב וְיֹתֵר מֵהֵמָּה, בְּנִי הִזָּהֵר: עֲשׂוֹת סְפָרִים הַרְבֵּה אֵין קֵץ, וְלַהַג הַרְבֵּה יְגִעַת בָּשָׂר. 12 And furthermore, my son, be admonished: of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh.
יג סוֹף דָּבָר, הַכֹּל נִשְׁמָע: אֶת-הָאֱלֹהִים יְרָא וְאֶת-מִצְו‍ֹתָיו שְׁמוֹר, כִּי-זֶה כָּל-הָאָדָם. 13 The end of the matter, all having been heard: fear God, and keep His commandments; for this is the whole man.
יד כִּי, אֶת-כָּל-מַעֲשֶׂה, הָאֱלֹהִים יָבִא בְמִשְׁפָּט, עַל כָּל-נֶעְלָם: אִם-טוֹב, וְאִם-רָע. {ש} 14 For God shall bring every work into the judgment concerning every hidden thing, whether it be good or whether it be evil. {P}
In the end, what is life all about?
Shabbat Shalom uMevorah

May You Have a Peaceful and Blessed Shabbat   

Monday, October 12, 2009

Market Day in Netivot

The sights! The smells! Market day in Netivot! Both my parents grew up in farming communities in the borscht belt during the Depression years when if you wanted to eat, you had a farm. So, naturally, each Tuesday of their bi-annual visits, a day at our local market was a must.

Old timers here remember the days when Netivot had the highest birthrate per family in Israel. I was continually pitied when my pupils heard I had only one brother! My first friend from Netivot (later a well-known spokeswoman for Gush Katif) was the eldest of 17 children.

We also had almost as many braying donkeys, free roaming chickens and other fowl as citizens in this tiny 3,500 member community. On market day, the few cars in town were useless, as the roads were chock a block with heavy metal pushcarts crowding the streets as everyone in town was on the move, raring to buy fresh goods to last the week. If you missed out, you did without, as we had no vegetable stores back then.

It was a grand social event where Kurdish, Tunisian, Moroccan, and Yemenite tongues were heard spoken. Folks from the entire surrounding area came to town that day to shop, bussed in by the Azzata Town Council. (Later changed to "Sedot Negev" Council)

It was like stepping back into time, or imagining traveling the ancient spice route through Asia. Aromatic stalls of freshly ground cumin; tumeric; coriander and Turkish coffee and stood side by side with those selling everything from clothing; baked goods; live chickens to house-wares. Burly Moshavnikim showed their wares, loudly bellowing, "Pears! Peaches! Plums! I have the best! Come quickly while they last!"

In the USA, my Dad had a huge vegetable garden that kept us well stocked for 8 months of the year. So naturally, 6.00 a.m. on Tuesdays until at least 2.00 p.m. he would wander around the stalls inspecting the merchandise; wondering at the freshness of the produce; its size and the entire market experience so unlike the local A and P in our native Ellenville N.Y.

However, time marches on as does "progress." The market has moved to a new area which is much more difficult to reach. Sadly, not owning a car, shopping there is not an option for many like me any longer. Hence, the majority of the stalls no longer open and most of the "old timers" are left with fond memories of market day as they push their carts out of the local "Barcol," "Yesh," or other local supermarkets. One of my home dictionaries defines "progress" as "Gradual improvement or growth or development." I beg to differ!!

A Notice From the Sponser

Batya is unable to post due to a visit to the US and, God willing, will return to Shiloh on Thursday, October 15.

We thank you for your patience.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Missionaries Rejoice over High Holiday Opportunities in Israel

Posted by Jewish Israel

Time for a High Holiday harvesting wrap-up...

Evangelical missionaries from the overt to the covert were especially active in Israel over the past few weeks. Jewish Israel offers comprehensive coverage of the “pilgrim’s progress" and reports of incidents ranging from missionaries in Bnai Brak to a massive Jews for Jesus campaign in the Jezreel Valley.

We also report on missionary mishaps on the part of the Israeli media, and top evangelical leaders unmask the true meaning behind the Christian Feast of the Tabernacles and Global prayer events in Jerusalem ( we have several new video clips)

Penina Taylor tries to help Rabbi Riskin with his root and branch issues.

We also cover the very strange and halachically challenging events which took place in Hevron last week…read the full report at Jewish Israel

Thursday, October 8, 2009

This is Our Land – It's Not About Tourism!

by Sara Layah Shomron

Yesterday I accompanied a friend living in Maalei Adumim on The World Likud Movement sponsored "Wine, Cheese and Water in the Heart of the Shomron" tour to support the residents of Yehuda and Shomron. We joined with people from within Israel as well as with those visiting the country in touring the communities of Elon Moreh, Yitzhar, Itamar, and Revava. Our lovely tour guide, Kareen, gave informative and detailed site explanations complete with biblical readings. The tour was well organized and I applaud all involved in putting this important event together.

The tour concluded with a "Salute to Yehuda and Shomron" at the community of Revava with speakers including the Shomron Regional Council head Gershon Mesika, Information and Diaspora Minister Yuli Edelstein, MK Danny Danon, MK Tzipi Hotoveli, Moshe Feiglin, and others. Read more here and here

I remain disappointed that there wasn't an urgent call for housing construction and development in our heartland communities. After all, these communities are strangled without housing options for young couples and families. I believe MUCH MORE is needed than a call to travel our land – we need to take possession by LOUDLY and STRONGLY calling for house construction and overall community development!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lost in Space With Breslov

Today was Chai Tishrei, the yahrzeit of R' Nachman of Breslov. Here in Kochav Hashachar, as in many other places, all sorts of people who are connected to R' Nachman, his Torah and his hanhagot held gatherings to elevate and be elevated by his memory. I am not a Breslov type of guy. I don't go out into desolate places to meditate. I don't play a guitar or other musical instrument because my acute sense of pitch always outstripped my lack of dexterity. In addition my mode of thought is more rational and pshat-driven.
Be that as it may, I did show up for a gathering in the sukkah of the Betzalel family, a young family in Kochav Hashachar. There were memories of R. Nachman and his Torah read out along with much song and musical accompaniment.
All of the above caused me to ponder the cause of the current popularity of Breslov in today's Israel. At the risk of being wrong, always a danger when you express an opinion, I would like to give a take on the relevance of Breslov today.
Most Israelis were raised on the idea of the klal, the tzibur, the nation and society, going beyond one's individual self. Whether secular and raised on somewhat Bolshevik socialism or religious and raised on Rav Kook, the Israelis are reacting the other way and looking for the space for their own personality and spirituality. This leads to the road to both India and Uman. Those of us who grew up in America were already experiencing this fragmentation of social and political responsibility in the post-Vietnam and post-modern generation which took longer to arrive in Israel. Those who react against this trend already present in their youth and come here are motivated by Rav Kook, the Lubavitcher Rebbe and Rav Meir Kahane. They are motivated to join a cause rather than to go meditate on a hilltop.
The Rambam points out that a person who tends toward one extreme must gravitate in the opposite direction in order to reach a balance in the middle. We see this pendulaum effect in the large-scale movements of groups of people. But in order to be prescriptive for the individual it is necessary to understand both the nature of the searchings of the person involved and his or her background and at the same time be aware of the inner asperations of that very individual human soul. Then the fine-tuning of applying dosages begins. Go for the right blend of sense of truth and emotional satisfaction and intellectual sense of truth. You are invited to comment and tell us about it.

Monday, October 5, 2009

An Offering of Thanks to Hashem on Succot

The crisp autumn air blew through our schach and the multi-colored decorations in our Succah swung back and forth in the gentle breeze. Succot in Eretz Yisrael is a unique experience. In the States, I recall that only Orthodox Jews building a Succah. Not so here in Israel.

Even the marginally traditional here in Netivot opt for erecting some kind of Succah, whether it be made from wood or merely some sheets thrown haphazardly around the "pargula" covered porch. (A "pargula" is a special hand constructed latticed covering over a porch which I've never seen outside of Israel.) There are markets for the Arba Minim in many cities, and again, you can see chassideshe Jews standing next to men without tzitzit at the same stand checking out the wares.

I had an extremely moving moment this year during Succot, as I sat outside with my husband, and several children and grandchildren. The air was crisp and singing came from some neighboring Succot while music piped in from tapes came from others. The evening had just began—that hour when sunset has heralded the end of a day, yet the moon has yet to put in an appearance.

I looked around our table sated with joy at the presence of so many beloved family members, and suddenly I was thrown back almost forty years. I recalled a Succot holiday spent in upstate N.Y. (I grew up in the borscht belt.) Although it was Succot, I, alas, had no Succah that year. My parents were on the verge of becoming frum, but had not yet made that final leap of faith that requires changing of lifestyle, an incredibly difficult step to take in one's middle age. I felt absolutely bereft. Succot without a Succah, without Yom Tov meals; no decorations; no singing….. absolutely nothing. I never felt more alone or bereaved in my entire life. I was in mourning, for the Succos that never was. Or at least, not yet part of my newly Shomer Shabbos life.

I pushed aside the beige curtains and peeked outside in the twilight, the witching hour, at the mountain across from our home. My eyes took in the red, orange, purple, and yellow autumn foliage high above near Sam's Point and in the trees surrounding my home. I raised my tear-filled eyes to the sky and prayed, "Hashem, please let me have the zechus of marrying a Ben Torah and raising frum children who will never lack for a real Yom Tov or Shabbos! Please, Hashem, allow me to build my home in Eretz Yisrael!" Yes, even then barely Bat Mitzva, I knew that only Israel would sate my thirst for a truly Jewish lifestyle.

Time spiraled forward, and I found myself thrown back into my Succah in Netivot, filled with incredible angst and upset, feeling the desperation and frustration of that previous Succos holiday of yesteryear. I burst out crying. My husband was taken back and asked what was wrong. "Nothing," I answered. "Nothing at all!" Sitting together with him, our children and their children in Eretz Yisrael in OUR Succah, I could honestly answer him, "Nothing is wrong. Baruch Hashem, on the contrary….. !"

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Health Care? American Rip Off!

One of the reasons we must get my parents here is the ridiculously expensive, complicated and wasteful medical situation!

As far as I'm concerned there's only one place with true quality of life and it's here in Israel.  Whether you work or don't, full-time, part or self-employed, you are covered in some sort of Health/Sick Fund.  Medications and doctor's visits are subsidized.  If you pay extra per month, expenses are even less.

It's nothing like the United States.  We get better medical coverage for less outlay, and Israel has advanced medical care.  Considering the size of our country, you don't have to travel far for the best hospitals by international standards.

A few years ago, coverage was made easier via Bituach Leumi, National Insurance.  It's sort of like Social Security and Welfare and Unemployment combined.  Even if you pay in as a very part-time worker it give you full coverage and you choose the "organization."  There are a few.  If you're unemployed the payments are part of your welfare or unemployment compensation.  When I wasn't working, mine came out of my husband's BL payments.  Actually until I get a salary, his payments cover me. 

And unlike the strictly socialist regimes or policies, like in Switzerland and I think Canada, there are private alternatives here which coexist.  That makes it something the United States should look at as a successful example.

But can you really imagine U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama stating that Israel has the best health deal, and the United States should copy it?

Hiking The Land in Memory of Avihu Keinan

Since my flight schedule was changed, I made it to the beginning of this year's Hike the Land in Memory of Avihu Keinan, HaYa"D, a Shiloh boy killed by Arab terrorists.  He was in the IDF, a soldier who excelled and taught hand-to-hand combat.  But he didn't have a chance, because his officers planned an action to minimize injury of Arab civilians at the expense of our Jewish Israeli soldiers.

Moshe, Avihu's father, vowed to march to Jerusalem and protest outside the Presidnt's Residence.  We did that during Chol Hamoed (the intermediate days of) Succot, and since then, every Succot we march from Shiloh. 

For the first few years, we marched to Jerusalem, but the past few years, we marched in the vicinity of Shiloh.  These are all pictures I photographed from the beginning of this year's march.

G-d willing, next year, the Moshiach will be here, and we'll all celebrate together with Avihu and all the other victims of Arab terrorism and those dead from other causes.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Succot Isn't The Holiday Of Freedom, Especially For Gilad Shalit

Today at our Women's Torah Class, in a neighbor's succah, we were reminded that Succot is the Holiday associated with שמחה simcha, joy.  Passover is the Holiday associated with Redemption and Freedom.

Did Gilad Shalit's family feel joy at seeing the video of him?  The video is over two weeks old, and he makes no effort to hide that he's reading his statement.

And the Arab terrorists holding Shalit make no effort to hide their plans to capture more Israelis.
"Hours after Israel released 19 female Palestinian prisoners in exchange for a video proving captive IDF soldier Gilad Schalit was alive, Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal on Friday night threatened to capture more Israeli soldiers in order to win the release of all Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli prisons."  complete article
Our Israeli Government is handling this all wrong, as usual.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Shalit will probably be released after the Christian new year:

"A prisoner swap with Hamas for the release of St.-Sgt. Gilad Schalit will likely take place after January but before the Palestinian elections, which are to be held by June, The Jerusalem Post learned on Thursday." complete article

That's a long way off.  That turns this little performance into a dangerous and pathetic farce.  Going back to the Torah lesson of today, the first day of Succot.  Succot is for joy, at knowing that Gilad is alive.  So, does that mean that he will only be released during Passover, the Festival of Freedom?  The dates fit, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Waller Family: “Harvesting” in Israel

Posted by Jewish Israel

It’s Erev Succot and “harvest” time in Israel...

Tommy Waller and his family of 13, plus a company of many more, are here to help with the grape harvest and do other agricultural work in or near the communities of Har Bracha, Ariel, Itamar and Shiloh.

As devout evangelicals, the Wallers have a hankerin’ for “breaking barriers” and “planting the grapes in Samaria, with the people of Israel and at the same time, chipping away at that wall”[that separates Jews and Christians]. They are “dedicated as a family to sharing the Gospel of Yeshua (Jesus) by serving the people of Israel within the agricultural settlements and Kibbutzim."

Meanwhile, the Jews are obligated to keep those fences intact and avoid avoda zarah at all costs.

It’s not that the Wallers aren’t good, moral, upstanding Christians – because they are. It’s just that the old “one new man” and "grafted" thing keeps getting in the way.

If it helps clear the air, Jewish Israel would like evangelicals (and Jews for that matter) to understand that our avoidance of a theologically-based Jewish-Christian reconciliation is not due to generations of anti-Semitic baggage. Rather, it is an halachic issue of the highest order.

Jewish Israel explores the costs involved when we partner with those who help harvest our fields with the ultimate intentions of "harvesting our souls" and laying claim to our inheritance in Eretz Yisrael...more at Jewish Israel

New Neighborhood in Shiloh!

Groundbreaking has begun on Shiloh's new housing project. 

As I've written many times, we have a serious housing shortage.  Many people want to move to Shiloh for its community, education, convenient location and other reasons.  It's amazing how many kids who grew up here want to raise their kids in Shiloh.  This building initative is by one of them.

A Hero and Heroine from Haraisha

I have a friend as dear as a sister in this endangered "settlement." Nothing could be more abhorrent than to believe that a country could contemplate ousting families twice within 4 years from their homes! Positively unbelievable and disgusting!!!

Zimra Shlessinger (hit link below to hear her eloquently describe Haraisha's plight) came on aliya as a teen with her dear family. I met her about 17 years ago when she came to work with me at the same mekif in Netivot, traveling daily the 30-40 minutes from Gush Katif. She and her dear husband, a great talmid chacam named Rav Chananel Shlessinger witnessed many miracles while living in the Gush.

For example, one day in a tiny Renault car, Zimra's husband was taking 3 prospective gerei tzedek somewhere when their car was ambushed by armed terrorists. I don't recall the exact number of shots, but about 50 hit the windshield and all of the car's other windows riddling the car with holes and shattering glass. Miraculously, outside of minor wounds from the shards of glass, nobody was killed or seriously injured. The soldiers who arrived at the scene admitted that this was a miracle.

Unfortunately, Am Yisrael worldwide did not do enough to prevent the expulsion. NOW is the time for everyone with the tiniest sense of tzedek ( justice ) to shout from all corners of the globe about the dangerous situation these brave families in Haraisha face. How can we remain silent??? Please send the clip below to everyone you know.

In addition, Zimra is desperately looking for a computer savvy yid to help her post an on-line petition on the Web. Any volunteers? (I'd love to help but sadly am barely competent at the basic thing but the most basic p.c. matters.)

If you are both capable and interested in aiding this fight by setting up a petition online, please contact Zimra at : zimra@neto.co.il

Let us prevent disgrace when at 120 we will be asked, "What did you do to prevent your brothers and sisters being expulsed from buildings built with compensation money from a previous expulsion????" It is so absolutely absurd; should this occur anywhere else in the world, everyone from the Jewish Defamation League to Hadassah ladies would be out on the streets demonstrating!! This event, chas ve'shalom, should it occur could be heartbreaking enough to cause someone to leave yiddushkeit; Eretz Yisrael or both.

PLEASE HELP! The link is clip on WEJEW

Please copy, paste and listen! Then please forward this to everyone you know so that they may e-mail politicians; etc.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pretty Dumb Deal

I shouldn't say "I can't believe it," because Israeli rulers constantly make dangerous deals like this one to free terrorists for information about whether Gilad Shalit is really alive or not.  All it accomplishes is more demands and more pressure and more kidnapping and attacks.

So, you may say, we're releasing female terrorists.  Is that supposed to comfort me?  Anyone who follows the news knows that the female terrorists are more ideologically vicious than the males.  And don't forget the true stories of the mothers of terrorists who proclaim great pride in their murdering children, even the ones who blew themselves up in the process.

These same Israeli politicians have no problems treating teachers like lazy factory workers, blaming us for failures in education.  The government and media are tougher on pioneering Jews than they are on Arab terrorists.

Haraisha, "The Little Engine That Could"

I grew up on the story, "The Little Engine That Could," about the small engine that took on the task that larger engines had feared trying.  Repeating the motto, "I think I can," it succeeded all the way up the mountain.

That's what I thought of when I read about the young community of Haraisha.

Haraisha-the Battle against the Silent Expulsion

Dear Friends

Last week,on our Women in Green chizuk trip to the Shomron and Binyamin outposts ,we went, among other places, to Hareisha and heard the mind boggling story of this great community in danger of having its houses demolished because of "Peace Now".

Thank you to our dear friend Timna Katz for writing the story of Haraisha in English.

With love for Israel ,

Nadia Matar - Yehudit Katzover


The Battle Against the Silent Expulsion


Haraisha was established in 5749 (1999) during the last days of Netanyahu’s first tenure as prime minister. With the help of the Binyamin Local Council under the leadership of Pinchas Wallerstein and his successor Avi Roeh as well as residents of the nearby yishuvim of Talmon and Neria under the leadership of Rav Daniel Hershkovitz, the initial garin of Mercaz HaRav graduates struck roots. Today the community numbers over 40 families.

The families were originally housed in caravans. After some years the Housing Ministry began developing the permanent infrustructure for the yishuv, including laying the groundwork for permanent housing. The investment of the Housing Ministry was supplemented by the support of other governmental offices and ministries, including the Defense Ministry, who appreciated Haraisha’s strategic importance overlooking Ramallah to the south and east and all of Gush Dan to the west.

Once the Housing Ministry had laid the groundwork for the permanent housing, the families invested their private funds to build their homes. Like almost everywhere in the country where ownership of land is not private, the final permits weren’t obtained before construction began. As is typical throughout Israel , the eight houses were built with the expectation that the final permits would be granted at the end of the long bureaucratic process. As is also typical, the Civil Administration automatically issued destruction orders on the buildings, which are then retroactively cancelled once the approval process is completed.

Peace Now Gets Involved

Peace Now discovered this technicality and turned it into a weapon in its war against the Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria . It initiated a continual and ongoing campaign to have the “illegal dwellings” throughout Judea and Samaria destroyed. And it found an eager and willing partner in the Israeli Supreme Court. About four years ago, Peace Now filed a petition to force the state to execute the destruction orders pending on the permanent houses in Haraisha. The State responded to Peace Now’s appeal with weak equivocation. True, it asserted, the houses are illegal, but it isn’t high on the State’s list of priorities to destroy them for many and varied reasons. . . . It was the same answer that the State gave to Haraisha’s identical appeal against illegal Arab building in the neighboring village.

And wonder of wonders, the Supreme Court accepted the State’s position regarding the Arab building, but not the Jewish building. On July 7, 2009, the Supreme Court issued a precedential decision to intervene in the State’s manangment of state-owned lands by ordering it to set a time for the evacuation of the families and the destruction of their homes within four months.

The decision’s blatant discrimination in favor of Arab defendants and against Jewish ones is yet another stone in the long road the Supreme Court and its Leftist collaborators have paved leading the State along their preferred political path against the will of the people and their elected representatives.

A Simple Solution

There is a simple solution that would frustrate the fond wishes of Peace Now: the signature of the Defense Minister as the final remaining step in the long approval process for the yishuv. This is a simple procedural step since the land on which the yishuv is built is “adamot sekker”, ‘surveyed’ land that becomes state land when there are no private claimants to ownership. The land upon which Haraisha sits is indeed uncontested. Unfortunately, Defense Minister Ehud Barak shares the goals of Peace Now and is unwilling to affix his signature due to political considerations.

Ma Nishtana?

How is this struggle different from other struggles? The nationalist public has become very familiar with this drama and its unchanging cast of characters: the vicious and dishonest leftist organizations, the hostile and hypocritical Supreme Court, the dissembling government issuing its doublespeak, the hostile and hypocritical media, and the embattled and noble settlers. The public has also grown weary of the spectacle: because the ending doesn’t vary, it has started to seem like the characters are just going through the motions. Once again, the weak are overcome by the mighty because everyone realizes – especially after Gush Katif – that this is a battle that can’t be won. So the settlers are put in their place by the establishment, but leave the field vowing to fight another day – a cry that rings more and more hollow as the days pass.

Here in Haraisha, we are not weary. We are not shrugging our shoulders and saying, ‘well, what do you expect from the Supreme Court?’ We recognize that the cooperative venture between Peace Now and the Supreme Court will turn into a stealth “disengagement” if left unchallenged and unchecked. We recognize that the small fissure made by the Supreme Court’s decision will turn into a wide canyon through which the heavy bulldozers will roll to dismantle settlement after settlement. We are treating our houses as the House of Israel, Beit Yisrael, and our struggle as the struggle of the Jewish People’s right to their homeland.

Every single member of Haraisha is committed to wage this battle with total determination. We are well organized and we are serious. We will not back down, we will not make deals, and we will not compromise since we will not be on the defensive. While we will use all the tools at our disposal, including traditional lobbying and political pressure tactics, our strategy will be different.

Preventing the Destruction by Attacking the Root Cause

Haraisha has joined hands with the Regavim organization to attack the problem at its root: the hijacking of the Israeli justice system to serve the ends of the Far Left political elite, effectively bypassing the democractic process.

Though the financial cost is onerous (a mere pittance for Peace Now but a staggering sum for us), we intend to file petition after petition demanding that the Supreme Court treat illegal Arab building the same way as “illegal Jewish building.” (In truth, the two are not the same as the Arabs rarely take steps to comply with the law, whereas the Jews do everything in their power to comply.) While the Supreme Court and the media can sweep one or two such cases under the carpet, if the double standard becomes too flagrant and too stark and too public, the matter will come to a head. The Court will either have to stop playing ball with Peace Now or it will lose so much of its legitimacy that the government will be forced to step in and act.

For our legal strategy to be effective, we will need to inform the public about our campaign and to arouse their active support. To this end, we will and are employing traditional lobbying and public relations tactics.

We Need Your Help

1. By being politically active – Anyone with access to people with political influence can help by contacting those people on behalf of Haraisha.

2. Creating a public storm – Pass on the word in whatever way you can: by contacting the media, spreading the message on email lists and internet forums, etc. Even a simple conversation with the people you come in contact with on a daily basis can make a big impact in unexpected ways. Also, please participate in the public events that we will be holding. The perception of widespread public support for our cause has a big influence on politicians.

3. Fundraising – Please contribute to this cause that is the cause of all of us. Ask your families and friends to contribute. If you know of philanthropists who might be willing to help us, please pass on their names. The legal war that we’re embarking on entails significant sums.

4. Share your ideas with us – If you have new ideas or a different angle on how to conduct this struggle, we are happy to hear from you.

Aloh na’aleh . . . ki yachol nuchal la.

With G-d’s help – and united – we can do this!
The Residents of Haraisha, zimra@neto.co.il