Sunday, October 4, 2009

Health Care? American Rip Off!

One of the reasons we must get my parents here is the ridiculously expensive, complicated and wasteful medical situation!

As far as I'm concerned there's only one place with true quality of life and it's here in Israel.  Whether you work or don't, full-time, part or self-employed, you are covered in some sort of Health/Sick Fund.  Medications and doctor's visits are subsidized.  If you pay extra per month, expenses are even less.

It's nothing like the United States.  We get better medical coverage for less outlay, and Israel has advanced medical care.  Considering the size of our country, you don't have to travel far for the best hospitals by international standards.

A few years ago, coverage was made easier via Bituach Leumi, National Insurance.  It's sort of like Social Security and Welfare and Unemployment combined.  Even if you pay in as a very part-time worker it give you full coverage and you choose the "organization."  There are a few.  If you're unemployed the payments are part of your welfare or unemployment compensation.  When I wasn't working, mine came out of my husband's BL payments.  Actually until I get a salary, his payments cover me. 

And unlike the strictly socialist regimes or policies, like in Switzerland and I think Canada, there are private alternatives here which coexist.  That makes it something the United States should look at as a successful example.

But can you really imagine U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama stating that Israel has the best health deal, and the United States should copy it?


Unknown said...

I should point out that the size of the Israel and the number of doctor's per capita may enable the health care system to work. I do not know what the increase in scale would do as I am not familiar with the actual set up. Here (in the U.S.) the comparisons are always to Canada and the NHS in Britain, both of with are complete failures.

We would have to see what the details of the Israeli setup would translate to in the United States and if the increase in scale would allow it to work here.

Of course, since it appears that the leftists just want to destroy the United States, they would never allow a successful plan to be implemented.

Batya said...

From what I saw during my visit to NY, part of the chaos is that the med plans are separate businesses from the health/doctor plans. In Israel, they're the same, and we have pharmacies in our clinics. And the private pharmacies offer deals so the outlay can be returned if necessary.