Saturday, October 3, 2009

Succot Isn't The Holiday Of Freedom, Especially For Gilad Shalit

Today at our Women's Torah Class, in a neighbor's succah, we were reminded that Succot is the Holiday associated with שמחה simcha, joy.  Passover is the Holiday associated with Redemption and Freedom.

Did Gilad Shalit's family feel joy at seeing the video of him?  The video is over two weeks old, and he makes no effort to hide that he's reading his statement.

And the Arab terrorists holding Shalit make no effort to hide their plans to capture more Israelis.
"Hours after Israel released 19 female Palestinian prisoners in exchange for a video proving captive IDF soldier Gilad Schalit was alive, Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal on Friday night threatened to capture more Israeli soldiers in order to win the release of all Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli prisons."  complete article
Our Israeli Government is handling this all wrong, as usual.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Shalit will probably be released after the Christian new year:

"A prisoner swap with Hamas for the release of St.-Sgt. Gilad Schalit will likely take place after January but before the Palestinian elections, which are to be held by June, The Jerusalem Post learned on Thursday." complete article

That's a long way off.  That turns this little performance into a dangerous and pathetic farce.  Going back to the Torah lesson of today, the first day of Succot.  Succot is for joy, at knowing that Gilad is alive.  So, does that mean that he will only be released during Passover, the Festival of Freedom?  The dates fit, according to the Jerusalem Post.


rickismom said...

I am glad he is alive....

Batya said...

yes, but he should be home already

Anonymous said...

Yes, muse. Indeed.

I've studied that video and i think there's something very strange with the way in which he drops one side of the newspaper as well as his hand. Try it.

Also, the number 833 might give us a clue:

Not saying i'm right, just saying what i see.

Wishing for that time when freedom and joy fall on the same day,

josh said...

I'm not watching this video. It's a prize for a) his family B) the 'militants' who have succeeded in setting a new standard for hostage negotiating, C) the rest of the Muslim world D) the Israeli godless media who choose their heroes E) the media editors who are letting Pollard die in prison.

The video is shame on us accepting 20th/21st century instant gratification over long-term benefit and deterrence and just another example from a growing number.

And any public analysis about any signs he might be sending endangers him into getting some beating or other deprivation in punishment.

Batya said...

a, interesting, but sometimes it's not worth reading too much into things

josh, you shouldn't be satisfied with a two week old video, but it's worth watching

Pretty ironic that Israel is publicly toying with bombing Iran and it can't rescue Shalit. I'm not the first to say this.

Anonymous said...

...instant gratification versus long-term benefit...


Batya said...

a, Rather superficial, like window shopping.

Anonymous said...

Go on then. Surpass Moshe who looked through the 'translucent pane'.

Batya said...

huh? I don't want to know what this is about.

Anonymous said...

me neither;
just reading my lines

Anonymous said...

Shikse, is that you?

Or do all anonymous commenters talk like shikses? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Shy!

Yeah, i figured, who needs a useful unique identifier after all?
Maybe YOU do...but..
I don't.. :-)

Anonymous said...

It's a common courtesy.

Anonymous said...

Well, let's see how far you get with your 'common courtesy'. IRL.

Bye Shy :)

Anonymous said...

Doing just fine. Try it someday.

Anonymous said...

That's exactly what bothers me.
People who 'are doing just fine'.

Anonymous said...

I've pented over and over again but I'm still doing just fine.

Anonymous said...

Ah. Thinkin' twice.
Like me.

But we still gotta hate each other, of course.
Waaayyy to gooo, Shy!