Monday, October 19, 2009

Too Drafty From the "window of opportunity"

I'm very sensitive to drafts, and nothing endangers me more than the deathly cold draft coming from the proverbial "window of opportunity."

Every time some international bigshot blabbers about this "window of opportunity" for us to make a deal with the Arab terrorists, I know what they really want.  They want the Land of Israel, our well-documented Jewish historical Homeland to be Juderein, cleansed of Jews.  One of the latest to use that phrase is Jordan's King Abdullah II.

Even more outrageous and absurd is his saying that the United States should focus on Israel, rather than Iran:
"I've heard people in Washington talking about Iran, again Iran, always Iran," Abdullah was quoted as saying.
"But I insist on, and keep insisting on the Palestinian question: The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the most serious threat to the stability of the region and the Mediterranean," he added.

Now, even if you're a Jewish Leftist, I'm sure that you'll admit that Iran is a much greater danger to the Mediterranean and world peace than me and my neighbors.

Peace doesn't come through narrow "open windows."  If we step in that space, we'll be between a rock and a hard place, until we're G-d forbid, crushed to death.  True peace isn't some sort of "on sale now, or you'll miss the boat" special. 

You can't cut glass with rhinestones.
Faux "peace" here in the Middle East would endanger the entire world.


Keli Ata said...

I often wonder how Israelis manage to withstand all of this assault--emotional assault, that is.

When every kindness is greeted with a kick in the teeth. It's just plain sad.

Still remember going to a back issue of the newspaper I work for and seeing a front page article with the headline "Israeli Honored" and it was about an Israeli foreign exchange student in the 1980s. A special luncheon was held in his honor.

You wonder if there'd be a headline like that today.

Batya said...

As you've probably noticed, it's the real victim mentality. very dangerous