Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hiking The Land in Memory of Avihu Keinan

Since my flight schedule was changed, I made it to the beginning of this year's Hike the Land in Memory of Avihu Keinan, HaYa"D, a Shiloh boy killed by Arab terrorists.  He was in the IDF, a soldier who excelled and taught hand-to-hand combat.  But he didn't have a chance, because his officers planned an action to minimize injury of Arab civilians at the expense of our Jewish Israeli soldiers.

Moshe, Avihu's father, vowed to march to Jerusalem and protest outside the Presidnt's Residence.  We did that during Chol Hamoed (the intermediate days of) Succot, and since then, every Succot we march from Shiloh. 

For the first few years, we marched to Jerusalem, but the past few years, we marched in the vicinity of Shiloh.  These are all pictures I photographed from the beginning of this year's march.

G-d willing, next year, the Moshiach will be here, and we'll all celebrate together with Avihu and all the other victims of Arab terrorism and those dead from other causes.

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