Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chirac and Olmert

As an Israeli, it hasn't been pleasant to realize all the corruption in our government.  The epitome has been Ehud Olmert.  One doesn't hear a word defending his behavior.  I'd rather he be condemned for the dangerous policies he supported and the lack of proper planning and thinking before the wars he declared.  But if it's his selfish corruption that caught him, at least he's out of office.

I know that there's corruption in many governments, but somehow I didn't think that long time French polician Jacques Chirac was a corrupt politician, too.  There's something else they have in common.  Both Olmert and Chirac were mayors of the capital city, and then they held top national office, Olmert as Prime Minister of Israel and Chirac President of France.

Mayors have lots of opportunities for graft with all the contracts going through their offices.  I'm sure there are many more, but they just haven't been caught.  Jewish tradition distinguishes between This World and the Next World.  Each has its rewards and punishments.  The most imporant is the Next World where we will make our reckoning with G-d and pay for our sins.


Sammy Finkelman said...

Oh, Chirac has been known to be corrupt (or to have violated the law) for a long time, but he immunity from prosecution so long as he was President.

Look at comment 31 here at the New York Times today:

"When I was living in Paris from 1976-87, I heard constant, almost daily rumors and complaints about Jacques Chirac's corrupt activities as Mayor. Now, twenty-thirty years later, charges are being brought? It's not like the guy should not be tried for all the sleaze he was involved in, but it should have been done a long time ago. Now it just looks like political retribution, which is too bad because Chirac was a real crook. But on the other hand, Sarkozy may be too. I hope not."

These charges though look trivial, and might have almost been forced by French campaign finance laws.

There is another matter:

According to what Barry Chamish has said - at one point - because he's switched around what he says Chirac ought to be a chief suspect in the murder of Yitchak Rabin. I was there once in a room even when Chamash said that he thought it would be the United States but he wqas surprisedeto find it was French intelligence. He never pointed to Chirac though and I guess later preferred theories having to do with the Vatican and Freemasons and whatnot, but if French intelligence was involved, and it wasn't mutinous,Chirac would have had to approve.

One supposed proof of this is that "in early 1996 when Jacques Chirac went bananas in the Old City of Jerusalem. Peres had sent Yoram Rubin, everybody's prime suspect as Rabin's downfall, to guard Chirac. His French bodyguards informed him who he was and Chirac ran to the nearest reporters nearly crying that he did not need Israeli bodyguards. That he'd feel safer with Arab guards protecting him."

The other things Chamash mentioned in the same paragraph were that French media mogul Jean Frydman financed the rally where Rabin was murdered and that Shabak chief Carmi Gillon spent the night of the assassination in Paris.

Of course it would be a kind of crazy idea for France to arrange to assassinate Rabin but not too crazy to imagine especially if there was a reason for that linked to corruption in Israel and France..

- Sammy Finkelman

Batya said...

Sammy, nothing would surprise me at this point. International interference in Israeli politics/defense/government/security...

Anonymous said...

Please don't send us links to hate sites like rense. This shouldn't be here.

Barry Chamish is like an automatic rifle in the hands of a blindman. Eventually, a bullet will hit the target.

And even with the Rabin assassination, it was others who came in and solidly documented and added to Chamish's original materials. See, for example, Lies, Israel's Secret Service and the Rabin Murder, by David Morrison.