Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Think That Israel's Ambassador to The U.S. Michael Oren Should Go...

...back to Israel!

He's much too Left wing to represent what's best for our country, and his flirting with J Street is certainly too far in Left field.

Michael Oren joins Ehud Barak as proof that Bibi is giving Israel a Left-leaning government.

Prime Minister Netanyahu proves, again, that the Likud doesn't have the guts, the confidence, the determination to be strong patriotic and Right.  He's not leading.  He's following what he thinks the population wants.  He's just another pol' chasing polls.


josh said...

I don't like it, but Netanyahu is playing a careful game of keeping the left neutralized. Oren was a bad choice for ambassador in the US, could have been more productive in Norway or Sweden where he'd have to fight the leftists there instead of join them.

Batya said...

josh, good point. I like the idea that if Michael Oren had been in a place where they were further to the left of him he could possibly do some good. But what if they'd just influence him to be more leftist?