Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The "Israel" J-Street Wants Could Never Survive

Under its present more microscopic inspection, the truth about J-Street is being revealed.  Its "pro-Israel" label has been removed, because its aim is to attract those who aren't.

On its site there's talk of love of Israel and yearning for "peace," but it's a dangerously naive ideology, far removed from facts and reality.  Every sic peace agreement has only encouraged terrorism and made life more dangerous for Jews all over.  Each concession has just encouraged our enemies to demand more.

Groups like J-Street endanger Israel and Jews all over the world.

Just because someone claims that they "love Israel," doesn't mean that their wishes, plans, ideology are good for Israel.  G-d gave us a tiny sliver of Land.  Only the Jewish People have a national history here.  There's nothing to share.  Non-Jews willing to recognize our sovereignty may stay if they obey the laws, but if they don't, they must leave.  It's perfectly acceptable world over to have laws like that, restricting residence and citizenship to those willing to obey the law and pledge loyalty.


Anonymous said...

your absolute intractability scares me.
you may be correct in your assertions that jews and only jews have a history here [though i do not think so], but you still need to get along with people. if -- and this is a big if -- we can make peace and have security with the arabs at the cost of some land, so be it.
you are right about the laws thing, but the laws must be fair. otherwise you are justifying antisemitic laws for centuries.

Steven said...

"JStreet" are just another bad joke. Don't worry, their nonsense is becoming visible to the world. Simply campaign to get senators to de-list themselves.

Batya said...

a, your "if" scares me. to think that after all the failed "peace" attempts and Israeli concessions, you still think that we can buy peace with land. You're endangering us with your repeatedly failed schemes. Learn from history. Open your eyes.

I'm a realist!

Steven, they may a a bad joke but they have a slick campaign and most people go for the fancy wrapping.

Keli Ata said...

I'm not particularly well-versed in Israeli affairs but it seems that there law abiding Arabs in Israel who are content to live as Israeli Arabs and live in peace.

The "peace process" and Palestinian homeland is just a ploy on the part of anti-Semites to create a terrorist state to annihilate Jews--and all other Israelis.

It IS possible for two distinct religious groups to coexist in the same country. Take for example The English and French Canadians. The majority of the English Canadians are Protestant. The French largely Catholic.

The French maintain their own language and yet Canada remains whole and the country is at peace.

English and French alike are fully Canadian citizens. Seein as my grandfather was French Canadian I relate more to that aspect of Canadian culture but I love Canada; both French and English.

There's no reason the Arabs in Gaza could not retain their language and religion and remain fully Israeli, provided they really wanted to.

If they wanted to, they'd have no need for a homeland aside from EY.

What Hamas and its charter are calling for is the creation of a terrorist state with a single target--Israel, specifically Israeli Jews. A single goal--destruction of Israel.

In other words, genocide.

BTW: Glad to see J Street dropped the pro-Israel description.

Note, I am not suggesting further assimilation of Arabs into Israeli government. All that seems to do is put anti-Semitic MKs in office and in a position of power to destroy Israel from within.

Again, I don't know Israeli politics well at all so I could be talking entirely out of my butt lol.

josh said...

Thank you Keli. The Arabs are not interested in creating a Palestinian state for constructive reasons but merely rather to take the place of ours. There is no Arab dream to make a State of West Bank and Gaza. There is only the dream of going back to legendary homes in Tel Aviv, Herziliah, Kiryat Gat, and Haifa. There is also no talk about changing Arab laws allowing Jews to own land in the State of West Bank. They do not strive for peace, they strive for the land.