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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Re: Abbas, "Weak Leader," An Oxymoron

In another of those totally detached from reality, and latently anti-Israel, New York Times Editorials, we can read a recipe for disaster.

As in all good fiction, there's a grain of truth. The Pseudistinian's Mahmoud Abbas is weak.

"We have sympathy for Mr. Abbas, the moderate-but-weak leader of the Fatah party. Israel, the Bush administration and far too many Arab leaders have failed to give him the support that he needs to make the difficult compromises necessary for any peace deal."

There's a fatal flaw in their reasoning. If someone's weak, he's not a leader. That oxymoron should be taught in the basic prerequisite for all Political Science courses. By simple definition the weak can't lead. They aren't true leaders.

"Supporting" and "propping up" such people will only cause disaster.

You can't fool ordinary people, whether sophisticated or "primitive." It's invasively imperialistic to impose a weak figurehead on a foreign country/people, which is what the United States under Obama and Ms. Clinton are doing in the Middle East. It's dictatorial and anti-democratic.

All their mechanizations and manipulations won't be good for the Arabs and they will be disastrous for Israel's security.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

6, 5, or 7 Million? Does It Really Make A Difference?

News is that French Father Patrick Desbois has been researching the Nazi mass-murder grave sites and suspects that more than Six Million Jews were murdered by the Nazis.

Actually, early post-war, the estimates were five million plus, and "six million" is derived from Adolf Eichmann. It caught on, being easier to "promote" as a "slogan" than five point one (5.1) million or five and three quarters (5.75) million. "Six" and "million" both have short i's. So they sort of rhyme. It was a good number for "marketing" the Holocaust and a major tragedy, crime against humanity.

At this point in time, 65-70 years too late, I don't think that obsessing over the exact numbers is useful.

I'm more concerned with the fact that the world still promotes the Nazi idea of judenrein territory. That means land on which Jews are forbidden to live and flourish. Today the United States, Europe and even some Jews want me and my neighbors off of our Biblical HomeLand, just because we're Jews. I consider that 100%, yes, totally immoral.

The Americans and Europeans were silent and/or cooperative with the Nazis when the 5-7 or more million Jews were murdered. I don't see any improvement in the world's morality.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Likud Feiglinites, Manhigut Yehudit: You Voted For Feiglin And Got Barak And Now Mofaz!

A custom-sewn law is being pushed through the Knesset to facilitate Shaul Mofaz and other Kadima MK's to transfer their MK riches to the Netanyahu coalition.

Last summer when Bibi spoke to the International Jblogger Conference he made it very clear that his goal was to "welcome back" former Likudniks from Kadima.

Moshe Feiglin's idea of taking over the Likud may have sounded possible to people when it was first broached. But get real. Look at what has happened. It's not working, and it won't work. Feiglin hasn't charmed the old time Likudniks, and Bibi is getting better at running the party with a very "strong arm."

People who believe in Feiglin's ideology are voting for Lieberman, National Union and even National Religious Party. And that's besides those who voted for Likud. Cut your losses and join the Ichud Le'umi, the National Union.

Dangers From The Likud

No doubt that most Israelis who voted Likud did so, because they wanted to see Moshe Feilgin, Tzippi Hotovilli, Ruby Rivlin, Moshe Yaalon and the rest of the strong pro-Land of Israel and proudly Jewish candidates in the Knesset.

Some of them did get in, but they don't have much influence. Unfortunately the Likud MK's with the real power are among those enjoying the perks of their friendship with Christian missionary groups like Joel Bell's.

I strongly suggest your reading up on Bell's and similar groups, and your best source of information is Jewish Israel. I know from my own embarrassing experience that it's very easy to get suckered into their web.

The missionaries call themselves many confusing things, but they don't like to use the "m" word. For many Israeli organizations, institutions and politicians, the only word they're interested in is dollar$. But once they're snared, we're all in trouble.

Find more videos like this on Jewish Israel

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Counting To 49

Here it is, the checked off proof that this year I managed to count the Omer. Twice I just caught myself, counted sans bracha, blessing, in the morning so I could resume the blessing at night.

Some of you may say:

"Big deal."

But honestly, it took me decades after becoming religious to succeed in counting the entire count. I failed as a mother, because I didn't teach my kids. How could I teach them something I, myself, could never remember to do?

The very first time I managed to do it was the year my daughter was engaged and got married. Her husband used to work for our cell phone company and set us up with cell phone reminders. To that I added email reminders, and I counted all 49 nights, even Friday night when I had no electric help.

After seven years of counting seven days a week for seven weeks, I'm much more confident.

Tomorrow night is Chag Shavuot, the Holiday which commemorates our receiving the Torah from G-d.

Chag Sameach

Have a Happy Holiday

Another Perspecive On Jerusalem

Yesterday I found myself waiting for a friend on that new road, which goes from Binyanei Ha'uma to the area of the Knesset and Israel Museum. As usual, I try to keep busy when waiting, so I took some pictures.

There's a great dynamic in Jerusalem. Things are always changing.

The area I was standing is a popular "pick-up/drop-off" for driving teachers. Nothing's boring in Jerusalem.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Peace Is Not "Up To Israel"

It doesn't matter what Israel, does, offers or says there is no chance that it will result in peace. That's because violence, tension, terror etc in the Middle-East and world are not caused by Israel.

Israel is not the aggressor and is not at war.

Israel rather nebichly, pathetically tries to defend itself and its civilians. All of the aggression comes from the Arabs, and that includes the 1967 Six Days War.

Israeli political leaders sedated and brainwashed the population into believing that the precariously dangerous 1949 cease-fire lines, which excluded our holiest sites in Jerusalem, including The Temple Mount and Kotel, the Western Wall, and Judea and Samaria where most of the Biblical narrative--our ancient history--took place, were perfectly sufficient for the Jewish State.

This brainwashing was so effective that even when G-d made a great miracle and the results of the war were that Israel had liberated Judea, Samaria, the Golan, the Jordan Valley, the Sinai and all of Jerusalem, many citizens expected to give it all to the Arabs. Yes, even now, forty-two years after the war, Israeli "thinkers" are still thinking of ways to give our historic Land to our enemy in exchange for "peace."

There's a big problem here. The Arabs don't want "peace," not even among themselves. Their culture and mentality are different. That's a fact.

Israeli politicians are still dangerously spinning all sorts of schemes and plans, egged on by the Americans and Europeans. None of this will work.

Only one thing will be good for Israel and that's to say "No" to all the plans and just get busy building our country and destroying those who want us destroyed before they succeed.

Fighting The Education Ministry

Like burnt toast, I'm a burnt out EFL English teacher. I only taught English for eleven years here in Israel, but even before working in the field, I never liked the methods, more madness, of The Ministry of Education.

Recently, the Israeli Ministry of Education decided to reintroduce literature in its bagrut high school testing. It invited teachers to recommend books and many recommended Grains of Sand, written by the impressively precocious Shifra Shomron. This book is historical fiction about a typical family from Gush Katif.

It's a well-accepted fact that it's always easier to understand a foreign language if you are familiar with the material, especially if you can relate to it personally. Considering that thousands of Israeli high school youth either experienced Disengagement or relate to it personally, Grains of Sand: The Fall of Neve Dekalim is certainly a book they would enjoy, even in a foreign language.

But the Israeli Government employees are notoriously Left wing and the book was rejected without even reading it. After the Jerusalem Post queried that rejection, the book was reinstated as a "possibility."

It certainly pays to publicize unfair government practices.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Likud’s Assulin: Opportunist or Apostate?

Posted by Ellen W. Horowitz for JewishIsrael

[I thought this post would interest the visitors to Shilohmusings, because I had posted on this subject here last November. And then Batya posted a response here. This updated information is disturbing]

It’s hard to know what truly motivates a young Israeli politician to embrace a Jesus cult, but on the eve of Shavout - a festival which marks our spiritual redemption from the bondage of idolatry and immorality – Likud’s Sagiv Assulin has chosen to play with a strange fire which threatens to consume the Jewish State.

Assulin has recklessly thrown his support and faith behind the messianic Christian Ephraimite movement and he has embraced the theology and promoted the agenda of Joel Bell – a notorious evangelical missionary leader, who sits on the Board of Governors of World Likud. Assulin admits to having had Joel and Pamela Bell manage his political campaign and raise funds for him through the messianic movement.

And this Shavout , Joel Bell’s World Biblical Zionist organization has a “gigantic homecoming celebration” planned to WELCOME HOME EPHRAIM! - Complete with “an official homecoming welcome from a government official who will speak to the returning pilgrims and welcome them here”.

How entrenched and influential are evangelizing Christians in the Israeli government?

Assulin's letter, videos and a disturbing money trail can be explored at JewishIsrael

Rosh Chodesh, After Sivan, Tammuz

Yesterday a group of us prayed at Tel Shiloh. It was Rosh Chodesh Sivan, less than a week before the Shavuot Holiday.

As you can see from the pictures, the summer dryness is manifesting itself in Shiloh. Thank G-d, I get to the Tel at least once a month, and each time I find great beauty. It's also never the same, sort of like children. Each one is unique and beloved.
Yes, children and Shiloh are connected, because it was at Shiloh where Chana prayed to G-d for a child. She didn't demand one for her own personal maternal yearnings. She asked for a child who would be the leader of the Jewish People, to bring it to the next stage from confusion to a Kingdom.
And the king, David, who really made us a great powerful nation, who defeated our enemies was descended from Ruth who is honored on Shavuot.
Shmuel Hanavi, Samuel The Prophet's mother Chana and King David's great-grandmother, Ruth were both very special women. Jewish Laws of Prayer are derived from Chana, and Jewish Laws of Conversion are from Ruth.
Next month, Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, we will meet at Tel Shiloh for Women's Prayer on Monday June 22, 9:30 am. Please save the date.
The Tel Shiloh is open to visitors daily. For more information email telshilo@gmail.com

Davka, Just Days Before Shavuot

Shavuot is the Jewish Holiday during which we read Megilat Ruth, the story of the most famous convert to Judaism, the one every potential convert is to emulate. Ruth's oath to her mother-in-law Naomi parallels G-d's instructions to Abraham in Lech Lecha. My next step in this thread is to compare these stages of Jewish commitment to the stages of Jewish Redemption as signified during the Passover Seder and the four cups of wine.

Jewish Israel has been focusing on the increasing Christian influence on various Israeli politicians. Israel's Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon is married to a Christian woman who proclaims her belief in Jesus at every event and in all media. Jewish Israel has also alerted us to Likud's Sagiv Assulin strong connection to the missionary Joel Bell.

Unfortunately, because many Israelis lack knowledge of true Torah Judaism, they're confused and influenced by christian values and tempted by the generous donations that christians offer.

King Solomon wrote "Nothing's new under the sun," and it's so true. Megilat (The Scroll of) Ruth begins by reporting that Elimelech and his family went down to Moav.

א וַיְהִי, בִּימֵי שְׁפֹט הַשֹּׁפְטִים, וַיְהִי רָעָב, בָּאָרֶץ; וַיֵּלֶךְ אִישׁ מִבֵּית לֶחֶם יְהוּדָה, לָגוּר בִּשְׂדֵי מוֹאָב--הוּא וְאִשְׁתּוֹ, וּשְׁנֵי בָנָיו.
1 And it came to pass in the days when the judges judged, that there was a famine in the land. And a certain man of Beth-lehem in Judah went to sojourn in the field of Moab, he, and his wife, and his two sons.
ב וְשֵׁם הָאִישׁ אֱלִימֶלֶךְ וְשֵׁם אִשְׁתּוֹ נָעֳמִי וְשֵׁם שְׁנֵי-בָנָיו מַחְלוֹן וְכִלְיוֹן, אֶפְרָתִים--מִבֵּית לֶחֶם, יְהוּדָה; וַיָּבֹאוּ שְׂדֵי-מוֹאָב, וַיִּהְיוּ-שָׁם.
2 And the name of the man was Elimelech, and the name of his wife Naomi, and the name of his two sons Mahlon and Chilion, Ephrathites of Beth-lehem in Judah. And they came into the field of Moab, and continued there.

They left the HolyLand for financial reasons, but in the end, they lost their money and Elimelech and their sons died without leaving any descendents. By the time that Naomi returned to Beit Lechem with Ruth, who stubbornly insisted on joining her, regardless of their prospects, affluence had returned to the HolyLand.

No doubt, those who've aligned themselves with today's wealthy Christians will suffer the same fate as Elimelech.

Chag Shavuot Sameach
May you have a joyful Shavuot Holiday

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Writing Fiction, The Pseudistinians

I hope that this Dry Bones Poster isn't just going to "preach to the converted." Remember that all the varied aspects and manifestations of antisemitism defy logic and rationality.

Rebranding and slick public relations won't be any more successful than the Judenrat's cooperation with the Nazis.

There's only one thing that will help us, and that's to be a "David" rather than a "Saul." Yesterday I asked a rather "foolish question" to Ezra Yachin at Seudat Shlishit (the third Shabbat meal.) I asked him why he moved to the Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Channina right after the 1967 Six Days War.

Ezra replied that he finds the question offensive:
"One should ask the Arabs why they're living here, not Jews. Ask a Jew why he's living in New York!

This is our Land. We're the only people with a history here."


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jerusalem, 42 Years Later

The Kotel 1967, picture by Ben Dor

Fireworks over Jerusalem celebrating Jerusalem Day, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009

Zionism Alive And Well

Last night my husband and I attended the Second Annual Jerusalem Day Moskowitz Zionism Awards. That meant that I had the great pleasure to be in Jerusalem on Jerusalem Day.

Unlike what I saw on the official government TV station, the celebrants in the Jerusalem streets were young, young and religious.

The general Israeli public is so far removed from our history and heritage. In terms of demographics, these are the kids who will be the majority very soon.

The Moskowitz Zionism ceremony was at Ir David, David's City. It's an amazing place, and I must go there "as a tourist."

One of the Prize Winners was Ronit Shuker. She and her first husband, the late Yossi Shuker, were the main leaders in establishing Shvut Rachel, Givat Achiya and Meshek Achiya Olive Oil. I don't know the other prize winners, but I must say that Ronit is even greater than all the praises heaped on her by the Moskowitz Prize committee. I pray that she and her family enjoy good health and many blessings. The audience was full of her neighbors from Shvut Rachel and Givat Achiya. It was very thrilling. I've known her since she married Yossi. They were my older children's youth leaders. After my daughter's engagement, one of the first things she did was to bring her chattan (fiance`) to Yossi, who was then hospitalized.

On our way home, we went with friends to their son's apartment in one of the Jewish buildings near Har HaZaitim, The Mount of Olives. The view of Jerusalem was surrealistic.

Yes, a very thrilling and wonderful way to celebrate Jerusalem Day!

Chag Sameach and Shabbat Shalom

Is This What The U.S. Wants?

Why Am I Jewish?

Jack asked the question. Here's my answer in short:
Birth for a starter. I wasn't raised in a religious home, but we knew we were Jewish. I could have turned away into an American universalist. In my childhood days, most people had religion, except for the rare intermarried family.

Today no religion is more common.

I'm the type who likes to be part of something, and if I'm part of something I take it seriously. So, today I'm a Torah Jew, aka Orthodox.

It's a good question, and I'm sorry that I don't have the time and energy at the moment to give it a better answer.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jerusalem Day, Middle-Aged

Last night, while watching some of the Yom Yerushalayim programs on Israeli TV, I noticed that although the audience had a contingent of young soldiers, most, like the performers, were pretty old. No doubt, younger Israelis aren't excited by the miraculous liberation of the eastern part of the city, including the walled section, Har HaBayit (Temple Mount) and the Kotel. With that depressing thought, I went to sleep.

I've known Jerusalem for forty years, ever since I came on Machon Greenberg, summer of 1969. I didn't stay the year, but I returned with my husband soon after we got married. We docked at Haifa Port, after Shabbat, September 5, 1970. From there we moved to the Maon Betar on the corner of Rechov HaYehudim and Plugat HaKotel

Things have certainly changed a lot since then.

It has been forty-two, yes, 42 years since the Israeli Liberation of Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley, the Golan and Gaza-Gush Katif/Sinai

Besides some of the National Religious education institutions, Israeli children were not educated about our missing Land prior to 1967. That's why the public wasn't as overjoyed as it should have been concerning the results of the war. The joy was only for our victory and survival. All the Labor establishment wanted to do was to return to status quo ante, the previous "idyllic" situation. They blacked out the frequent terror attacks by Jordan, Syria, Egypt and more local Arabs. They also deleted our long, long history.

Today, it's rare for someone under the age of fifty to have very vivid memories of pre-Six Days War Israel or any memories or even knowledge of how it was. That's probably why the TV shows I saw last night seemed so "middle-aged." The "under 50's" take it all for granted.

Today, most Israelis shop in supermarkets, not even the spruced up, rain-proof shuk ("open" markets.)

Today's Jerusalem is so different from what it was even a few short years ago.

And more changes are on the way.

Chag Yerushalayim Same'ach

Celebrate Jerusalem Day!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

National Union MK Michael Ben-Ari's New Office

I'm not sorry that I voted for the Ichud Leumi, National Union in the recent Israeli elections. Today on the Chanel One TV News, they featured my Knesset Member, Michael Ben-Ari in his new office.

It wasn't to praise him, except for the fact that he didn't waste money on fancy furnishings.

Ben Ari set up office in Jerusalem
, not in Rechavia, nor Kiryat Moshe, Kiryat Hayovel nor Giloh. He chose a neighborhood most Jews avoid, but Jerusalem, all of it is important to him.

The defacto division of Jerusalem is a dangerous as dejure. The danger is that we accept it. I'm no different.

Arabs walk freely and safely all over Jerusalem, every neighborhood and every store. But we Jews don't dare.

The TV newscasters mocked Ben-Ari's decision to have his office in Shuafat. They asked him if anyone would dare to visit. He said that he's confident that people will find their way. G-d willing.

Jerusalem Day is approaching. Let's celebrate it properly. Israel's victory in the Six Days War was a great miracle. Don't forget, please.

Obama vs Bibi, Judge For Yourself

Hat tip, Arlene

The transcript is here.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Can't Get Away From King Saul Today

Today, two of the four lectures I heard in Matan were about the Biblical King Saul, the first king of the Jewish Nation. But before I write more of my thoughts about him, there was news about a "Shaul/Saul" from the archaeologists working in Jerusalem's Ir David.

A Bone Seal Engraved with the Name Shaul, from the Time of the First Temple, was Found in the IAA Excavations in the Walls Around Jerusalem National Park, in the City of David. (complete article)

King Saul wasn't the only person with that name, so we can't say that the artifact was his.

Back to our first king...
To fully understand who King Saul was and why he failed, it's best to read the Bible. Read it as a narrative, without the commentaries. Start here in Samuel, and read it until Saul's death.

Shmuel Hanavi, Samuel the Prophet, was the leader of the Jewish People, but the people wanted a change. They wanted a king, like the other nations. they didn't ask for a king to observe the Mitzvah, the commandant of establishing a kingship, so Samuel objected. But G-d told him to listen to the people.

And then G-d "arranged things" so that Saul would meet Samuel and Samuel could anoint him king. From the text, it seems that Samuel was in charge, relaying to Saul the word of G-d. Whenever Saul took the initiative, he fouled up.

When things got very bad, G-d told Samuel to find another king. Samuel was told to get one of Yishai's sons, and that was David our second king.

This time Samuel let go and allowed David the chance to handle things on his own, and that included dealing with the then paranoid King Saul who was out to kill him.

David didn't have the impressive looks of Saul, but he had natural charisma and leadership.

We need a leader like King David. We need a leader who isn't constantly asking for advice and approval.

What Really Happened When Bibi Met Obama?

There's nothing like Dry Bones to say things so simply.
The reports about the Bibi-Obama meeting are mixed. And even more confusing, it seems like everyone has interpreted it according to his/her wishes and fears. We all could have written our reactions in advance.
MK Dr. Arieh Eldad, The Jerusalem Post's David Horowitz, The New York Times, Arlene Kushner... and please add your own.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The IPF Is Bad For Israel

Here's the letter Morton Landowne sent in protest:

Dear Mr. Bunzl:

I am writing to express my disgust with your “pro-Israel” organization’s $60,000+ gift to the depleted coffers of the New York Times that I encountered on Page A13 of this morning’s edition.

First of all, I find the omission of any reference to the newly, and democratically, elected Prime Minister of the State of Israel, to be a calculated insult. No, you will point out, this advertisement was intended to address Mr. Obama’s meetings with all “leaders from the region this month.” However, the implication I draw from the ad is that Mr. Obama’s “determination to achieve progress” is based on “implementation without delay” and that Israel shares some of the blame for that situation.

Secondly, I am incredulous that your message ignores the most important threat facing that region: the creation of a nuclear-armed Iran . If you are “pro-Israel,” wouldn't you think to urge Mr. Obama to treat that scenario with the seriousness with which Israel views it?

A few more questions: Why do you accept as fact that the legal demolition of illegally built houses in Jerusalem is an impediment to a resolution of the “Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?” How dare you, a “pro-Israel organization” accept as fact that Israel has created “superfluous checkpoints and unnecessary roadblocks?” What is the basis of that information? A press release from Khaleed Mashall? Why must the Gaza Strip be “reconstructed” if the conditions that led to its destruction have not been ameliorated? Why must the “Arab Peace Initiative” be embraced if there has not yet been clarification that it will include a renunciation of the “Right of Return?”

To me, your statement “We Support You, Mr. President,” is a blanket endorsement of unilateral pressure on the sovereign state of Israel . If you are truly “pro-Israel” then you must know that no government of Israel could long survive if it ignored true gestures leading to peace. It was Menachem Begin who invited Anwar Sadat to Israel and negotiated the most successful peace treaty in Israel ’s history. It was Ariel Sharon who evacuated Gaza . Why do you preemptively insult Prime Minister Netanyahu by stating in a full page ad in the New York Times that the President of the United States has to “insist” on steps that would pressure Israel ? No pressure, whatsoever, would be necessary, if Mr. Obama were able to offer Israel a true peace from its neighbors: recognition as a Jewish State, secure borders, and monetary compensation for all those truly displaced by the U.N. Partition.

If the Israel Policy Forum is in fact “an American pro-Israel organization which supports sustained United States leadership to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” then you will give the duly elected government of Israel the benefit of the doubt and urge Mr. Obama to give Israel the assurances it needs to let down its guard. Nothing else is necessary.

Yours truly,

Morton Landowne

Geula Cohen in The New York Times

I've seen and photographed better pictures of former MK and Eternal Jewish Freedom Fighter Geula Cohen, but just having her included in this article is good.

She's one of Israel's greatest heroines.

And If The Likud MK's Are Wrong...

Will new MK (Likud) Tzipi Hotobeli and the other very confident Likud MK's such as Danny Danon, leave the Likud for the Ichud Le'umi (National Union) if Bibi agrees to the "two state solution?"

It's extremely important to remember that for Obama, there's no debate, no ambivalence concerning a Pseudistinian State. He wants one and he wants it now! Try to view the NY Times video of Obama about Israel. I couldn't find the direct link. It stresses his long-time identification with the Moslems and Arabs.

During Bibi's visit, Obama will stress that he's a great friend of Israel, but that doesn't mean anything, because it would be bad politics to say anything else, and he's a politician. Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is under pressure from all sides during this visit to the states.

Whatever Bibi says will put him in hot water. The smartest thing would have been to postpone the trip for as long as possible, and longer than that. It would have been better to have given Obama more time to reveal his true attitude, and then it would be easier to defy him.

Rushing, like Bibi is doing, is the most dangerous thing there is. He's endangering the country. As we saw with the Eurovision Song Contest, even the gimmick of an Arab-Jewish duo didn't get us too many points. They only made the 16th place.

I also think that "there must be another way," but the way I suggest isn't denying our history and heritage. It's stressing that we have every right in the world to Our Land. We are the direct, unbroken line of the Jewish People, which began thousands of years ago here in the very Land where I live. No other people ever had a sovereign nation here, only the Jewish People. We never totally deserted our Land.

That's the only way to explain our rights. We don't have to compromise nor apologize to anyone!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Presenting HH #217!

The Discount Havel Havelim
HH #

Havel Havelim is the most veteran of the jblogger carnivals and probably one of the longest running blog carnivals there is. Blog carnivals are like "floating" internet magazines. They float from blog to blog, like "floating crap games," l'havdil.

Havel Havelim, the international jblog carnival, was established by Soccer Dad, and is now run by Jack. The term “Havel Havelim” is from Kohelet, Ecclesiastes, which was written by King Solomon, who built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and later on got all bogged down in materialism and other “excesses” and finally realized that it was nothing but norishkeit, “havel” or in English “vanities.” I think that King Solomon and his father King David were the original "bloggers." The books they wrote, when you take them chapter by chapter, can easily be described as blog posts. The stones they used to write on made them last, so that we can read them now. I doubt if today's technology will preserve our words for so long.

When I announced to the jblog world that I'd be hosting this HH edition, I mentioned that, like Jack last week, it's a way of celebrating my birthday. The first post to arrive was from RivkA and on a birthday theme, about what she wanted for hers. Thanks, RivkA!

And does anyone know why this is called the "The Discount Havel Havelim?"

A Mother In Israel sent an illustrated post about the
watermelon horse. It reminded me of "Mr. Heck The Eggman," who sold eggs from a giant baby carriage in Bell Park Gardens, Bayside, NY in the 1950's. I hadn't thought about him for a long time.

Ya'aqov reports who's
banned from Britain. By the way, they didn't let Menachem Begin in until he was Israel's Prime Minister.

The Occidental Israeli posted about the
terrible human price of traffic accidents here in Israel. Just before I sat down to work on HH, there was news about a family, almost totally wiped out in a traffic accident.

An Israeli Soldier explains
why he's waiting for Churchill. Considering all the Neville Chamberlains in our government, media etc, we could use a good Churchill.

Maya is definitely becoming Israeli. Here's
how to make Israeli pickles.

Mrs. S lets us in to the secrets of
Israeli Lag B'Omer.

Jessica writes about a
very Israeli wedding. Believe me that all the money in the world can't surpass one of these.

Israel chronicles
medurot in her neighborhood. (I hope you don't mind the pun.)

Dave presents
Nonie Darwish.

Elder of Ziyon presents
Casualties of Truth about the Israel-Gaza war of a few months ago.

From Joel Katz
Religion and State in Israel - May 11, 2009, Section 1 and Section 2.

Cosmic X saw Israel's National Bird, the Hoopoe.

Read about the road between
Latrun and Jerusalem in My Romance With Israel.

There's a new site,
Jewish Israel, which may interest some of you. It has information and news you won't get elsewhere.

My husband blogged about the
pope on Har HaBayit.

It's bad enough that we've been having a
drought here in the HolyLand, but why waste so much water, especially with those high-powered cleaning hoses?

Sammy Benoit asks if
Obama and Netanyahu are "Frenemies?'."
Simply Jews posts about the
anti-Semitism in UC Irvine, simply awful. You must see the poster, so anti-Israel.

Bar Kochba rightly rants about the
Papal Bull heard this week in Israel.

Rutimizrachi tells us what is going on
10pm Lag B'Omer in Israel.

Life in Israel posted a picture of what the
Chief Sfardi Rabbi wore to his meeting with the pope. He didn't need it when he visited Shiloh.

Double Tapper blogged about
Obama's friends in Iran.

My husband wrote about the
indoctrination of Arab children.

Seraphic Secret writes about
today's anti-Semitism.

Keli Ata points out the
anti-Semitism in American political life.

Eric suggested "Israel" as the category
for this excellent post about J Jonathan Pollard, but I hope he doesn't mind that I've put in under Anti-Semitism.

Judeopundit posts an example of how
Israel is blamed for all sorts of things.

The Occidental Israeli
criticizes the pope's attitude towards Arab terrorism.

Isramom writes about a
better way to bring Gilad Shalit home.

Sammy explains how
70 Years Ago Great Britain Sentenced the Jewish People to DEATH.

I learned a lot about
Romanian Jewry from Ilana-Davita's post.

Geography Lessons from Dry Bones are the best. Too bad he's not put in charge of the school curriculum.

Check out Ya'aqov's list of:
"The Most Un-Jewish Things Of All" What would you add?

Israel Chronicles writes about
wills and intermarriage.

Prof K posted a
beautiful piece to remind us to connect with the Jews who are alone.

There's a new site called
Torah and Israel, which is worth checking out.

this article about Machon Shiloh (no relation to my home town) isn’t on a blog, but I think it belongs on Havel Havelim.

I think that one of the beauties of the
Bible is how it relates to current events.

Joel Katz presents an unofficial translation of
Guma Aguiar lawyer's warning letter.

Read about Cosmic X's
common sense concerning the pope's visit.

True, that Shnat Shemitta just ended recently, but it's never too soon to start preparing for the next one. Yechezkel posted about
Heter Mechira.

Mail Jewish is back! On it, I read about a new
Torah-Learning site.

The Rebbetzin's Husband posted an extremely informative article about
local Kashrut supervision and its importance.

Yechezkel's post about the
birthrate ends with a very disturbing piece of information. Food for thought.

Mottel writes about the
halachot of waiting between eating meat and milk.

Here's a
real important post from the Real Shaliach about middos/t. (Sorry, for the t, that's how I pronounce it.)

You may want to bookmark this for
next fall's Parshat Shavua, comparing Abraham with Lot in terms of "hachnasat orchim," welcoming guests.
Home Shuling writes how the words of Parshat Emor speak to her.

Parashablog writes about halachot of
eating in public.

Just a reminder that HH isn't a psak, halachik guideline and one of the first mishnayot in Pirkei Avot is to choose your own Rabbi.
Holidays (As requested by Leora)
Leora posted lots of pictures of the "
Blue and White Parade" in Edison, New Jersey.

Rickismom, one of my all time favorite bloggers, has written
a must-read about parenting.

Check out this new jblogger, goddess xrebbetzin, who
delves into life as she sees it.

Chaviva reports, as only Chaviva can, on her
visit to Monsey. I've never been there and hate to think that my perfectly tsniusly me would be considered risqué there.

LB has spent
too much time on the road.

something serious from NY's Funniest Rabbi.

A Simple Jew
listens to his soul.

Yechezkel leaves us in suspense.
Will the hat come back?

OU is promoting staying in North America. Isn't it time to promote aliyah instead?

Lady-Light's hubby has joined
the unemployed. They're hoping that he'll get a job offer in the HolyLand, even Tel Aviv.

My husband
criticizes the wording of a letter Seymour Reich had in the New York Times.

This may be "lo relevanti" (not relevant) before I even post this Havel Havelim, but it gives you a
view of Benji's inner sanctum. He needs to sublet his room for the first half of the summer. Hey, Benji, if you get your renter via this HH, I expect a commission!

What could be more Jewish than a
bubby bragging about her grandchildren, even if one of them didn't set any world record in early walking?

Jack's taking his "new k'domet" very seriously and reflecting quite a bit on his life.

The Bible Belt Baleboosteh is looking for a way for her daughter to "
trade" some undesirable (for her at least) Bat Mitzvah gifts. When we got married there was a great store called "The This For That Shop," and we traded away all sorts of "not quite us" gifts. That's how I got my late, lamented and already broken, pyrex mixing bowl set and my classic pyrex measuring cup. BBB, please don't forget to remind your daughter that she won't remain Bat Mitzvah age forever, and some of the gifts will suit her then. Remember that you can always repackage them and send them off as gifts to other "lucky" kids. Maybe these presents are on a long journey…

This isn't a joke, but it's a great way of explaining the truth behind the allegations of alleged Israeli brutality.

Jew in The City tries to explain to a neighbor
that not all of us religious Jews are the same.

This time
Toby's sign is from a candy. I hope it tastes better than its English.

I must admit that I'm one of
Frum Satire's commenters. We're not all that an exclusive group.

Benji found some instructional
signs for those needing to toilet train kids, one for him and one for her. "NO," did you say? That's what they look like to me.

Harry-er explains "
shidduch dating" in baseball terms. This can cause some major misunderstandings when people who define the terms differently don't realize that they're not speaking the same lingo.

mourns Mendi Rodan.

It's very possible that Rodan knew
Bobby Danziger who played the bassoon in the Gallil and Haifa Symphonies (and sometimes for the Jerusalem Symphony) in the late 1970s. He also passed away very recently. I couldn't find a youtube of Bobby, so here's his daughter Raquy.

Fred introduces us to Ursula the sculptor.

This was a tough one to put in a category. I chose culture, because it reminded me of the Dead Poets Society's "Seize the Day." The
Rebbitzin's Husband explains it better, L'Chaim!

Ya'aqov sent in a link to his post about
Depeche Mode. OK… I feel pretty stupid not knowing who they are. I figured out from the post that it's a band. (I'm not all that stupid.) Ya'aqov, I love your blog. Why couldn't you send me a post I could relate to?

The Israel Situation posts about the
New Ramallah News Station which Tries to Be Balanced. I wish that the Israeli media would make an effort.
Read Rahel's 100 word story.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Separated By A "C"

The American President Barack Obama spells his first name with a "ck," like in "black." Israel's Ehud Barak uses the standard sans "c" "k" ending for his last name.

Now, what do they have in common?

Bad news for Israel

I consider Ehud Barak to be one of the most dangerous fugues in Israeli politics and military. He lives in the extreme looney Left world far removed from reality. His latest statement about "peace" in five years makes no sense. Does he listen to our enemies?

And Barack Obama, who was elected U.S. President despite his lack of experience, will now be meeting with Bibi Netanyahu, Israel's Prime Minister. There's no comparison in their knowledge and experience. Bibi knows lots more, even though he frequently goes against what his head knows.

I've written this before. Bibi should not be visiting the United States. It can only cause trouble, because Obama wants "results." He agrees with the US State Department that an "agreement" depends on Israel giving in and there must be a Pseudisitinian State squeezed between an anorexic Israel and Jordan.

Just like one of my weight loss techniques is not to serve fattening foods which I like, since it's not good to create temptation, Bibi should know that by meeting with Obama, he's setting himself up to the "temptation" of all the praise and attention.

Too bad he didn't leave his ego outside when he took office.