Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Counting To 49

Here it is, the checked off proof that this year I managed to count the Omer. Twice I just caught myself, counted sans bracha, blessing, in the morning so I could resume the blessing at night.

Some of you may say:

"Big deal."

But honestly, it took me decades after becoming religious to succeed in counting the entire count. I failed as a mother, because I didn't teach my kids. How could I teach them something I, myself, could never remember to do?

The very first time I managed to do it was the year my daughter was engaged and got married. Her husband used to work for our cell phone company and set us up with cell phone reminders. To that I added email reminders, and I counted all 49 nights, even Friday night when I had no electric help.

After seven years of counting seven days a week for seven weeks, I'm much more confident.

Tomorrow night is Chag Shavuot, the Holiday which commemorates our receiving the Torah from G-d.

Chag Sameach

Have a Happy Holiday