Sunday, May 31, 2009

Re: Abbas, "Weak Leader," An Oxymoron

In another of those totally detached from reality, and latently anti-Israel, New York Times Editorials, we can read a recipe for disaster.

As in all good fiction, there's a grain of truth. The Pseudistinian's Mahmoud Abbas is weak.

"We have sympathy for Mr. Abbas, the moderate-but-weak leader of the Fatah party. Israel, the Bush administration and far too many Arab leaders have failed to give him the support that he needs to make the difficult compromises necessary for any peace deal."

There's a fatal flaw in their reasoning. If someone's weak, he's not a leader. That oxymoron should be taught in the basic prerequisite for all Political Science courses. By simple definition the weak can't lead. They aren't true leaders.

"Supporting" and "propping up" such people will only cause disaster.

You can't fool ordinary people, whether sophisticated or "primitive." It's invasively imperialistic to impose a weak figurehead on a foreign country/people, which is what the United States under Obama and Ms. Clinton are doing in the Middle East. It's dictatorial and anti-democratic.

All their mechanizations and manipulations won't be good for the Arabs and they will be disastrous for Israel's security.


josh said...

Obama cosying up to Mazen.

From today's Israel HaYom. Makes me want to puke.

Batya said...

Obama is getting more dangerous by the day.