Saturday, May 9, 2009

Papal Inconveniences

Jerusalemites and tourists and any Israeli who had plans or work to do in Jerusalem this week will be papally inconvenienced.

Road closures/parking restrictions in

Egged bus changes (Hebrew only)

I also complained when US President Bush visited. If it's so dangerous that entire sections of Jerusalem must be closed off, then don't come, please. And if you really must come, then come late and night and leave at dawn.

This week the Israel Museum won't be able to provide the shuttle service to the Rockefeller Museum branch. It's too near where the pope will be staying.

If you want to know where not to be when the pope is here, click the two links above.


Michael W. said...

I never lived in Jerusalem or any big city that has road closers for "big" events so I do not see why it is such a big deal (former kibbutznik, now American subarbinite).

Batya said...

Jerusalem isn't set up with the grid system like Manhattan. No alternative roads. Closing roads, is serious stuff, like not being able to get to the kibbutz for part of the day.

rickismom said...

I don't mind that the fellow comes... it is probavly good for tourism. But that the government should grovel in front of him, and want to give him gifts is scandelous!

Batya said...

rickismom, yes, I've written about that. I'm glad we agree.