Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Can't Get Away From King Saul Today

Today, two of the four lectures I heard in Matan were about the Biblical King Saul, the first king of the Jewish Nation. But before I write more of my thoughts about him, there was news about a "Shaul/Saul" from the archaeologists working in Jerusalem's Ir David.

A Bone Seal Engraved with the Name Shaul, from the Time of the First Temple, was Found in the IAA Excavations in the Walls Around Jerusalem National Park, in the City of David. (complete article)

King Saul wasn't the only person with that name, so we can't say that the artifact was his.

Back to our first king...
To fully understand who King Saul was and why he failed, it's best to read the Bible. Read it as a narrative, without the commentaries. Start here in Samuel, and read it until Saul's death.

Shmuel Hanavi, Samuel the Prophet, was the leader of the Jewish People, but the people wanted a change. They wanted a king, like the other nations. they didn't ask for a king to observe the Mitzvah, the commandant of establishing a kingship, so Samuel objected. But G-d told him to listen to the people.

And then G-d "arranged things" so that Saul would meet Samuel and Samuel could anoint him king. From the text, it seems that Samuel was in charge, relaying to Saul the word of G-d. Whenever Saul took the initiative, he fouled up.

When things got very bad, G-d told Samuel to find another king. Samuel was told to get one of Yishai's sons, and that was David our second king.

This time Samuel let go and allowed David the chance to handle things on his own, and that included dealing with the then paranoid King Saul who was out to kill him.

David didn't have the impressive looks of Saul, but he had natural charisma and leadership.

We need a leader like King David. We need a leader who isn't constantly asking for advice and approval.


Shiloh said...

Ask haShem to open the door! The answer is here before the problem exists.

Batya said...

True, but it takes Siyata D'Shmaya to recognize the right door. Do we have it?

Shiloh said...

Probably not. Elaborate.

Batya said...

G-d offers us "doors" all the time, but we, as a whole, reject/avoid them.

Shiloh said...

Look, haShem sends what we need, not what we think we need, nor what has been written of what we think we need and what haShem will give us. Erev Rav has such a strangle hold on us. Either we decide to accept what haShem does provide, or we may as well pack up and admit defeat. Even the goyim believe in their lie more then we actually believe that haShem is actually with us. One thing we do well is avoid and reject.

Batya said...

Davka, King Saul is your classic example of one who appeared to have it all, but he consistently misread G-d's signals and made all the wrong decisions. At present, we're ruled by his successors. G-d willing we won't have to wait much longer for David's.

Anonymous said...

king saul. one of the great tragic figures of history.

Batya said...

for sure

Anonymous said...