Saturday, May 30, 2009

6, 5, or 7 Million? Does It Really Make A Difference?

News is that French Father Patrick Desbois has been researching the Nazi mass-murder grave sites and suspects that more than Six Million Jews were murdered by the Nazis.

Actually, early post-war, the estimates were five million plus, and "six million" is derived from Adolf Eichmann. It caught on, being easier to "promote" as a "slogan" than five point one (5.1) million or five and three quarters (5.75) million. "Six" and "million" both have short i's. So they sort of rhyme. It was a good number for "marketing" the Holocaust and a major tragedy, crime against humanity.

At this point in time, 65-70 years too late, I don't think that obsessing over the exact numbers is useful.

I'm more concerned with the fact that the world still promotes the Nazi idea of judenrein territory. That means land on which Jews are forbidden to live and flourish. Today the United States, Europe and even some Jews want me and my neighbors off of our Biblical HomeLand, just because we're Jews. I consider that 100%, yes, totally immoral.

The Americans and Europeans were silent and/or cooperative with the Nazis when the 5-7 or more million Jews were murdered. I don't see any improvement in the world's morality.

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