Wednesday, May 20, 2009

National Union MK Michael Ben-Ari's New Office

I'm not sorry that I voted for the Ichud Leumi, National Union in the recent Israeli elections. Today on the Chanel One TV News, they featured my Knesset Member, Michael Ben-Ari in his new office.

It wasn't to praise him, except for the fact that he didn't waste money on fancy furnishings.

Ben Ari set up office in Jerusalem
, not in Rechavia, nor Kiryat Moshe, Kiryat Hayovel nor Giloh. He chose a neighborhood most Jews avoid, but Jerusalem, all of it is important to him.

The defacto division of Jerusalem is a dangerous as dejure. The danger is that we accept it. I'm no different.

Arabs walk freely and safely all over Jerusalem, every neighborhood and every store. But we Jews don't dare.

The TV newscasters mocked Ben-Ari's decision to have his office in Shuafat. They asked him if anyone would dare to visit. He said that he's confident that people will find their way. G-d willing.

Jerusalem Day is approaching. Let's celebrate it properly. Israel's victory in the Six Days War was a great miracle. Don't forget, please.