Monday, May 18, 2009

And If The Likud MK's Are Wrong...

Will new MK (Likud) Tzipi Hotobeli and the other very confident Likud MK's such as Danny Danon, leave the Likud for the Ichud Le'umi (National Union) if Bibi agrees to the "two state solution?"

It's extremely important to remember that for Obama, there's no debate, no ambivalence concerning a Pseudistinian State. He wants one and he wants it now! Try to view the NY Times video of Obama about Israel. I couldn't find the direct link. It stresses his long-time identification with the Moslems and Arabs.

During Bibi's visit, Obama will stress that he's a great friend of Israel, but that doesn't mean anything, because it would be bad politics to say anything else, and he's a politician. Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is under pressure from all sides during this visit to the states.

Whatever Bibi says will put him in hot water. The smartest thing would have been to postpone the trip for as long as possible, and longer than that. It would have been better to have given Obama more time to reveal his true attitude, and then it would be easier to defy him.

Rushing, like Bibi is doing, is the most dangerous thing there is. He's endangering the country. As we saw with the Eurovision Song Contest, even the gimmick of an Arab-Jewish duo didn't get us too many points. They only made the 16th place.

I also think that "there must be another way," but the way I suggest isn't denying our history and heritage. It's stressing that we have every right in the world to Our Land. We are the direct, unbroken line of the Jewish People, which began thousands of years ago here in the very Land where I live. No other people ever had a sovereign nation here, only the Jewish People. We never totally deserted our Land.

That's the only way to explain our rights. We don't have to compromise nor apologize to anyone!


Anonymous said...

as i know you know, in order to get along with people you need to compromise. even if you have the upper hand.

Batya said...

a, I don't think you understand the seriousness of all this. Maybe you want to ask the rattlesnake to take "just a little bite?"

Kae Gregory said...

I totally agree with you. I would also (if I may) add that those who believe that another aspect of the 'conflict' is the concept of Israel being identified as a Jewish state instead of just a state like any other. My contention is that if those who would separate Judaism from Israel succeed, the likelihood of the ongoing existence of a state of Israel be dramatically reduced just the likelihood that Jews and Arabs finally achieve peaceful coexistence in a shared homeland.

Batya said...

Thanks kae, interesting point.
I like stressing the Jewish and the Bible they swear on in court.

Anonymous said...