Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wife of Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister is a “Born Again Believer”

Posted by Ellen Horowitz for Jewish Israel

She may be "born again", but this “Judeo-Christian union” could be the death of us all (G-d forbid)…

Evangelical Christian Anne Ayalon, the wife of Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon, can be seen and heard on Daystar Television kvelling (sic!) about Jesus’s ministry in Israel (see 8 minutes into the video).

Daystar is a premier missionary network with “a singular goal—to reach souls with the good news of Jesus Christ”, and I guess Mrs. Ayalon considers it good news that, "Eighty percent of Jesus' ministry is up in the Galilee. You walk there and you just feel god's love!"

It’s reportedly not the first time that Anne has used her position as the wife of a Jewish Israeli leader to “share her testimony about Jesus “ . As the wife of the former Ambassador of Israel to the United States, it appears Mrs. Ayalon witnessed on the banquet circuit…

Here’s a choice excerpt from Charles Carrin Ministries:

"While I was surprised by the Ambassador and his wife’s youthfulness, I was more astounded that Anne Ayalon used the Banquet-occasion to share her testimony about Jesus. She is a born-again believer. Speaking before high-ranking Jewish delegates, Washington’s media-reporters, and other international figures, she told of her love for Jesus and even gave a capable explanation of God’s Trinitarian nature. I sat there astonished. Never have I witnessed more graciousness, more spiritual beauty, or more gentleness than she displayed. No one could have criticized her loveliness. The incoming Ambassador’s wife, Noa Meridor, listened attentively as she spoke. More so, I was overwhelmed, wondering about the effects of such a woman becoming Israel’s First Lady. Pray for this couple!"

Israel better pray long and hard that its Jewish leaders come back to themselves and to their people.

(this report first appeared on JewishIsrael)


Anonymous said...

This whole country is infiltrated and infested!

Anonymous said...

You should also label this entry under "Danny Ayalon".

Ellen said...

so true and so sad, Shy
Thanks for the heads-up on the tag "Danny Ayalon". will add it.

Batya said...

Ellen, thank you so much for posting this. That guy should be cheremmed out of Jewish public life, with a missionary wife.

A couple of years ago, when he got that NBN job, I questioned my contacts about him because of his "don't bother making aliyah so fast" statement at the ou convention in Jerusalem. I didn't understand what such a man was doing in an aliyah organization.

Now, with wife like his, how can he be our deputy foreign minister. Olmert's wife is better IMHO.

YMedad said...

Gosh, I recently had water at her house. Luckily, I didn't eat any of the cookies.

Anonymous said...

Shocking!!! I thought that I read somewhere a few years ago when there was an article in the Hebrew press about her neurotic behavior as the ambassadors wife, that she had converted to Judaism upon her marraige to Danny Ayalon. Who converted her in the first place? Was it an Orthodox conversion?


Keli Ata said...

Great post!

You would think that as the deputy foreign minister's wife she'd be a little more diplomatic and use more discretion when it comes to her religion. Abusing her husband's high profile position to foist her religious beliefs on Jews or anyone else is just plain wrong.

I was watching "This Is America" with Dennis Wholley (sp) the other night and Queen Noor was part of the discussion group.

She gave her perspective on a topic but it didn't come off as pushing her Muslim religion on others to convert them at all.

Queen Noor displayed class and diplomacy. Ann Ayalon? The polar opposite it seems. She is abusing her husband's position.

Most Christian Zionists are affliated with evangelical television ministries and I've seen enough to know that the majority are virulently anti-Semitic. John Hagee is the worst of the bunch--saying G-d sent Hitler as a hunter to start the Holocaust.

A year ago, Hagee said on his TV show that anyone who doesn't accept JC as G-d is a "pseudo-intellectual" word for a sex toy I don't want to write here. Hagee is a pig as far as I'm concerned and I wouldn't trust him for anything.

Other lesser known offenders--Steve Munsey, who pimps for Christian TV stations. On one telethon he started to boast of his love for the Jewish people but than made a comment about how "you can't get a dollar out of them."

Another offender appeared on a the TCT network--pastor Jimmy Snow. He said that it's a good thing the ark of the covenant hasn't been located because "Jews would worship it."

I could go on and on about such blatant and subtle anti-Semitic digs but I think you get the picture.

These Christian Zionists only want cozy up to Israeli Jews to set up missionaries either in the country directly or on Israeli TV.

I can't monitor Arab TV because I don't see it in the US and don't speak Arabic but I can monitor Christian TV and what I'm seeing is very ugly.

Mr. Medad--don't worry about the cookies:) Just don't eat anything that resembles communion waffers lol. Although who knows? Maybe those cookies really were communion waffers...

JL--I'm confused. You mean his wife was a Christian, converted to Judaism and then back to Christianity?

Keli Ata said...

Trust me--these Christian Zionists say one thing when they're playing for a Jewish audience. Another thing entirely when they're not in the spotlight.

Ellen said...

I guess this explains a lot, as I always thought that Ayalon overplayed the Israel-Evangelical/Judeo-Christian love affair thing to the point where he could compromise the Jewishness of the state. I want my leaders to draw lines, not blur them. I would really like the romance taken out of diplomacy. Some of his quotes are very telling:

“Your Judeo-Christian heritage is entwined with ours. We share the same beliefs and a great faith in God. And we share the same destiny."

“This message of intertwining faith and politics underscored the event. Former Israeli ambassador to the United States Danny Ayalon stressed the extreme importance of reaching out to the Christian community saying that they "strengthen our faith."

“It is really thanks to Pastor Hagee that we are here. I would like to say how proud I am to share this platform with this great man of God. Whose brilliance, whose talent, and whose closeness to God inspires us all.”

"We love you because you are a man of God," said Daniel Ayalon, Israel's ambassador to the United States, as he accepted a check for a million dollars on behalf of Nefesh B'Nefesh.

"I encourage you to take a pilgrimage to Israel - walk the streets and breathe the air that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jesus once did."

Daniel said...

is she a goy or a JforJ?

why is he in the govt?

Keli Ata said...

I see what you mean, Ellen. They really do need to take the romance out of diplomatic relations. It's pathetic and particularly distasteful considering how Christian evangelicals really feel about Jews and Israel.

Perhaps the Ayalons should do an internship with Queen Noor. I was really impressed with how she responded.

As for Danny Ayalon--it also seems like he's got one foot in the baptismal pool but hasn't made the plunge.

Anonymous said...

To K.L.
I don't what the story is. However, I think that I recall that she converted to Judaism after meeting/marrying Danny Ayalon. Whether or not she converted back to chrisitanity, I don't know. I don't believe she has to in order to remain a "Christian Jew" or a "Jew for Jesus." The point I was trying to make is....that if she was indeed converted in Israel by an Orthodox conversion, then it brings into question the legal standing of the conversion. Which in turns brings in the quesion of the childrens status (if there are any,)


Anonymous said...

Daniel said...
is she a goy or a JforJ?============================

She was born non-Jewish. From her father's obituary:

"He was a member of Archbold United Methodist Church, where he sang in the choir. He took part in a Gideons Bible study with inmates at the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio."==============================

Anonymous said...

Which in turns brings in the quesion of the childrens status (if there are any,)


Two girls, Zohar (Zoe) and Avigail. How do I know? When he was ambassador, the Ayalon's were members of the Conservative temple Adas Israel, in DC. Zoe's bat mitzvah announcement can be found in this weekly flyer the temple published at the time.

From Anne's description of events, Danny married her as a Christian. I'd like to know who performed any conversion here. Time to head to the Rabbanut???

Anonymous said...

YMedad said...

Gosh, I recently had water at her house.


Drinked or dunked? ;)

YMedad said...

ShyGuy: I just drank it.

Lovely house. Recently redone. Large backyard. Spacious inside. Rural neighborhood but close to civilization.

Ellen said...

"Lovely house. Recently redone. Large backyard. Spacious inside. Rural neighborhood but close to civilization."

Kind of like Archbold Ohio - Anne's hometown. Very rural, but close to Cleveland

Miriam Woelke said...


Thanks so much for the post !

I am still speechless ...

Anonymous said...

Sometime ago I read an article in an Israeli magazine, about the Israeli diplomats in Europe. MANY married non Jewish women (most from East Europe and young), or with a quickie conversion. There were some qualms about their fitness to be diplomats representing Israel and show all the goym how they eat treif and behave like them to. Even Netanyahu was married to a Canadian non Jew when he was ambassador to the UN. Luckily when he returned she didn't like being in Israel and they divorced. What's happening in the diplomatic circle?

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget our Prime Minister's second wife, Fleur, English Christian who was converted twice, the second time by Chabad.