Friday, May 8, 2009

I Hope The Pope Doesn't Come

I don't care what the reason. This neurotically immature fawning and groveling, because a foreign non-Jewish religious leader will be visiting Israel is embarrassingly demeaning.

More Jews have been murdered in the name of his god over the two thousand years of their history, than were murdered by Hitler. I can't give you exact numbers, but my numerical instincts are generally uncannily correct. Just think of the Inquisition, Crusaders and the thousands and thousands of smaller attacks over the two thousand years.

The pope should come on his hands and knees begging forgiveness. And as gifts he should empty out those store rooms and bring us what the Romans stole from our Holy Temple in Jerusalem all those years ago.

Let's go back in history, to the time just before Christianity began. Jesus was a Jew. Yes, he was. That room on Mount Zion that the pope wants is possibly near the location where Jesus and his Jewish friends celebrated the Jewish Holiday of Passover. It couldn't be the actual room, since the building was built at least a thousand years after they died.

After the Romans executed Jesus, his followers began preaching a new religion, which contradicted Judaism. Foremost was their belief that their dead friend, Jesus was Mashiakh ben Yoseph. Later on his followers invented legends about an impossible "virgin birth" and other totally sacrilegious ideas. Then, they got really angry at all the Jews who refused to follow them.

They've never forgiven us for it.

So, why should the State of Israel, the one Jewish country in the entire world show any enthusiasm that the leader of that antagonistic religion is coming to our Jewish Holy Land?

Just my two cents.

*I made a couple of changes to this according to corrections by Ellen and "Shiloh." Thanks!


Shiloh said...

Muse, you are correct until you got to "his followers began preaching a new religion."

No Muse, this is 100% false. His (Yehoshua) original followers followed Torah exactly as did our fellow Orthodox Jews. The only difference was that his original followers believed he was the Mashiakh ben Yoseph (Not ben David). It was only in the year 135 did the roman pagan counterfeit lie named Jesus take root.

I dont want to get into a long deal about this, but xtianity stole a kosher Orthodox Jew and made him into an antisemetic replacement theology. That is why we should banish the brown shirt out of the country.

Also, the building below the kever was the first Orthodox synagogue his followers used after the romans so brutally murdered Yehoshua.

Shabbat Shalom as this lie begins to unravel before our eyes. You wonder why the fight over our Holy Land will intensify.

Batya said...

Thanks, Shiloh, it's just that believing that he was "Mashiakh ben Yoseph" was stage one of another religion.

Shiloh said...

Muse, go talk to HaRav Mordechi Eliyahu before you assume anything. We have slandered an innocent Jew which is against halachah for starters.

I had a friend in Israel who wanted to know the scoop of a kosher Jew from 2000 years ago who taught Torah to Jews. Very similar to todays Settlers and Modern Orthodox practice (less many of the fences since added of course). The person went to the Rav and was shocked as he confirmed exactly what I had said about him.

Being the Mashiakh ben Yoseph is not against any Jewish teaching that I know of. The problem is most don't know who he was and slander him based on the roman pagan teaching of the heavily redacted 'new testament'. He has nothing to do with the lie and we owe him an apology for such.

Just remember, reincarnation Muse, and both groups have been looking for that soul as he would be the one to judge Esav. If he was successful, that would mean we have made it to the geulah. And the wicked Esav would realise its over. Then they would take their last shot at us as is happening now.

I have breifly touched on some mystical, but Muse, it's not a game here. It's very dangerous actually. Just don't slander him ever.

Ellen said...

Ahhh...excuse me Batya...but as a Jew, I don’t know nuthin’ about jesus or his purported last supper/passover meal. And it would have been impossible for him and his buddies to have eaten in that room, because it was built in the crusader era. Be careful with your history, otherwise you might get messianic christians responding in talkbacks, right shiloh?

Batya said...

Ellen, I'm fixing it, thanks.

Batya said...

Shiloh, I corrected the original post. Is it more accurate now?

Ellen said...

I would be more careful in defining the idolatrous practices and beleifs of christianity, as you may still attract messianics to this blog and end up engaging in futile dialogue. the virgin birth is obviously a non-issue and a joke, but Rabbi Kravitz of Jews for Judaism defines the problem well in a talkback he recently submitted to YNET:

"It is disingenuous for messianic Jews to simply say they believe Jesus was the messiah. They undeniably believe Jesus was God in the flesh and part of the Trinity. These pagan idolatrous beliefs remove them from the Jewish faith and are the reason they are not considered Jewish unless they renounce these beliefs and return to the pure monotheism of Abraham and Moses..."

Batya said...

Ellen, thanks. If need be, I'll close comments to the post, like I did to one that was getting spam comments.

Shiloh said...

Ahhh, Ellen, nice Jewish name at that, slandering those based on knowing nothing as yourself admits. Jews, like haRav Mordechi Eliyahu know who the historical Jew was but the incredibly ignorant "Jews" from Erev Rav like to slander the historical Jew of whom defended Torah venomously and went against the Rabbi's who changed the Torah from what Moshe had given. You mistakenly relate the historical Jew to the post year 135 roman pagan counterfeit lie named the greek Jesus and the heavily redacted book of the new testament. Also, it is amazing how "knowledgeable" Jews slander him, his Orthodox Jewish followers of Torah and claim that he and his followers are responsible for a replacement theology. Maybe one must look in the mirror to see who is following replacement theology of the rabbi's while ignoring the exact commandments given by Moshe in the Torah. Shame on you all.

The one who is responsible for the lie is the Rav Shaul, who was declared an apostate and evicted from the Orthodox synagogues in Israel. This Jew never knew personally the historical Jew named Yehushua ben Yoseph. The original followers of this Yehoshua followed Torah completely as what we may closely relate in today's terms as Modern Orthodoxy (at least they are trying to correct things but the powerful Erev Rav have such a stranglehold on us, they too can only do so much).

Yehoshua supposedly said to love only those who do their utmost to follow the Torah of Moshe, in other words, Torah observant Jews only. He supposedly went against the excesses put on by the then corrupt hellenist rabbis. He was critical of them adding to the Torah of Moshe while ignoring the heavier mitzvot of the Torah. Like today, ignoring of ridding the land of idols and idoloters while not mixing chicken and dairy which is completly a fence of the rabbi's. Freekin we don't learn but slander anyone who defends the Torah while going against the matrix.

Even the Rambam writes that if there is a prophet who comes against the rabbi's he MUST be executed. So todays religious Jews slander and mock anyone who does not line up with the sheep going to the slaughter. It is them, the Erev Rav who is destroying the Torah, the Jewish nation and the Name of haShem.

In the inner circles of the big rabbanim, you shut the door and ask about this Torah Observant Orthodox Jew and get the real story, while puplically slandering him. Such hypocrisy.

I personally hate the lies of religion, the Great Lie name Jesus, and the lies of Jews who slander a fellow Orthodox Jew who tried to clean up the matrix, called religion. You then wonder why the creation of so many replacement theologies, the world is the mirror, and if we followed Torah, there would not be the mirror of a replacement theology named religion.

I can tell rather quickly which souls are that of Erev Rav. This is one test. Since Esav has been judged (of which the rabbi's won't share with the sheep, because it would awaken them), the lies of Esav are being exposed and making Jews uncomfortable. This lies must come out, for Emet to replace it.

Knowing who this guy was in Emet, does only one thing, that is lead Jews and possibly non-Jews to follow the Torah of Moshe and leave the realm of religion. Why is this so bad, because it reflects in those who follow a form of another lie, namely religion.

The Karaites are slandered, the Samaritians are slandered. We install mitvot against them. They may not be 100% correct, but they damn sure are doing their best to follow the Torah of hashem and NOT the Torah of Men. The Talmud Bavli states that if anyone says that the Oral Torah does not come from G-d, they should be stoned. The Talmud Yerushalmi states that anyone who does not believe the written Torah is from G-d he should be stoned. Think about it. The Matrix is all about control. You are only free when G-d is in control. We are not free, we are under the control of the modern Tower of Babel. Religion.

I feel bad for the coming Mashiakh. He will have a hell of a time correcting this mess that the world has bought. Moshe had a cake walk compared to now.

Humility lacks in the Jewish world today, so does real faith in haShem, but only faith in the faithless shephards who are leading the sheep astray (straight from the Tanach people).

Muse, no the post is not correct. You are mocking him just as Ellen is. You use the term Jesus (roman pagan lie) instead of his Hebrew name of Yehoshua. His "friends" who Torah observant Orthodox Jews.
His followers never started a new religion after his death, that happened in the year 135 by the Romans, namely Marcus. Those invented legends where not by his followers as his followers continued to follow Torah as do the Settlers and Modern Orthodox.
The year 333 is when the Romans, using the lie, Murdered all remaining open followers of the Torah observant Jew, who themselves where Torah observant Jews, thus completing the switch. There is nothing for them to forgive us about Yehoshua. They have not forgiven us for killing their gods in Egypt (remember what we did with the lamb). Guess they got even with us, now you can see the evil of Esav in it's entirety. May they be judged by the ultimate Judge soon.

Shavua Tov and wake up.

Shiloh said...

Also, talk to Rabbi Skobac at Jews for Judaism in Toronto also. He has written several articles on the historical Jew, still a couple of errors, but still earthshaking to just a few years ago. I spoke extensively with him several years back. Even the Orthodox in the community I am in know what I say, and have no problem with it. I am just to pro Torah for them.

Believing this Yehoshua was the Mashiakh ben Yoseph in Jewish terms is not against halachah. Its actually a mitvoth. Believing in anything the xtian believe, like the trinity, virgin birth etc etc is simply a pagan religion and needs correcting.

It's such nothingness when you know what he was, who he was and what he taught and practiced. It's only fear that leads the ignorant. The only time I think about it is when a missionary attempts to swindle me or Jews slander him.

josh said...

Shilo, don't expect anyone to read such a long post. Our attention spans...

Anyway, IF what you are saying is true, than we are not allowed to say 'Yeshu', right? Can you point me to Rav Eliyahu's site where this is specified?

Shiloh said...

No, Josh, it's not public as on the net. You must speak in person. Make an appointment with his secretary if needed. I look at this a good, the lie finally is being exposed. The problem is that Esav (xtianity) is going to blame us for this too. They are such scum. You are seeing, as I think most kabbalists and orthodox rabbi's agree, is the door step of the geulah. This is no accident and I truly hope Esav get's what it deserves. Even a careful reading of their heavily redacted book suggests that they will be regected by him at anyrate.

Shavua tov.

Shiloh said...

Thanks for slandering me Muse. Using "Shiloh". Would you like to see my teudat zehut. Would you like to see the real spelling of it, so you can take it to your rav?

Shiloh said...

Batya and Josh, listen to Arutz Sheva radio broadcast with Tovia Singer and his guest. The show is called Christian Holy Places, the Pope, and Ancient Christianity...

Its a start.

Michael W. said...

I started reading Constantine's Sword by James Carrol, a former Catholic priest. The book is about the Catholic Church and the Jews.

I think someone mentioned it earlier but the book also talks about the early "Christians" in Judea, Jesus' earliest followers. They followed the same traditions as the Jews.

There were many "meshiachs" back then, but it is important to note that back then the term ment for military leaders who fought against the Romans. Jesus said many anti-Roman things, that's why they killed him.

I don't know of many other meshiach movements, where the meshiach has already been identified and died, but I think it is very un-Jewish to follow someone as meshiach, especially after he or she(you never know) has died. Especially if you consider that human a God, a son of God or what ever.

Anyway, the early Christians in Judea were very much "Jewish" and that caused tention with the other Christian communities across the Roman empire. Part of the Christian tradition was that they were making a new "covenant" which replaced Judaism and Jewish traditions. Since the Judea Christians did follow Jewish traditions, but believed in Jesus, they were never fully accepted by real Jews or the new Christian order in Rome. Like all half/half groups, they disappeared. Only till recently has such a group reappeared because of the massive missionary movement trying to convert Jews by allowing them to follow Jewish tradition but still believe in Jesus.

Carrol's book also talks about the evolution of the displacement theology. It is not just about a new religion replacing and older religion. Much of it in Christian thought, from Augustine till Vatican II, was about how Jewish suffering and exile from Eretz Yisrael was a sign on the "truth" of the Catholic Church. Like all antisemitic thoughts, European Christians also believed in another idea which conflicts with the first (like Jews are responsible for capitalism and communism, also, that they are capitalism exploiting the poor and revolutionaries), that the Jews in the Diaspora are always foreign and have to be hated for it. So Jewish exile proves that Christianity is true, but they also hate the Jews for being exiled and not in their own country.

Shiloh said...

His early followers where called Netzarim. Not Notzrim (xtians). They where ONLY Jewish. They where what you call real Jews in practice of Torah. It was not until his talmidim decided to start teaching Torah to non-Jews, which would be commonly called today as Bnei Noach, was the first contact was made with goyim. Back then, the goyim had to atleast maintain the 7 laws of Noah to have any contact with Jews.

There was absoulutly no such thing as xtian communities around the Roman empire. They where pagan communities around Rome, still as in today.

The original Jewish followers where fully accepted within the legitimate orthodox community until Gamliel II had to ban any teachings around his name because of the anti-Torah, anti-semetic lies that had morphed into what goyim now today call xtianity. The great lie, or apostasy. It was only in 333 when the actual followers where murdered by the romans to complete their hijacking of our Torah Observant Jew, who followed Torah and not the so called lie of xtianity. Xtianity is nothing more then ancient pagan teachings attached to a kosher Torah observant Jewish Ribi. Other then that, it's completely pagan. The goyim have remained true to paganism and have nothing to do with Judaism, or the historical Yehoshua, corrupted into the greek jesus.

The rest of the post is such bs. What can one expect from the goyim. Esav's day is done. Measure for measure is the prescription. We are to smash the idols of the goyim always. This is the big one.

Batya said...

Shiloh, "slander?"
I haven't argued with you. I'll let you and Ellen and Josh, Michael etc argue it out. I'm no expert in foreign religions. Judaism is the only one I've studied seriously.

Shiloh said...

*I made a couple of changes to this according to corrections by Ellen and "Shiloh." Thanks!

What, in quotes? What is the reason for this?

Batya said...

Ellen is Ellen's name. I and anyone else can email her and talk to her on the phone.

Is "Shiloh" your name? I don't think so. That's why it's in quotation marks. I see an enormous difference between those of us who blog and write and comment under our names and those who don't. I don't hide my identity. It exposes me to a possible risk, but I'm willing to take it.

Shiloh said...

Yes Muse, Shiloh is my name. The original spelling is שילוה. I had removed the vav so it does not draw attention to it. I am not a snake by useing psuedo names. I too am exposed to a very large risk, but I don't really give a hoot about the goyim. And no, you cannot call me on the phone for obvious reasons. I asked you a while back if you knew a friend of mine who lived close to Shiloh and you replied no. If you had known them, husband and wife, they would vouch for me. I understand the blogging world and the lies etc it brings. This is not me, I tell it how it is. Offending most, supported by some. So it is. Shavua Tov.

Batya said...

OK, Shiloh, sorry

Eliyahu said...

I would just like to say that Shiloh has done his homework and he has got to be 99.5% correct. Maybe he should have cited some references. By the way, the only credible yukasin of Ribi Yehoshua that is available includes Dawid HaMelech. Why would he not also then be ben Dawid?

Eliyahu said...

One other thing since this post was about the Poop. He can rot. And what about the 160 million shekels for security to protect this shell. What the hell is the government thinking. This doesn't bode well when the government can give this son of a murderer money.

Batya said...

Eliyahu, thanks, good points.
When the country can't afford good education and there's so much unemployment, including moi, why should we pay for his security. If he wants to come, let him give us the money.

Shiloh said...

Eliyahu, so what did I miss? I recognise your name and with your familiarity of our discussion. Since the historical Jew is dead, he cannot be Mashiakh ben David (Dawid) in Judaism. He has not returned "spiritually" either. If you think he is ben Dawid, then I know your source from which you speak. This is the furthest I will push the envelope on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Eliyahu said...

By the way, the only credible yukasin of Ribi Yehoshua that is available includes Dawid HaMelech. Why would he not also then be ben Dawid?
Awe, c'mon! You can find the answer to that nonsensical claim yourself. But here's helping anyone else who might need help:

"According to both Matthew and Luke Jesus was born of a virgin and would therefore be unable to claim the rights to the Davidic line because tribal lineage is traced exclusively through a person’s father. This is clearly articulated in Numbers 1:18.

If you believe in the virgin birth -- and I’m going to assume that you do -- how do you proclaim that Jesus was from the line of David when according to your own doctrine Jesus lacked the human father with which to trace his lineage back to King David?

According to Christian teachings, Jesus had only a human Jewish mother, not a human Jewish father. This human Jewish father would be essential for anyone to be a legitimate heir to the throne of David, which the real messiah will be."
(Excerpt from Rabbi Tovia Singer's Outreach Judaism)

Eliyahu said...

Your assumption is incorrect. I am an orthodox Jew. I happen to have studied the source texts and extant historically authentic documents of Judaism and non-Jewish writings. You must accept the truth from whatever the source. Ribi Yehoshua was a Torah observant Jew. His yukasin exists. Ribi Yehoshua came from an egg being fertilized by a human sperm without his mother having ever had intercourse. Check the medical archives. It happens. I get the impression some people just assume and are looking for a fight. I'm not. That's enough for this post.

Shiloh said...

Shy Guy. Tovia has woken up and he quite bluntly admits that the historical Jew has absoulutly zero to do with xtianity or the highly redacted new testament. There is direct lineage through his father. This is true. It is pointless to use the corrupted new testament for any discussion or argument as even the xtian historian Eusebius admits that his followers used only the Tanach as the Bible and Hebrew Mattityahu as a source of his teachings and paid little attention to the rest. What amazes me is that people like to throw around slanderous lies, based on lies of the goyim. Like I challenged another commentor on this blog, go speak directly to haRav Mordechi Eliyahu about this historical Jew. You can take every post I made for the questions. You can bank on it that he will confirm what I said. If you seek Emet, then do so, if you seek to be one of the slanderers, then that's up to yourself. Screw the goyim and the lie. Enough is enough.

Eliyahu said...

Shiloh shalom,
Have to ask the question about R Tovia Singer. Does he put it down in writing anywhere about the unconnectedness of Ribi Yehoshua and J-sus?

Anonymous said...

You guys are a riot. Your dead Jew on a stick is nothing more than that. He was one out of hundred. The Romans made sure of that.

If you claim the NT is a pack of lies ("high redacted" - please, show us the original manuscripts), you have nothing to base yourselves on when claiming Yeshu's (Yamach Sh'mo V'Zichro) lineage nor anything about his whore mother's fertilization.

מִי חָכָם וְיָבֵן אֵלֶּה, נָבוֹן וְיֵדָעֵם: כִּי-יְשָׁרִים דַּרְכֵי יְהוָה, וְצַדִּקִים יֵלְכוּ בָם, וּפֹשְׁעִים, יִכָּשְׁלוּ בָם.

Whoso is wise, let him understand these things, whoso is prudent, let him know them. For the ways of the LORD are right, and the just do walk in them; but transgressors do stumble therein.

Shiloh said...

Shy, using a psuedo, snake like cover. May you and Your name be erased from memory!!

Such incredible ignorance. Study the oldest manuscripts and see. I don't agree with Eliyahu K as I am familiar with whom and where he get's his information, quite suspect.

You continually go after the pagan idol man-god named Jesus. I am speaking namely of a kosher Torah Ribi from 2000 years ago of which many scholars including Jewish ones know damn full and well that one is a kosher Jew and the other is a roman pagan lie counterfiet.

Like I said, go ask haRav Eliyahu if what I say is true, then shut your hateful Erev Rav mouth.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead, Shiloh, list your impeccable historic source(s).

Sorry, my meeting with HaRav Eliyahu is in the near future, not today. Give us a clue and I'll consider adding it to the subjects I will be discussing with him.

And then we'll see who here is the snake!

Anonymous said...


.....then shut your hateful Erev Rav mouth.

14/5/09 07:50

Muse, please note that by Shiloh associating this Torah observant Jew with the "Erev Rav" for not appreciating his dead Jew on a stick, he has basically done the same to all of loyal Klal Yisrael throughout the generations.

Not surprised in the least.

Batya said...

I don't like where this has gone, and I'm closing comments on the post.

No,I'm not going to start deleting them and sorting through.