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Friday, February 29, 2008

Fantastic Little Video, Just 2 Minutes

I can't say "enjoy," because the story is too sad.

From the comments:

This video is entered in the American Jewish Committee Video Competition for Israel's 60th anniversary, http://my.israel.org/contest/ You can comment, rate and eventually vote on the entered videos.

Read His Lips!

from PMW

Abbas rejects Jewishness of Israel,
doesn't rule out armed conflict
proud to have taught terror to world

by Itamar Marcus and Barbara Cook

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said Wednesday that he doesn't rule out armed conflict against Israel. He also said that he was "honored" to have fired the first bullet of the Fatah terror organization in 1965, and to have taught terror tactics around the world, including to such groups as Hizbullah.

In an in-depth interview published today in the Jordanian daily Al-Dustur, Abbas said that the PA is "unable" to pursue armed conflict for now, but said that "in the future stages things may be different."

He rejected Israel as a Jewish state, and said that it was the PA's rejection of Israel's Jewishness that almost aborted the Annapolis Conference last November.

Abbas said that he won't demand that Hamas recognize Israel. In fact, as PMW has reported in the past, he said that the only "recognition" of Israel he demands of a Palestinian unity government is to recognize Israel as its adversary.

Here are some highlights from that interview:

The Arab Situation

"Now we are against armed conflict because we are unable. In the future stages, things may be different... "

We reject the Jewishness of the state

The Palestinian President emphasized his rejection of what is described as the Jewishness of the state [Israel], and said: "We rejected this proposal at the Annapolis conference last November in the USA, and the conference was almost aborted because of it..."

The Resistance [Editor's note: PA euphemism for terror]

The Palestinian President spoke about the resistance, saying: "I was honored to be the one to shoot the first bullet in 1965 [Fatah terror against Israel began in 1965] ,and having taught resistance to many in this area and around the world, defining it and when it is beneficial and when it is not... we had the honor of leading the resistance.We taught everyone what resistance is, including the Hezbollah, who were trained in our camps [i.e. PLO camps in the 60s and 70s]."

Recognition of Israel

"I don't demand that the Hamas movement recognize Israel. I only demanded of the [Palestinian] national unity government that would work opposite Israel in recognition of it. And this I told to Syrian President Bashir Assad, and he supported this idea."

Al-Dustur, February 28, 2008

Signalling What?

The US Navy is sending three warships to the eastern Mediterranean Sea in a show of strength during a period of tensions with Syria and political uncertainty in Lebanon.
Adm. Michael Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters the deployment should not be viewed as threatening or in response to events in any single country in that volatile region.
"This is an area that is important to us, the eastern Med," he said when asked about news reports of the ship movements. "It's a group of ships that will operate in the vicinity there for a while," adding that "it isn't meant to send any stronger signals than that, but it does signal that we're engaged, we're going to be in the vicinity and that's a very, very important part of the world." (complete article)

IMHO, it signals that the US considers itself in charge and sovereign, though in foreign and international waters. I wish it would butt out and leave us alone. All the "help" from the US, UN and Europe has accomplished, has been to strengthen and embolden our enemies.

Israel is under attack. The cities the Arabs have been bombing are all pre-1967. Olmert and his cohorts are incapable of defending Israel and defeating our enemies. In another two weeks, it will be Shabbat Zachor, when G-d reminds us to totally annihilate Amalek. It is read in the "tune" of every Jewish ethnic group to make sure that we all understand that it is our personal individual responsibility to destroy every last iota of Amalek, when and wherever we are.

Shabbat Shalom U'Mevorach!

May You Have a Peaceful and Blessed Sabbath

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Can We Use The "T" Word?

How's this for simplicity?

Restraint + War = Defeat

What is Olmert's real goal?

Whom is he protecting? Certainly not the citizens of Israel!!


I want to just reiterate here, before I post a couple of important things, that in a sense I prefer to have an American President who isn't considered a "friend" of Israel, since the Israeli movers and shakers trust their "friends." Bush is considered a "friend" of Israel, and he's a great danger to our security, in both the long and short-term.

I think that Israel is safer with a US President who does not get along with Israeli leaders/politicians. Israel must understand that the USA considers the interests of the USA, financial primarily, as top priority and doesn't really care what happens to Israel. The USA's financial interests are in fuel, oil, Arab countries, not poor little Israel. I don't know what it will take for Israel and Jews all over the world to finally admit this to themselves. I am the pragmatist and they are the dreamers. That's the truth.

Now, back to Obama, (hat tip CSK,) Ed Lasky's article about Obama is excellent and must be read. Here are some excerpts:

...The speech was meant to reassure pro-Israel supporters, but should also raise concerns about Senator Obama. He did make a series of comforting comments regarding Israel (e.g., a commitment to the security of Israel, his goal to work towards peace while recognizing Israel has its enemies, and that our relationship is based on shared values and shared history). The reliably pro-Obama JTA website provides a rundown of his speech...
...Senator Obama characterizes those who have concerns about policies he might follow as President as being Likud-supporters. This has been a charge propagated by the fiercest opponents of Israel, who have often slipped into conspiracy theories regarding American supporters of Israel. (Try googling Likudnik and "dual loyalty" or "conspiracy theory"; Likudnik has become a term of opprobrium. As David Berstein notes, "Likudnik has gradually become a general anti-Semitic term for Jews whose opinions one does not like."
One wishes Senator Obama would be bit more sensitive going forward when he uses such a term. After all, the Likud Party has not been in power for years, and Americans should feel free to express their concerns without being characterized as that party's supporters, with its suggestion of dual loyalty. The suggestion that supporters of Israel who express their concerns are subscribers to the view of the Likud Party of Israel is simply not grounded. After all, supporters of Hillary Clinton have also expressed qualms regarding Senator Obama's views of Israel. Are they supporters of Likud, too?
Haaretz columnist Shmuel Rosner raises an additional reason to have qualms. Will a President Obama be supportive of an Israel headed by a Prime Minster who hails from the Likud party? Does this statement by Senator Obama risk interfering with Israeli politics?...

Many American Jews still worship the Democratic Party and the memory of FDR. They should polish their glasses and take a good look, not that the Republicans are any better when it comes to Jews and Israel.

Yisrael, b'tach b'Hashem!
People of Israel, Trust in G-d!

We Have Every Right and Obligation to Destroy the Terrorists!

As Sderot and other Israeli cities and communities in the range of the Arab-launched kassams try to recover from a deadly day, Olmert, far away in Japan, announced his plans to rap the knuckles of the terrorists from Gaza.

However, regarding the possibility of an offensive in the Gaza Strip, Olmert said: "I do not recall speaking even once about a ground operation in the Strip." (complete article here)
In the end, just like in his previous war, it will be our soldiers and civilians who will suffer the most. He is continuing the miss-guided, perverse morality which claims that we must protect enemy civilians more than our own civilians and soldiers.

Not only isn't it the "guiding principle" of any other country, but it goes against international law. Read this excellent article on Israpundit, Bomb Gaza. Win the War.

Israel needs a totally new government and mindset, and that includes the Judicial!

Women For Israel's Tomorrow

Yes, that's the original name for Women in Green. Even though I haven't gone to their activities for awhile, I agree with its aims. And this latest article says it all:
...And so, I want to tell this band of women: Forget about me. I'm not coming to your demonstrations. You can come looking for me and my friends. If you find us, then we will ask you: Now you wake up? Because you are convinced that Moshe Katzav committed rape and got off lightly?
Where were you until now? Where were you when the High Court of Justice allowed the state to commit gang rape against our brothers and sisters from Gush Katif and northern Samaria? The gang rape called the "disengagement." Why didn't you take a stand with us in the demonstrations under the slogan: "Disengagement Criminals to Trial"? Where were you when entire families were destroyed, physically, psychologically and financially, because of the rape of the expulsion?
Where were you after the Amona pogrom, when hundreds of police officers fell like Cossacks on youth, boys and girls, and delivered murderous blows, pushed and beat them, while severely violating the modesty of Jewish girls, without being punished for this? Where were you when male police officers, against standing regulations, physically dragged off women and girls at Amona? Did you raise "your voice"? Did you participate in demonstrations and marches against the "law enforcement" system that defended the pogromist - and, yes, sexually abusive - police officers?... (read it all)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sure! Just Like Bush!

"Obama is a strong friend of Israel" by Robert Wexler

What's a "friend?"
1-A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.
2-A person whom one knows; an acquaintance.
3-A person with whom one is allied in a struggle or cause; a comrade.
4-One who supports, sympathizes with, or patronizes a group, cause, or movement: friends of the clean air movement.
I don't trust "just anyone's" opinion of what's kosher, and when it comes to American politics and Israel, I trust Craig Karpel and not this Robert Wexler. Wexler is an ambitious American politician. He also has a very peculiar "sense of humor" and was recently involved in a scandal, due his poor judgement. Read this from Wikipedia:
On the July 20, 2006 episode of The Colbert Report, during an interview for the segment Better Know a District, Wexler jovially went along with Stephen Colbert's idea of making fake statements that, if he were campaigning in a contested election, would effectively end his career. Led by Stephen Colbert, he jokingly responded with the following statements (see video):
“I enjoy cocaine because... it's a fun thing to do.
I enjoy the company of prostitutes for the following reasons: ... because it's a fun thing to do. Much like cocaine. If you combine the two together, it's probably even more fun.”

Now, is this someone whose judgement you'd trust? I wouldn't trust him, not one iota.


Arutz Sheva reports that:

US Congressman David Weldon (R, Florida - pictured above), who visited Israel last week, said Israel should strike back at Gaza in one fell swoop. "During World War II," Weldon told the Makor Rishon newspaper, "the U.S. attacked Japan mercilessly. Despite the ethical problems, everyone now agrees that this caused Japan to surrender, thus saving many lives, including Japanese lives. This is the reason I think Israel should hit the Palestinians with one fell swoop, thus defeating them. Otherwise, this cruel situation of today will continue year after year, decade after decade."
"Just like parents have to protect their children," Weldon said, "a state must protect its citizens, especially those who are threatened such as those in Sderot. If a country would attack the US, I would support turning that country into dust. If it’s right for the US, it's right for Israel."
There's more on this at Soccer Dad, here.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Isn't That Racist?

I'd consider that UN expert a racist to say such a thing:

UN expert: Palestinian terror 'inevitable consequence' of occupation

I'm sure he wouldn't say it about any other national or ethnic group, just about Arabs. So that makes him "anti-Arab" racist. Right?

Gaza Chain Demonstrates Something Else

Israeli security forces were on high alert when the Arab terrorists in Gaza announced a human chain on the border with Israel. In the end only a few thousand showed, not the massive force the organizers had hoped for.
What I find most important is who was demonstrating, verses the demonstrators at the Israeli "human chains," (like the one around the Jerusalem Walls) this demonstration was imitating.
Take a good look at the pictures. They say it all.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Words, Words, Words...

Livni: Israel will defend its sovereign borders
"Israel will defend its territory and prevent an infiltration of its sovereign borders," acting Prime Minister Tzipi Livni and Defense Minister Ehud Barak said on Sunday in a joint statement issued evening before ...Full story

How dumb do they think we are?

Very dumb I guess, since Israel's citizens haven't risen up in revolt against the revolting security situation. Why should our enemies quake in fear? They're too busy shaking with laughter.

What do I predict?

Good question. Read the early chapters in the Biblical book, Shmot, Exodus. The Hebrews, who were first welcomed with such honor, became slaves to Pharaoh in Egypt. They didn't revolt. They didn't complain. They just accepted it. The brave midwives defied Pharaoh, but no leader emerged from the people. When Moshe, raised in Pharoah's palace, tried to improve things for his people, the people told him not "to rock the boat." "You'll only make things worse."

In today's Israel, things will only improve when your ordinary Israeli is willing to follow today's Moshe and totally change Israel's political system, get rid of Olmert and his like-minded politicians, the "judicial" and the media.

We have the power. We must use it.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'd Prefer A Smart Defense Minister

I couldn't resist countering the headline. It was so obvious.

Ehud Barak is the guiltiest of the guilty for the deterioration in Israel's security. His general military "philosophy" promotes technology over human intelligence. The officers making decisions, according to his method, sit in control booths, manning the screens etc. He promoted the phasing out of "acharai," "after me," the famous Israeli battle cry.

Barak has been "wow-ing" politicians with his sales pitch for all sorts of electronic machinery to substitute for human soldiers. Look, technology has its place, like those miniature cameras and clippers sent into human bodies instead of a lot of the "exploratory surgery," which was once the norm. A lot of the mistakes in the last war, which cost many human lives, were caused by improperly made decisions. War is fought on the ground; it's not a computer game.

Well, if Barak thinks he's so smart, he can be the fence at the Egyptian border!

Obama and the Loyalty Question

Yid with Lid has an important post about the Missus Obama. It rang some bells for me, and here's the comment I posted:

Well, it's obvious that she's black first and American second.
Now, they're always asking Jews about loyalty. So if Michelle and hubby really relate to their black identity as #1, then there's a loyalty problem if he really wants to be pres...

Now, how can this question get good publicity?

Visiting Shiloh is Safer!

If it makes you feel better and to make the statistics even stronger, take a public bus, Egged's bullet-proof ones, when you go to Shiloh. You're much safer on a bus in general.

Check out the statistics over the past couple of years or more. You'll see that bus travel is much safter than going in private cars.

There's Nothing to "Talk" About

We must destroy terrorism, and yes, it's Arab terrorisim, plain and simple. Nothing else will work.

And what's a "walk" going to solve?


Dry Bones brings up a good point.

US's Condoleezza Rice has her finger in too many dangerous stews.

I think it's hormonal. She may be known for her great legs, unlike Madeline Albright, who should have learned how to sit more primly.

Rice's biological clock has long run out, so it's no surprise that she's trying to compensate by being midwife for all sorts of "countries."

Shopping in Sderot

There have been a number of massive shopping trips to SDEROT to boost the local economy. Click SDEROT, and read about Baila's adventure there.

I couldn't go, since we had all the kids coming for Shabbat. The house hasn't been this full for years. Usually it's just the two of us rattling around and every few weeks married daughter and family arrive. This week we not only didn't have enough beds, but we were out of mattresses, too.

There's also a great report about shopping in Sderot on Arutz 7.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

If This is True, Then...

Its failure to control rampaging crowds that set fire Thursday to part of the United States Embassy compound in Belgrade, and attacked several other embassies, is a shocking and unacceptable abdication of responsibility. complete article

What does that say for the Israeli Government, which hasn't destroyed the Arab terrorist network thereby condemning innocent Israeli citizens to daily kassam rocket attacks? The bombardment started eight years ago.

I'd say that "shocking and unacceptable abdication of responsibility" is a very accurate way of describing the behavior and policies of all of the Israeli Government ever since the Gaza Arabs began shooting rockets at Sderot, Ashkelon and parts of the Negev.

Friday, February 22, 2008

It's Charisma And Other Things

The US press and pundits are already autopsying (is there a proper verb for that?) Hillary's nose-dive as front-runner in her quest to be the first female US President. Officially the race isn't over, but it's over.

From my vantage as an expat and fellow-baby boomer, it seems that the press never liked her, but the public didn't either. You need one of those fan clubs to be elected US President.

  • It's not enough to be intelligent.

  • It's not even enough to be sincere.

  • "Good grooming" is helpful, but it's not enough.

  • It's certainly not enough to have preserved your marriage through thick and thin, especially when the "thin" was very "zoftig."

It looks like Hillary will have to make do as Senator.

I have this feeling that if she had dumped Bill, showed warm and true human emotion, other than ambition and dependence, she would still be the front-runner. There's something very manufactured, calculated, plastic about her.

Now, can Obama be elected? Would middle-America go for him? I don't think so. He also seems manufactured. His standard speech about "change" reminds me of the writing exercise I did in college. We had to write a cliche` of a politician's speech. I wrote:

"I want what you want."

To be human, he must reveal something about himself, what it is like to have been raised as he was raised, in different societies and religions. All we know is that as a bi-racial, he identifies with his black side.

McCain seems most human.

No, I don't vote in US elections. Let's see how my predictions go.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Olmert's Table

Olmert keeps claiming that Jerusalem "isn't on the table." Well, I must say that the best commentary on this is Dry Bones. Also read what he says here about Tsippi.

U.S. Presidential Race Rumours

Hat tip Mark, thanks!

It looks like this year's US elections won't be boring, but I'm glad that I'm not voting. None of the candidates appeal to me in any way. It seems like politics attracts the worst of people. I'm sure that some get involved for altruistic ideals, but once the "profession" snares a person, it's pure ambition.

From a newsmax mailing:
Condi as McCain running mate? Is there any basis to this?

2. McCain Considering Condi for VP?

One rumor rife in political circles is that likely Republican presidential nominee John McCain might choose Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as his running mate.

On the Feb. 11 broadcast of “Larry King Live,” host King interviewed another African-American woman, Barack Obama’s wife Michelle, and said, “I arrived in Washington today from New York . . . and the first thing you hear is rumors. And one of the rumors is that if McCain is the nominee, he might choose Condoleezza Rice as a running mate.”

Said Obama, “I hadn’t heard that.”

The Condi talk “is just a rumor, folks,” King said. “This is Washington — it thrives on it. You live here, you know it’s right.”

Obama: “I don’t live here.”

Rice was also named as a possible GOP running mate on a recent “Charlie Rose” show on PBS, when Dr. Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention said he would like to see a Vice President Condoleezza Rice.
For those Democrats who don't want either Obama or Hillary:

1. Al Gore Could Be Compromise Candidate

Don’t count Al Gore completely out of the presidential picture just yet.

That’s the view from across the pond at The Telegraph in Britain, which outlines a scenario that could put the avowed non-candidate at the head of the Democratic ticket.

Saying the momentum has shifted to Barack Obama after a string of primary and caucus victories, Obama’s chief strategist David Axelrod told The Telegraph, “We closed a 20-point gap in the national polls in the last two weeks. The more people are exposed to his message, the better he does.”

But he added: “We are up against the Clinton machine. We are the perpetual underdog and will be throughout this process. We’re ready to go all the way to the convention.”

The Clinton camp reportedly believes that if Obama doesn’t deliver a knock-out blow before the March 4 primaries in Texas and Ohio, Hillary could win those races and regain the momentum, with many superdelegates uniting behind her to preserve party unity.

That could lead to bitter battles at the Democratic convention in August, “which could even end with Al Gore, the former vice president, emerging as a compromise candidate,” according to The Telegraph.

A Clinton source told the paper: “There’s a 5 percent chance of that happening, but that’s 5 percent too high.”

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Clarification on Ron Paul post: by Ellen

For the record:
I want to clarify my stance to the posting at,

To some it appeared as if I were endorsing Paul, when in fact I know little about him or his policies and was simply commenting on what I deemed to be an intriguing and promising response. Please know that I no longer vote in U.S. elections – no dual loyalty issues here. But I am aching for a little independence and am anxious for my nation to stand on its own two feet, and to have the liberty of saying “NO!”

But now I know more, and I thank the people who contributed the below feedback, and I regret that I don’t have the time to blog their comments in full…

Jared Israel, the editor at www.emperors-clothes.com was very concerned that my comments and the tone of the post appeared to endorse Paul. He submitted significant links and excerpts which are a cause for great concern (including Paul’s voting records, associates, and moral equivalency issues). He suggested that I google "Ron Paul" and "Raimondo," and "Israel" for a little insight.

And he feels that, “Supporting Paul violates the biblical injunction against suicide.”

Yehuda Hakohen, Arutz 7 radio personality, and leader of Magshimey Herut’s Zionist Freedom Alliance http://www.zfa.org.il/ does support Ron Paul. He feels Paul is the only candidate who will not force Israel to surrender land, nor will he demand a two-state solution or division of Jerusalem – because Paul believes that it is not America's job to do so.

Yehuda supports Paul from an ideological/philosophical perspective – and not for his personality. And he pointed out that Ron Paul’s libertarian position is bound to attract all kinds of characters with varying agendas.

Ricky Geenfield, the publisher The Connecticut Jewish Ledger
http://www.jewishledger.com/ approved of Ron Paul’s debate response which I posted. Ricky didn’t have a lot of time to elaborate on Paul’s position, but he feels that when it comes to Ron Paul, “Jews don't get it”.” Paul is unabashedly free market and is naively so. Ayn Rand...another MOT...is where his objectiveness stems from...” Ricky went on to say that “it would be wrong to call him fascist, but right to call him unsympathetic to things Israel (remember too that a true libertarian is more anarchist than fascist--both dangerous things)”.

Well, I hope that clears things up on a long, long-shot of a candidate (or are you more confused?)

Olmert Should Be Protecting Us, Not Him!

The picture says it all.
Thanks Harvey!
Moshe Milner, photographer

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Why are they in such a rush?

Latest news is that Olmert and Tsippi are rushing, like some harried and panicky bargain-hunters to "negotiate" away our precious country.

They remind me of the hyper-manic shoppers so excited about "reduced prices" that they fill up their bags, over-extend their credit accounts, write checks which have "no cover" and then admit that they need nothing they bought. They have gone bankrupt for no reason, just for the "thrill of it."
Peace can't be bought.
And what is it? What is this so-called "peace" the politicians and media are willing to sacrifice for?
They prefer the praise of the world, the same world which cooperated, either actively or passively, while the Nazis engineererd the murder of Six Million Jews and millions of other innocents.
I don't want that "peace." I want independence and security, the real stuff.

From Neve Dekalim to Nitzan: An Interview

By Shifra Shomron
ז אדר א תשס"ח
13 February 2008

Recently I interviewed a former (anonymous) resident and expellee of Neve Dekalim. He lived in several different locations in Israel prior to finding his niche in Neve Dekalim Gush Katif. He is now living at the Nitzan caravilla site which contains the largest number of former Gush Katifers.

How did you and your family handle life under Arab terror with Arabs targeting your community with mortars, kassam rockets…?

Arab terror was always a threat especially on the roads leading to Gush Katif and of course mortars and rockets landed in our community. Several mortars did land close to our house, within 20-30 meters. Arab bullets from kalishnakov rifles were found throughout Neve Dekalim. I heard the "zing" of a flying mortar/rocket once and we heard every mortar and rocket that exploded in our small town of Neve Dekalim. There were people who had been injured by shrapnel and one resident was killed by a mortar while sitting in her house. There was also the fear of Arab infiltration into the community.

The children were not afraid generally. The boys collected ammunition and traded it like I traded baseball cards as a kid. We limited our travel on the roads, but otherwise, conducted our lives normally in the town. People are adaptable and we "got use" to the threats, even the "booms" from mortars and rocket bombs.

Do you think anything could have stopped Disengagement?

"Reasonably" the only way I could see that Disengagement could be stopped was either a massive refusal of soldiers to obey orders, or some 300,000 plus citizens blocking roads, surrounding the Knesset or some other form of civil disobedience that would prevent vast sections of Israeli society from functioning normally. The numbers of refusing soldiers or citizens participating in resistance were much, much smaller than needed.

What is the general mood at the Nitzan caravilla site where you live?

It is difficult to describe the general mood. It's very individual; better for those people who are adaptable, better for those who found new employment or kept their previous jobs from before the expulsion. Unemployment is high. One suffers the personal loss of losing your community and job and one suffers the loss of a portion of Eretz Yisroel.

How long are you able to stay in the caravilla?

According to the Israeli Supreme Court, we've been given a second two years in which to inhabit the caravilla. I think 90% of the expellees will still be in the caravilla, even after 4 years. I expect the court will extend the period accordingly. I would like to leave the caravilla yesterday and move into a permanent home. I don't know where.

Are you working now?

I'm currently employed – it took me 2 years to find employment. I'm one of the lucky ones. I'm working in a similar capacity to what I had before the expulsion at a comparable salary. Unfortunately many people don't have jobs and are living off their compensation monies.

Is it true that the Israeli government offered former Gush Katif residents retraining programs?

The government did offer retraining courses. Most were unsuitable to both the expellees (given their age and experience) and the current job market.
50 year old plus farmers who ran their own farm with dozens of employees are not going to pick weeds, learn to weld, garden, carpentry, or drive a truck – for minimum wage. Those were the retraining courses offered.

The government promised an affirmative action type plan to hire expellees in government companies. I know of no one who was hired in this manner. I suspect it was wishful thinking at best, probably disinformation to the media.

Has Disengagement affected your faith in G-d?

No, not in the slightest.

Do you feel less Zionistic since Disengagement?

I don't feel less Zionistic after Disengagement. Zionist ideology is the correct path for the Jew regardless of government mistakes.

Do you think less of the State of Israel now?

Governments of Israel have been good and bad for the last 60 years. Disengagement was one of the many bad decisions.

How do you view the Israel Defense Force after Disengagement?

I still believe in the importance of the IDF and still encourage my sons (not daughters) to serve. Disengagement was a political decision, not an IDF decision. That more soldiers did not refuse orders is a reflection on our lack of Torah – Zionist education in our school system. The IDF is a tool. I do not blame the tool, but rather the policy makers in the political eschelon.

Do you encourage others to make aliyah?

I encourage all Jews to make aliyah today just as I did before Disengagement.

Where do you see yourself in ten years from now?

B'ezrat HaShem I see myself still in Eretz Yisroel in 10 years.

Shifra Shomron is a Gush Katif resident/expellee and is the author of the novel, Grains Of Sand: The Fall Of Neve Dekalim (Mazo Publishers, 2007).

"Travel beyond time and beyond location – into my Gush Katif."

Visit Shifra's website: www.geocities.com/nevedekalim

FYI #2 post by Ellen

The JTA Election Center has a transcript of Republican debate which took place last month. Look at the answer that Ron Paul gave ( I know, I know, Paul is a Nazi, Huckabee is a bible-thumping White supremicist, Romney is Satan's brother, Obama is a former Muslim turned Messiah, McCain is Judah Maccabee with a sidekick called James Baker, Guilani is a lost opportunity, and Hillary - the shrill wife of Bill...) but just take a look anyway:

REP. PAUL: In many ways, we treat Israel as a stepchild. We do not give them the responsibility that they deserve. We undermine their national sovereignty. We don’t let them design their own peacetreaties with their neighbors. And then we turn around and say that when you want to do that, or you want to defend your borders, they have to check it out with us.
I think Israel would be a lot safer. I made the point earlier. We give three times as much money to the Arabs. Why do we arm their enemies? So if you care about Israel, you should be against all the weapons that go to the Arab nations. (Cheers, applause.)
And I just don’t see any purpose in not treating Israel in an adult fashion. I think they would be a lot better off. I think they, one time in the ’80s, took care of a nuclear reactor in Iraq. I stood up and defended Israel for this. Nobody else did at that time.
But we need to recognize: They deserve their sovereignty, just as we deserve our sovereignty. I believe if they assume more responsibility, there would be more peace there, and that there would be a lot less threat. Besides, we don’t have any money to do this. (Cross talk, cheers, applause.)

US elections, Israel and Evangelicals: an update

Posted by Ellen

All prospective candidates in this year’s presidential campaign have expressed their obligatory devotion to Israel, and have also pledged their robust allegiance to Jesus. The evangelical camp has splintered, and I don’t envy American Jews come November 2008 - as this campaign is taking some bazaar turns….

Lauded conservative pundit, Ann Coulter - author of "If Democrats Had Any Brains, They'd Be Republicans", - has cast her lot with Hillary Clinton. McCain simply isn’t conservative enough for her. Watch as she batters McCain and bats for Clinton:

You remember Ann. She expressed her wishes - via a televised interview - that it would be preferable if all Americans were Christian. She then went on to expound upon Christian theology and the need for Jews to be “perfected”. Liberal Jewish groups denounced her, while a predictable group of Jewish Republican personalities ran to her defense.
A couple of months ago Ann, penned an essay with these ominous words (and, incredibly, many purportedly G-d fearing American Jews believe her):
“The survival of Israel is inextricably linked to the survival of the Republican Party and its evangelical base.”

Not to be outdone, Lebanese Christian Pro- Israel Conservative Brigitte Gabriel has warned Jews against voting for Obama, and she also dropped the “H” bomb.
"No Jews should support him. Jews should vote for Hillary Clinton."

Meanwhile liberal Jewish Barbara Walters suggested that some consider Obama to be, “almost like a Messiah - he can do no wrong”.

John McCain doesn’t quite rate as the Messiah, but not to worry because Senator Joe Lieberman - the man who likened CUFI’s Pastor John Hagee to Moses - has compared John McCain to Judah Maccabee (rumor has it that Joe sees John as more of a personal savoir, in that he hopes to garner the position of running mate).

For McCain's full comment on hs buddy James Baker, go to


Mike and the Devil
And speaking of personal savior, Pastor Mike Evans of the Jerusalem Prayer team is sending out personally addressed email in which he declares, “God has spoken to me as the Chairman of the Jerusalem Prayer Team to launch the Save Jerusalem Campaign. It seems that “Satan knows his command and control center for spiritual warfare is in Jerusalem!” and Mike has put himself in the position of “intercessor”.
It’s ironic that it was Ehud Olmert who launched the Jerusalem Prayer Team with Mike back in 2002
I got a hankerin’ for history and my Jewish roots, so let’s go way back to 1977 when Mike Evans – a protégé of Pat Robertson - was featured in an article in Time Magazine entitled,'Yeshua Is the Messiah': "Fraud . .. deception ... playing with religious tradition."
(Excerpt):Leader Mike Evans, 29, presided like an auctioneer over fund-raising appeals ("Tell every single person what you want them to do. Lord") and faith-healing marathons ("There's a man with a gall bladder problem sitting over there. Well, you're God's beloved"). At one point Evans appealed for commitments to Jesus, blending Jewish terminology with tent revivalism: "Great God of Israel, I need forgiveness for my sins. I believe that Yeshua Jesus is the Messiah."...Evans says: "We are just a bunch of young Jewish kids." ....Despite his Jewish emphasis, he gets backing from such Gentile Pentecostal stalwarts as Christian Broadcaster Pat Robertson and Evangelist David Wilkerson.


According to his website http://www.mikeevansministries.com/ Evans was present in Geneva in 1988 (where Yasser Arafat officially denounced terrorism), the Madrid Peace Conference in 1991, the White House Peace Accords in 1993, and the State Funeral of Yitzhak Rabin. Pardon my lapse into evangelical rhetoric, but it seems he has been everywhere the Devil has been.
Mike may have lost the Midas touch. His presence, along with Walid Shoebat’s, at a recent Night to Honor Israel Dinner in Florida – which was to raise funds for bomb shelters - did not produce impressive results. It was “less successful and less well attended” than previous events. According to the Heritage Florida Jewish News, an estimated $20,500 was raised, which fell far short of the goal of $76,000. Jewish participants reported that there was a distinct Christian tone to the evening with fiery rhetoric and references to the Antichrist, Armageddon, and blasphemers.
Meanwhile Dr James Hutchins, a regional director of CUFI is reporting in the Jerusalem Connection International that “The Evangelical support for Israel is shrinking”. And that “more and more Evangelical pulpits are silent about Israel”
For those of you unfamiliar with Hutchins, please note that he graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California with a Doctor of Missionary (Multi/Cross-Cultural Studies). His dissertation was entitled, "A Case for Messianic Judaism."
Hamodia reports that Norwegian Jews are very unhappy with a decision taken by the Israeli embassy in Oslo to distribute tourism-ministry leaflets jointly sponsored by Christian groups such as the United Christian Council in Israel, believed to be a missionary group. “While we are fighting tooth and nail to hold on to the Jewish identity of our community, the missionaries are receiving support from the tourism ministry,” wrote one outraged leader.

Arutz 7 reports that an Education Ministry '60th Anniversary of Israel' poster features a non-existent Christian church over the Western Wall and asks whether it’s an attempt to 'internationalize' the city?

Now I wouldn’t pin the whole blame on those Leftists in the Education Ministry.
I reported back in November that Natan Sharansky established the Temple Mount as a holy place to Christians on the One Jerusalem website.
“We must continue to do everything in our power to stop the Palestinians fromdestroying historical evidence and to preserve the Temple Mount as a holyplace to Jews and Christians.”

Thankfully, It appears the page at
http://www.onejerusalem.org/natanReplies.asp has since been removed

I had written in that November update that, “If the Temple Mount is now being claimed by the three major religions, then the obvious diplomatic solution (a la Rice) would be to call for theinternationalization of Jerusalem - and that is something the Vatican has always endorsed.”

Our Jerusalem Prayer Team friend, Mike Evans, referred to East Jerusalem as “the home of Christianity” in his January update:

Dr. James M. Hutchens, president of The Jerusalem Connection International and a regional director of Christians United for Israel says “There is a lot of Christian DNA in East Jerusalem”

The Jerusalem Post recently reported that, "There is a growing trend of Christian or evangelical real estate investors buying assets in sacred areas.”

And Israel Today Magazine ran a feature by Messianic Jew Mike Decker on How Messianic Jews and Christians can purchase property in Israel

The moral of the story: If Israel wants a Judeo-Christian alliance with very passionate Evangelicals, then there is a price to be paid and don’t be surprised if a claim to Jerusalem is part of the deal.

This is who we are partnering with (the following is a John Hagee production):
Jews for Judaism has launched a new branch in Jerusalem
Executive Director Rabbi Benzion Kravitz and Jerusalem Branch Director Penina Taylor spoke at the inaugural event at the OU Israel Center. http://jewsforjudaism.co.il/
Penina Taylor’s office will be located in the center of Jerusalem. She would very grateful for any donations of computers, office furnishings, or supplies. Contact:

This item just in:
The International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem (ICEJ) is requesting assistance to relocate 800 Sudanese refugees – many of them Christians - in the Tel Aviv area (temporarily, of course).

"Detached" News From Israel

Israel's Channel One has been revamped as part of its rejuvenation after the retirement of Chaim Yavin. The new set is an icy blue Big Brother set up. There's lots of glass and the broadcasters seem suspended from reality, not just according to what they say, but physically, too.

They haven't improved direction/photography. When two people are facing each other, and the camera is on one, the other person's hands still gesture on the screen. Also females in black dresses, look they they're extremely obese or suffering serious scoliosis, as the black chair and their clothing combine into a large miss-shaped blob.
My tax money paid for this, since Channel One is government-owned. But, they're taking money from the religious school system.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Jerusalem Loves Sderot

I was in Jerusalem today. I was wandering and waiting, and I don't have to blog in any more detail than that. Walking to the bus station to catch the bus to Beit El, I noticed a few signs:

We Love Sderot 2
Yes, it seems that some group went around putting up I love you Sderot signs.
We Love Sderot 1
I remember announcements that a "pedestrian mall" was built on part of Hillel Street. Today was the first time I actually sat in the benches and really noticed it.
Waiting on Hillel Street 1
The benches are a strange size, big enough for two kids or anorexic adults or a very fat one. I'm pleased to say that I don't fill it completely.

Waiting on Hillel Street 2
Then I had breakfast.

A Flashy Cup of Coffee

after the coffee

And I saved the best picture for last. Can you guess what I photographed?
downtown Jerusalem

You Thought I Was Joking?

Well, what does he mean by "iron dome?"

Can it be something like this?

Well, if he's not planning on using it to protect Sderot, maybe he's planning it as a new jail to keep the dissidents under wrap...

I keep feeling like we're living in the Theater of the Absurd, but honestly, it's no joking matter.

Bringing the World to Sderot

The Israeli Foreign Ministry is finally bringing foreign diplomats to see Sderot in all its damage. I guess that's part of the preparation to get NATO and other international support for the next useless war. I'm no pacifist, but if my sons are called up, I want them to fight to destroy the enemy, not לצמצם "l'tzamtzem," reduce their fire power.

I don't want foreigners involved giving us "support" with all the strings attached, like in 1973. We were almost destroyed, because Golda and Dayan kept waiting for the US to give equipment and the go ahead. Our victory was not the US's plan. In 1967, we did it alone* and in six days. *No foreign power, just G-d Almighty!

OK, I'm glad that the diplomats were brought to Sderot, and I hope they had the fright of their lives.

Foreign Ambassadors Visit Shell Shocked South But I don't want their help. Keep your strings to yourself. Try crocheting.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Why Don't They Demand That The Kassams Be Stopped?

It's not going to help. Most injured weren't home. Next they'll be demanding rocket-proof umbrellas or a rocket-proof tunnel system. Or maybe they just want to build a new Sderot underground.
Israelis wouldn't go for giant city-like space stations, since it would be too hard to visit or host relatives. How would the bubbies send weekly gefilte fish or the savtot the tradtional Shabbat kubbe?

Tonight on the news someone actually asked if wouldn't be wiser to "l'tzamtzem," move the border to make it "safer." Try to run away from the kassams, as if the Arab terrorisits wouldn't bring the kassam launchers closer.
That was just after a government official, who may have been Vilnai, Ass't Defense Minister, using that same verb, "l'tzamtzem," to say that the "war aim" will be to "reduce" the kassam attacks.
I think I'm going to "l'tzamtzem" my time on the computer right now and sign out.

Does this say:

... that Moetzet YESHA is a "tool" of the government?

From what I understand of this article, the Moetzet YESHA demonstrations were "kosher" while all the others, the Bayit Le'umi and unaffiliated demonstrations were a form of "rebellion," not the pained voice of patriotic dissidents.

Read these paragraphs:

"The focus of the trial [against the Bayit Leumi] was to differentiate between protests," prosecutor Dan Bahat said. "The [Jerusalem Magistrates] court concluded that the aim of the [Bayit Leumi road-blocking] demonstration was not a protest but to foil a government policy. Sderot residents also blocked roads during their protest but their aim was to focus public attention to their plight. The aim of the respondents was to silence the state and to physically prevent the implementation of the Disengagement."
The three respondents -- Shai Malka, Adiel Sharabi and Ariel Vangrover deemed the leaders of the National Home [Bayit Leumi] movement -- were acquitted of sedition and incitement against the government for planning a mass road-blocking in May 2005.
Jerusalem Magistrates Court Judge Rachel Shalev-Gertal ruled on Sept. 2007 to acquit the three on the grounds of selective prosecution. The state prosecution appealed the decision.
"We are asking for the annulment of the selective prosecution [decision]. If there's a conviction, we want imprisonment," Bahat said on Feb. 12 at the Jerusalem District Court."
Bahat said the protest campaign was planned solely by the three defendants -- in contrast to Jewish settlement leaders who sought to avoid unrest*. Bahat said the highway shutdown plan, a method often used by Israeli labor unions, marked a revolt against the government. (*emphasis mine)

"Jewish settlement leaders" are the government paid/backed Motetzet YESHA

Now, this job of their was/is to "avoid unrest." That's a very interesting euphemism, isn't it? That's why the government-paid official rabbis have been working so hard to sedate their followers with talk of "G-d's will," etc.

Puzzling Barak

"Defense Minister Barak takes jab at Olmert, says he's puzzled by delay in transferring funds..." (complete article)

It seems pretty easy to puzzle Barak. He really hasn't a clue. "His hobby, it is told, is taking apart locks and clocks. (complete article)" But these talents don't qualify him for real people, politics.
Barak was the most disastrous and dangerous Prime Minister the State of Israel ever suffered. Arab Terror was even worse than during Rabin's Oslo disaster.
I'm puzzled by the fact that he has returned to Israeli politics. But that's the inherent weakness in democracy. We're ruled by the foolishness of the majority.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sderot, Don't Fold Your Protest Tent So Quickly

All of the quotations are from here. Hat tip to IMRA.

Information is "leaking" about a "military action" against the kassam launchers. Or should I have written "disinformation?"

Sderot residents can put away the protest tent in Jerusalem: The political leadership has already decided to embark on a wide-scale military operation in the Gaza Strip. However, preparations have not yet been completed, which is why the operation is delayed.

Sderot Protests in Jerusalem 1
What are the objectives?

2. A drastic reduction of rocket and mortar fire as quickly as possible.
3. Destruction of most military infrastructure, arms arsenal, and means of production...
4. Blocking the Philadelphi Route in a manner which would curb, by at least 60%, smuggling into and out of the Strip.
5. Avoiding, as much as is possible, harming Palestinian civilians who are not involved in the fighting, and the prevention of a humanitarian crisis.
If that hasn't made you ill enough, read this:

The strategic objectives are as follows: 1. Removing Hamas from power and establishing a stable Palestinian regime in the Gaza Strip, with international monitoring and assistance.
2. Demilitarizing the Strip for an extended period of time in terms of rockets and the infrastructure to produce such weapons.
3. Effective Israeli security and monitoring for years to come of crossings into the Strip, including Philadelphi (either independently or through an agreement with the Palestinians, the Egyptians, and international monitoring parties.)

In order to achieve this ambitious list of objectives, or at least most of it, Israel must secure the "operational environment." Simply put, Israel must create, in advance, international understanding and backing for the Gaza campaign and elicit the willingness (of NATO or other international parties) to by party to the agreement to follow in its wake, which would enable the IDF to exit Gaza. This matter is an important component in the preparations ahead of the campaign.

It looks to me like Olmert's second war is going to be even more damaging than his first, and we're the ones who will be paying with blood.

Unfortunately, I think the protestors should be prepared for a long, long stay. The government compound is going to get very crowded.
Sderot Protests in Jerusalem 2

Friday, February 15, 2008

Adar Alef, Extra Time to Prepare for Geula?

This is a Jewish Leap year, meaning that an extra month, Adar Alef, has been inserted into the winter, before spring, before Purim, the Holiday of Hester Panim, G-d's Hidden Miracles, and meaning more time to get ready for Pesach, Passover, the Holiday of our Geula, Yitzi'at Mitzrayim, The Exodus from Egypt.

In the meantime, G-d is blessing us with more of the necessary rain than we really deserve. The weathermen even predict a second snowfall.
Shiloh Snow 1
Two weeks ago when it snowed we had a few days off.

Shiloh Snow 9
I suggest that we all use the time we have to contemplate, to pray and to thank G-d for His gifts and goodness to us.

Shabbat Shalom U'Mevorach
Shiloh Snow 12

Who Says America is So Smart?

I've been saying for ages that world terrorism will never be stopped until the victims admit that it all starts with the Arabs who are trying to murder me and destroy the State of Israel. They are connected to Bin Laden, of 9-11 infamy.

Instead of recognizing that they're all the same, the world, led by the United States' Bush and Rice, wants to give them another state, at the expense of the State of Israel.

I was happy to see an article in Newsweek online, which at least touches on the American missreading of the situation, even though it doesn't really cut to the quick.

NEWSWEEK: Why did you write this new book?
Michael Scheuer: Because I think our country is in trouble. The enemy we are facing, Osama bin Laden and the movement he heads, is much more dangerous than anyone gives him credit for. Much smarter, much more talented, and now increasingly recruiting a new generation that's better educated, not just in school terms but in operational and especially technological ways. We defeated the swashbucklers. The Errol Flynns of the jihad are gone; they're about to go on trial in Guantánamo. Now we have the gray-suited fellows who are quiet, don't draw attention to themselves, but are tremendously savvy.

Have we underestimated Osama bin Laden?
I think there is tremendous racism in our response to bin Laden. He wears a beard and a robe and lives in a cave. (I doubt that's true, by the way. It's the made-for-Hollywood version.) So we dismiss him. But it is just extraordinary to treat your enemy as an idiot, especially when you are losing two wars to him, and when our director of national intelligence is warning that Al Qaeda is rebuilt, refitted and stronger than ever. (for complete article click here)

To give you an idea of how the United States is actually helping terrorists, nothing is better than seeing the movie, The Siege, which never got the publicity it deserved. And that's not because it's Bruce Willis's worst ever performance.

Most worrying is that Israeli politicians are getting more and more dependent on the Unitied States "experts" who are the very ones Michael Scheuer is ranting against. The truth is that when it comes to understanding Arab terrorism, the United States doesn't know bupkes.

How long will it take for Israel to wake up and understand that Olmert and his American "advisors" are leading us to Hell and destruction?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Foot Soldiers" For a Dream

I was sent the article, To the Foot Soldiers of the Soviet Jewry Movement by Connie and Joseph Smukler.

In some ways I can relate to it, but in other ways, not at all. The writer refers to what was done by what my peers called the "activists" but in the article "foot soldiers" twenty to thirty years ago. That's when Save Soviet Jewry demonstrations were mainstream, acceptable activities by the Jewish establishment.

Forty years ago, when we were very involved and active members of
SSSJ, the Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry, it was something new, revolutionary, daring and unacceptable by most Jewish organizations. Now in retropsect, you can say that we were the vanguard, but then it was more a matter of being young and idealistic and looking for a cause which was Jewish, rather than American or international. It seemed wrong to concentrate our energies on Black civil rights, when our fellow Jews had neither civil rights nor religious freedom in the USSR.

The "Sixties" were a special time. We
dreamed the impossible dream, and that's why just months after our aliyah to Israel we were joined by masses of Soviet Jews and then again, just twenty years later when even more, until the numbers totaled over a million. In the mid-1960's when the banging of Krushtchev's shoe still echoed in the news, who would have believed that thirty years later, the USSR would only be a very short chapter in World History and most of Soviet Jewry would have immigrated to freedom?

These pictures of our "Third Seder" Demonstration for Soviet Jewry are from Betarim in North America. Yes, I appear (as does my husband) in these pictures.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

SDEROT for Monopoly!

I admit that it wasn't my idea, but I think it's brilliant! Hat tip to Sharon.

Let's put Sderot in a place of honor!

So shall all Your enemies perish, O L-rd!

Our Prophetess, Devora HaNevia, told us this ages ago [Shoftim/Judges, 5:31].
…is no more. As they write at BackSpin, may he rest in pieces!

And as Yid with a Lid writes,
Lets just hope this animal's name is blotted out forever.

And as Carl reports,
Hizbullah is accusing Israel of being behind the bombing. If so, kol hakavod l'Tzahal - congratulations IDF - or more likely the Mossad in this case.

And finally, Shy Guy's comment [at Israel Matzav]:
Yay! No Tachanun at Mincha today!

I'm off to Mincha!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

And a Mazal Tov to:

The goyisherebbe, his wonderful wife and family on the marriage of their daughter!
And Mazal Tov to the parents and family of the Chattan, too. I don't know them as many decades as I know the "rebbe" and rebbitzen, but the new "shvigger" and I have performed and studied together.