Sunday, February 3, 2008

U.S. Rice and Bush Support Anti-Christians

The U.S.'s Rice and Bush aren't shy about their goal of establishing a sic "Palestinian State." What they don't tell their fellow United States citizens is that their Pseudistinian Arab buddies, those terrorists who unabashedly brag that they will destroy Israel, are also anti-Christian.

Christians are leaving those Arab populated areas in droves.

At 70, Nasser plans to stay in the city. But, like other Christian families that trace their roots to this city for centuries, he has watched family members, like his son and daughter leave the city. "There is no future for Christians," said Nasser.
Reverend Tomey Dahoud also says the pressure is mounting for all Christians to leave Palestinian-controlled lands.
The Arab Moslem terrorists destroy churches.

Besides being shaken down by the Palestinian Authority for blackmail money, and having their land stolen in elaborate schemes from Palestinian Authority officials, some Christians say they have looked on helplessly as they suffered what they call the ultimate injustice: the burning and desecration of their holy churches.

Christians are still reeling from September, 2006, when seven churches in the West Bank and Gaza were attacked in a three day period after Muslims were infuriated by comments made by Pope Benedict XVI about Islam and the prophet Mohammed. The pope's comments followed the publication of cartoons depicting Mohammed in a Dutch newspaper. After the churches were attacked

by Islamic fundamentalists, a Hamas leader, Imad Hamto, called for the Pope to repent and to convert to Islam.
And the world is silent, and Bush and Rice promise the Arab Moslem terrorists a state.

Christians are prevented from worshipping.

Over the past three years, while attention has focused on Israeli and Palestinian casualties of the current war, at least one hundred Christians who live in areas ruled by the Palestinian Authority have been arrested and imprisoned for holding church services or conducting public Christian
practices without authorization.
Joseph also described how the US-funded Palestinian public school system has become Islamicized, and how his late nephew was literally tortured to death at age 12 by his schoolmates because he expressed love and respect for his uncle as a practicing Christian.
And the world is silent, and Bush and Rice promise the Arab Moslem terrorists a state.

"They don't respect us," explained Peter, a Greek Orthodox Christian whose family's Bethlehem roots trace back about 2,000 years. "They put on the loudspeakers at that moment to remind people that Islam is the religion of Bethlehem. And it is sad, because now the city of Jesus is the city of Mohammed."

For centuries, Christians were the majority in Bethlehem, but in recent decades the Palestinian Authority - the autonomous political organization run by the PLO - has taken steps to make Muslims the majority. In the early '90s, then-Palestinian President Yasser Arafat expanded the district's boundaries, and included nearby Palestinian refugee camps with large Islamic populations. Arafat also built new Muslim neighborhoods opposite the birthplace of Jesus, and instilled a Muslim governor to oversee the area. He also encouraged the building of new mosques - in 1970, just five existed in Bethlehem; in 1993, 67 existed; by 2005, the number of mosques in Bethlehem had grown to 87.

As the Islamic population has grown in the city, Christians have seen their numbers drop precipitously. According to census reports, the city was half-Christian in 1973; in 1990, just 37 percent of Bethlehem was Christian. Today, just 16 percent of the city is Christian, with different families leaving each week, mostly for the US, Canada and Central America. As the Christian population decreased, Palestinian Muslims have flocked to the city, forming a solid majority. The turning point of Muslim control of the city came in 2006, when seven Islamic fundamentalists - representing Hamas and Islamic Jihad - were elected to the 15 member board. That board - which controls the city - consists of just three Christians.

Christians say a growing Islamic fundamentalism that sees Christianity as a second-rate religion is one of the major reasons for their flight. Long time Christian residents also complain about having to pay blackmail to government-affiliated gangs to keep their land, homes and businesses. Sometimes, even when they pay, land has been taken and people have been violently beaten.

Christians say they can only walk safely in certain sections of the town, and they also avoid the main market which is now Muslim-only. Women are particularly careful to plan their shopping, and complain of daily sexual harassment by Muslim men. Christians also fear for their gold and silver crosses and crucifixes, and say they are frequently ripped from their necks in public.

"We don't have any hope left in this city, our dream is to emigrate," explained George, a Bethlehem Christian attorney. "The choice is to have a gang, and to keep a weapon in every house or to bend our heads, give up our dignity and become sheep." complete article

Bush and Rice have emboldened the Moslem Arab terrorists.

You can judge people by their friends, and Bush and Rice consider those Moslems their friends and support them and want to give them a state, not only at the expense of Israel, also to the detriment of Christians.

Do everything you can to stop them!

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