Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sderot, Don't Fold Your Protest Tent So Quickly

All of the quotations are from here. Hat tip to IMRA.

Information is "leaking" about a "military action" against the kassam launchers. Or should I have written "disinformation?"

Sderot residents can put away the protest tent in Jerusalem: The political leadership has already decided to embark on a wide-scale military operation in the Gaza Strip. However, preparations have not yet been completed, which is why the operation is delayed.

Sderot Protests in Jerusalem 1
What are the objectives?

2. A drastic reduction of rocket and mortar fire as quickly as possible.
3. Destruction of most military infrastructure, arms arsenal, and means of production...
4. Blocking the Philadelphi Route in a manner which would curb, by at least 60%, smuggling into and out of the Strip.
5. Avoiding, as much as is possible, harming Palestinian civilians who are not involved in the fighting, and the prevention of a humanitarian crisis.
If that hasn't made you ill enough, read this:

The strategic objectives are as follows: 1. Removing Hamas from power and establishing a stable Palestinian regime in the Gaza Strip, with international monitoring and assistance.
2. Demilitarizing the Strip for an extended period of time in terms of rockets and the infrastructure to produce such weapons.
3. Effective Israeli security and monitoring for years to come of crossings into the Strip, including Philadelphi (either independently or through an agreement with the Palestinians, the Egyptians, and international monitoring parties.)

In order to achieve this ambitious list of objectives, or at least most of it, Israel must secure the "operational environment." Simply put, Israel must create, in advance, international understanding and backing for the Gaza campaign and elicit the willingness (of NATO or other international parties) to by party to the agreement to follow in its wake, which would enable the IDF to exit Gaza. This matter is an important component in the preparations ahead of the campaign.

It looks to me like Olmert's second war is going to be even more damaging than his first, and we're the ones who will be paying with blood.

Unfortunately, I think the protestors should be prepared for a long, long stay. The government compound is going to get very crowded.
Sderot Protests in Jerusalem 2

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