Monday, February 11, 2008

Video Enactment of the Disengagement

A must-see for all:

The Gush Katif Ulpana (girl's high school) has stirred up a lot of emotion on the NRG
website (link is in Hebrew) where this video appeared. (There's an 18-second commericial at the beginning). They have performed this play a number of times and the leftists are pretty upset about it.

(Hat Tip to our resident "Arab" in the Shomron,
Jameel of the Muqata)

Tznius [Modesty] Alert: there is no problem that I can see, despite this being a girl's performance. There is some background music, but no singing, and no immodest dress, and no real dancing [despite Jameel's title].
If you don't want to visit Ma'ariv's site, you can see it here: The Muqata: Dance of the Disengagement. But DO indeed see it!!!

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