Sunday, February 17, 2008

Puzzling Barak

"Defense Minister Barak takes jab at Olmert, says he's puzzled by delay in transferring funds..." (complete article)

It seems pretty easy to puzzle Barak. He really hasn't a clue. "His hobby, it is told, is taking apart locks and clocks. (complete article)" But these talents don't qualify him for real people, politics.
Barak was the most disastrous and dangerous Prime Minister the State of Israel ever suffered. Arab Terror was even worse than during Rabin's Oslo disaster.
I'm puzzled by the fact that he has returned to Israeli politics. But that's the inherent weakness in democracy. We're ruled by the foolishness of the majority.


Anonymous said...

I've heard it said: "Democracy doesn't guarantee good government; it only guarantees representative government."

Hmm, Barak's hobby it taking apart locks and clocks? That's the easy part. He ever figure out how to put 'em back together?

Batya said...

And in democracy we get what the majority votes for which is...

Love what you asked about Barak; good question!