Monday, February 11, 2008

"Fury" Doesn't Buy Felafel

We need more than "fury." Infuriated politicians just steam. OK, where there's smoke, there may be fire, but once the fire burns out, we're just left with the charred remains.

I'd like to see those politicians put their money where their mouth is and vote this nightmare of a government out of office.

Shas voters should march on Rav Ovadya's home and shout so loudly he hears them through the walls of his protective cocoon. His "advisors," those who feed him doctored and censored news won't be able to continue if his home is stormed. His MK's are all a bunch of puppets, doing the bidding of their boss. It doesn't help to send faxes, sms's etc to them or even to Rav Ovadya. They're just dumped, deleted and trashed.

Likud members must make it clear to Bibi, Steinitz, Shalom etc that they don't want a "centrist" party. It will just fall through the cracks of history, like "Free Center" and other postscripts of Israeli political history.

The NRP members must make it clear that they will no longer vote for a party which has no independent ideology. They are still enslaved by their original role of supporting their institutions.

The Chareidim must reexamine their commitment to our Holy Land. It's not enough to just pretend that this is New Jersey and the goyim can go to the army. The Moshiach won't be recognized by a society which cloisters its men in Batei Medrash and force the mothers into the workforce to support them.

We ordinary Israelis must make it clear, take to the streets to show those getting salaries to govern that they have failed us and are endangering us. If we all don't move quickly, then, G-d forbid, the entire country will be just one smoldering Sderot.

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