Monday, February 11, 2008

The Caption is Obvious

Isn't it?
How would you caption this?
Call it a "Caption Contest." I just find this picture irresistable to my imagination.


yitz said...

First of all, I won the last contest, as the only one to suggest a caption. Secondly, I wasn't notified. Thirdly, I want my prize!
As to this one, I don't know why it's so obvious, but I would say:

"Yeah, we really want peace, don't we? That's why I need all these bodyguards here!"

Unknown said...

OK five AM my place...You bring some wine

Batya said...

Yitz, you are correct. I should have notified you, but I was so surprised that nobody else was inspired to write a caption.

Look, now yid has joined about this one. Maybe you guys can drum up more excitement. I wasn't going to do another episode of the contest, but when I saw that picture...

Remember "Caption early, caption often!"