Monday, February 18, 2008

Bringing the World to Sderot

The Israeli Foreign Ministry is finally bringing foreign diplomats to see Sderot in all its damage. I guess that's part of the preparation to get NATO and other international support for the next useless war. I'm no pacifist, but if my sons are called up, I want them to fight to destroy the enemy, not לצמצם "l'tzamtzem," reduce their fire power.

I don't want foreigners involved giving us "support" with all the strings attached, like in 1973. We were almost destroyed, because Golda and Dayan kept waiting for the US to give equipment and the go ahead. Our victory was not the US's plan. In 1967, we did it alone* and in six days. *No foreign power, just G-d Almighty!

OK, I'm glad that the diplomats were brought to Sderot, and I hope they had the fright of their lives.

Foreign Ambassadors Visit Shell Shocked South But I don't want their help. Keep your strings to yourself. Try crocheting.

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