Thursday, February 28, 2008


I want to just reiterate here, before I post a couple of important things, that in a sense I prefer to have an American President who isn't considered a "friend" of Israel, since the Israeli movers and shakers trust their "friends." Bush is considered a "friend" of Israel, and he's a great danger to our security, in both the long and short-term.

I think that Israel is safer with a US President who does not get along with Israeli leaders/politicians. Israel must understand that the USA considers the interests of the USA, financial primarily, as top priority and doesn't really care what happens to Israel. The USA's financial interests are in fuel, oil, Arab countries, not poor little Israel. I don't know what it will take for Israel and Jews all over the world to finally admit this to themselves. I am the pragmatist and they are the dreamers. That's the truth.

Now, back to Obama, (hat tip CSK,) Ed Lasky's article about Obama is excellent and must be read. Here are some excerpts:

...The speech was meant to reassure pro-Israel supporters, but should also raise concerns about Senator Obama. He did make a series of comforting comments regarding Israel (e.g., a commitment to the security of Israel, his goal to work towards peace while recognizing Israel has its enemies, and that our relationship is based on shared values and shared history). The reliably pro-Obama JTA website provides a rundown of his speech...
...Senator Obama characterizes those who have concerns about policies he might follow as President as being Likud-supporters. This has been a charge propagated by the fiercest opponents of Israel, who have often slipped into conspiracy theories regarding American supporters of Israel. (Try googling Likudnik and "dual loyalty" or "conspiracy theory"; Likudnik has become a term of opprobrium. As David Berstein notes, "Likudnik has gradually become a general anti-Semitic term for Jews whose opinions one does not like."
One wishes Senator Obama would be bit more sensitive going forward when he uses such a term. After all, the Likud Party has not been in power for years, and Americans should feel free to express their concerns without being characterized as that party's supporters, with its suggestion of dual loyalty. The suggestion that supporters of Israel who express their concerns are subscribers to the view of the Likud Party of Israel is simply not grounded. After all, supporters of Hillary Clinton have also expressed qualms regarding Senator Obama's views of Israel. Are they supporters of Likud, too?
Haaretz columnist Shmuel Rosner raises an additional reason to have qualms. Will a President Obama be supportive of an Israel headed by a Prime Minster who hails from the Likud party? Does this statement by Senator Obama risk interfering with Israeli politics?...

Many American Jews still worship the Democratic Party and the memory of FDR. They should polish their glasses and take a good look, not that the Republicans are any better when it comes to Jews and Israel.

Yisrael, b'tach b'Hashem!
People of Israel, Trust in G-d!


KennewickMusing said...

Batya, your readers might want to take a look at this YouTube about Obama.

Very scary stuff.

Batya said...

It is powerful and very clear. Yes, his policy is to weaken the US militarily. People must know.