Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Making The News or Reporting It?

He has been Israeli TV's news anchor since Israeli TV began in the late 1960's.
I don't know if this is true in other parts of the world, but in Israel it is. If you want real power, go into journalism, especially TV journalism. The "elite" running the media here have more influence than any politician.
No doubt that the media and the judicial have more control here than the Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers and Members of Knesset.
It's not just that when someone is invited to be interviewed on a newsprogram here, he's given the third degree, criticized, argued with and yelled at. It could just be the doubting look in his raised eyebrow. The guest list on news shows, who gets to comment on the news are all among the ways the news team manipulates the program to "make their points." It didn't surprise me to see this headline:
No surprise at all.
For years Israel's Media Watch taped and analyzed Israel's news shows, counting the seconds allocated to the right, left and center. The powerful Israeli journalists were insulted. "We're professionals."
Now, finally, Haim Yavin spilled the beans and admitted the truth. He and his friends have been working hard these past forty-plus years to politically influence the Israeli public.


Anonymous said...

Hashem yerachem!

Batya, do we really deserve this?! Do we really deserve this auto-anti-semitism that the media has spread so successfully over the past 20 years and more? Do you know how many people would've liked (and still want) to move to Yesha but they've been convinced that 'it's going to be given back anyway' or 'not inside the fence'. By whom?! What history books did they use in Israeli school to teach the last three generations these things?

How many people think that 'land for peace' is a good idea? The pervasiveness of this major inferiority complex that the media has successfully brainwashed most of us is simply incredible.

One of the windmills I've chosen is to get friends off their addiction to yediot ahronot, ynet, arutz2 and more or less the rest. It is incredible how many people, hom many datiim, read, subscribe, and watch the crap spit out by this hateful media.

Anonymous said...

Just a small reminder of what we're up against:

Editor Admits: We Slanted the News


Batya said...

josh, it's now about "deserving"
We just have to keep pushing, lehavdil, like the Left has done.

I've written many times that Begin should have made Ben Gurion etc to pay for/admit the evil they did with sezon and Altalena. His idea of "nobility" was faulty.

We've been falsely accused of killing Rabin and instead of hanging our heads and self-reflection, we have to tell the truth. We're innocent!

We're the ones who have to put up with them said...


What ever happened to the notion of fair and balanced reporting - the supposed cornerstone of journalism? What ever happened to journalistic integrity?

Batya said...

Remember, they have an agenda!

Anonymous said...

journalism is virtually dead. The people who 'we' see on the news in the studios at night are mere beauiful news readers. And the veteran writers are openly refered to as publicists, along with being journalists.

Batya said...

Sadly, true.
It's a sham, just like so many other things.