Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Why are they in such a rush?

Latest news is that Olmert and Tsippi are rushing, like some harried and panicky bargain-hunters to "negotiate" away our precious country.

They remind me of the hyper-manic shoppers so excited about "reduced prices" that they fill up their bags, over-extend their credit accounts, write checks which have "no cover" and then admit that they need nothing they bought. They have gone bankrupt for no reason, just for the "thrill of it."
Peace can't be bought.
And what is it? What is this so-called "peace" the politicians and media are willing to sacrifice for?
They prefer the praise of the world, the same world which cooperated, either actively or passively, while the Nazis engineererd the murder of Six Million Jews and millions of other innocents.
I don't want that "peace." I want independence and security, the real stuff.

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