Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Never Marry A Man Who's An...

... Ambitious politician!

Just a few years ago, or it seems, the world was riveted on the Clinton marriage, when then President Bill was revealed to be a serial philanderer. I was one of those who couldn't understand how Hillary stayed with him, smile always plastered to her face.

Less than two years ago, the media played amazed and critical that John Edwards was continuing his presidential campaign while his wife was being treated for cancer. He claimed that it was his wife who was pushing and encouraging him to run despite her illness. Now she has revealed that she didn't want him to run. Not because her cancer had returned, but because she was certain that the press would soon learn that he had had an affair.

Americans seem to be puritans compared to the Italians. Their Prime Minister Berlusconi and his wife entertain their country with their fights over his young women.

JFK and his popular wife Jackie were lucky that the press was more discreet then.

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