Sunday, May 10, 2009

It Should Be Against The Law!!


Additional commentary to follow.

The ad about the water saving laws can be seen here.


Anonymous said...

I cringed when I first saw those pressure cleaners being used the last time I was in Israel. There has to be a better way to clean...

Michael W. said...

Wow. It took me a couple seconds but I'm surprised nobody told him to stop. Couldn't he just use a broom? What a schmuck?

When I moved to the States, it took me a few years to adjust in regards to using water. I used to wash my hand really quickly, and conserve water a lot. But now I use water like any American.

I saw an article a few months ago about a kibbutz that the state turn the water off because they were using too much water, it was my kibbutz! They should enforce water usage more often.

Batya said...

t, Michael, I don't know if those high pressure hoses are against the law. That's the irony. You can water a garden by using a high powered hose on the sidewalk next to it.