Friday, October 2, 2009

A Hero and Heroine from Haraisha

I have a friend as dear as a sister in this endangered "settlement." Nothing could be more abhorrent than to believe that a country could contemplate ousting families twice within 4 years from their homes! Positively unbelievable and disgusting!!!

Zimra Shlessinger (hit link below to hear her eloquently describe Haraisha's plight) came on aliya as a teen with her dear family. I met her about 17 years ago when she came to work with me at the same mekif in Netivot, traveling daily the 30-40 minutes from Gush Katif. She and her dear husband, a great talmid chacam named Rav Chananel Shlessinger witnessed many miracles while living in the Gush.

For example, one day in a tiny Renault car, Zimra's husband was taking 3 prospective gerei tzedek somewhere when their car was ambushed by armed terrorists. I don't recall the exact number of shots, but about 50 hit the windshield and all of the car's other windows riddling the car with holes and shattering glass. Miraculously, outside of minor wounds from the shards of glass, nobody was killed or seriously injured. The soldiers who arrived at the scene admitted that this was a miracle.

Unfortunately, Am Yisrael worldwide did not do enough to prevent the expulsion. NOW is the time for everyone with the tiniest sense of tzedek ( justice ) to shout from all corners of the globe about the dangerous situation these brave families in Haraisha face. How can we remain silent??? Please send the clip below to everyone you know.

In addition, Zimra is desperately looking for a computer savvy yid to help her post an on-line petition on the Web. Any volunteers? (I'd love to help but sadly am barely competent at the basic thing but the most basic p.c. matters.)

If you are both capable and interested in aiding this fight by setting up a petition online, please contact Zimra at :

Let us prevent disgrace when at 120 we will be asked, "What did you do to prevent your brothers and sisters being expulsed from buildings built with compensation money from a previous expulsion????" It is so absolutely absurd; should this occur anywhere else in the world, everyone from the Jewish Defamation League to Hadassah ladies would be out on the streets demonstrating!! This event, chas ve'shalom, should it occur could be heartbreaking enough to cause someone to leave yiddushkeit; Eretz Yisrael or both.

PLEASE HELP! The link is clip on WEJEW

Please copy, paste and listen! Then please forward this to everyone you know so that they may e-mail politicians; etc.

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