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Friday, November 28, 2014

Arabs, So-Called "Palestinians" Acting Sovereign! Beware!!

The monster aka "Palestine" sic, which has been recognized as a "state" by more countries* than you'd want to guess, is acting more and more like one. This is a very dangerous thing, and it's hard to say how to stop it from getting worse. The State of Israel seems to have lost control.

This morning I spotted an article in the Jerusalem Post that says:
Turkey establishing industrial zone in West Bank

“This will not only be an organized industrial zone, but a free zone as well, offering unique and massive advantages to all investors, whether they are Turkish, Palestinian or other,” Ahmet Sekeroglu, board chairman of TOBB-BIS, a Turkish industrial parks management company, told the Turkish Anadolu Agency. “Investors will not pay any taxes. Moreover, they will be getting significant support from Turkey, Germany and the US,” said Sekeroglu.

Exported products from the zone will not be subject to taxes or quotas to various countries, including the US, Germany, France, and Saudi Arabia, he said, adding, “the businesses will be insured by the World Bank, too.”

Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Isik and PA Deputy Prime Minister and National Economy Minister, Muhammad Mustafa signed the memorandum. TOBB-BIS is going to construct the industrial zone with support from the German government. It is scheduled to be completed in 2015 and will employ 6,000 workers.
Now, I think that by now we should all know that Turkey is an enemy of the State of Israel and a strong dedicated supporter of terrorism against Israel. So, for them to be involved in a project which is based on recognizing the Palestinian sic terrorists as sovereign is no real surprise, but did you notice that Israel's so-called ally, the United States and Germany, which had been in the news recently with abridged headlines about Merkel "not recognizing Palestine**" sic are supporting this project?

weapons for Gaza sent on Turkish ship Mavi Marmara, Israel MFA
While the Israeli Government continues supporting the "two state solution," insisting that only it has the authority to make conditions and grant such independence, the rest of the world is going blithely ahead acting as if such a country really exists. They don't care about Bibi's conditions and restrictions. It's time for Israel to get real and stop this dangerous farce.

The idea of a "two state solution" is really a call for the destruction of the State of Israel. And nobody really cares or will help us.

* Countries recognizing the Arab terror faux state "Palestine" sic are more than ever.

Sweden announced that it will recognize the state of Palestine, becoming the first member of the European Union to do so.

But what is really disturbing is that 80 countries recognized the fake state in  , as soon as the idea had been broached by the terrorists. That just shows how much support they have and how little Israel has in the world.

**Merkel actually said:
"... Merkel on Friday rejected the idea of Germany recognizing Palestine as a state unilaterally, saying the Palestinians and Israel could solve their long-running conflict only through negotiations." (Jerusalem Post)
The key word here is "unilaterally," emphasis mine. That means that she isn't against recognition in principle.


Shiloh said...

Why do we constantly point out what they are doing? Why are not we asking deep questions of why this is taking place? The proplem is us, that is the bottom line. Midot, honesty, human decency. Certainly we react diffently when God forbid something terrible happens like in Har Nof. But daily life, it's the behaviour. Bottom line. Instead of religious leaders speaking about the real cause, they substitut rabbinical mitzvot and have forgotten how to be kind, decent and honest humans. We don't deserve the land, that's the absoulute truth. Just because a remnant will remain as in the promise of the Tanach does not excuse how bad this people really are. Take the beam out of our own eyes first, then worry about the world.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is because the people don't have power; those in control are the power at the moment. Prophecy is unfolding before our eyes where the nations are already almost upon the Land, r'l, due to the State selling its soul, if they ever had one. The Erev Rav has done their job well. We have to put our total Emunah in Hashem, do teshuvah and rely only on HIM, for HE is watching over His children.
Netzach Yisrael lo y'shaker!

Batya said...

I don't quite follow what you two are getting at.

Shiloh said...

Batya, instead of complaining about the fakestinians, they are simply a tool provided by God to get us back on track. Sadly it is the hard way. What I am explaining, we need to look at ourselves as a nation and realize something we are doing is terribly wrong. We must look back at atleast 2000 years history, and even back 2200 years to get the complete picture and why it's obviously worse in the last 2000 years. See Isaiah 29:13 and passages after. If we cant figure it out, we are gonners.

Annon, the Erev Rav are masters at deceit who began it upon joining the nation back in Egypt. They are not the political leaders of today, though may contain some, they are specifically those who have changed the derech and what we are to be doing as a people. Its supposed to be about human decency and we fail miserably. Worse then the goyim sadly. So as the Erev Rav teach us all who to incorrectly point the finger at, they will take us to the abyss. They have caused us to turn from God and actually despise him for another god. The details are much too complex for this forum, but the proof is in the pudding. I honestly dont know if this nation can be redeemed. Saddens me to say but the daily behaviour speaks louder then words.

Batya said...

Shiloh, no
First there is no "Erev Rav."
Second G-d didn't make the fakes. They aren't "a tool provided by God" Man goofed as usual.

Shiloh said...

So read the Sumerian tablets and see what has been redacted. They predate the Torah by at least 500 years. See the creation accounts, see the stories in great detail as compared to the Torah which came much later. So the Torah is lying when it states it will send a none people, interesting. The Torah is also lying about a mixed multitude joining the Israelites, which are Egyptians basically. Who loved to control people. Please watch the Matrix to get an idea of the matzav we are under. Though we think we are free, we never have been.