Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Honestly, I don't usually do things like this

For anyone who reads this blog frequently, I almost said "on a regular basis," but then I realized that if you read it once a year, it's regular, but it's not what I'm asking, it may not be such a surprise. Today I began asking a complete stranger, sort of political/personal questions. I can't believe I was so rude, while he was doing me a favor.

I am getting rather desperate. No doubt at all.

I got into a "tremp," and this time in a stranger's car, not so rare, but... (I'm referring to hitchhiking..) He was on his way to another yishuv which is on the "chopping block," just like my home, Shiloh. I didn't have long to act, and the question was burning in my mouth, just dying to get out. So finally I said:

"Is it as dead in your yishuv as it is in mine about what the government is planning on doing with us?"

I waited. I trusted that he wouldn't throw me out of the car, and I didn't know him at all, and didn't know his opinions. Maybe he was a member of Moetzet YESHA. He could have had been just anybody, and I still don't know his name. I'm not good at asking such personal questions.

I told him that I write asking people to help stop the government, and I get replies from all over the world asking me why they (people abroad) should try to save us, when the Israeli public and government are happy with the way it's all going.

Are waiting for his reply? OK He said that things seem just as quiet in his neighborhood. Rather depressing. He told me to read "The Tipping Point."

And I'm not giving up.


Moze said...

No one knows what to do. Write letters? Why bother? Follow Moetzet Pesha? That's good for a laugh. Block roads? Like that's helped. Non-violent opposition? Didn't help Gush Katif or North Shomron. Violent opposition? Didn't help Amona. Not serving in the army? Serving in the army?

Do you have any concrete suggestions for what we should be doing, or are you just as lost as the rest of us?

Batya said...


I won't give up like the masses are.

I don't trust the "leaders."

I am trying to get something going, anything, from my little keyboard. I'd like to find a couple of partners for a weekly one hour vigil, protesting the lack of civil rights or something like that, must find the exact words. I would walk around town, by Beit Agron, the JCS near Egged, everywhere there are reporters or tourists. Maybe each week someplace else, like Yad Veshem.