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Friday, May 26, 2006

Uninvited guests

It's a well-known how hospitable the various Judea-Samaria and the destroyed Gush Katif communities have always been.

I remember my first visit to Shiloh...
You never would have guessed that the water was limited by what could be transported in a truck, electricity was by generator and shopping wasn't always easy. Everything was plentiful, and the people were so generous.

Then traveling was difficult, and most people were dependent on the very limited public transportation. Today conditions are much easier, and I still feel a warmth and enthusiasm for guests, most guests, that is.

Every week a group of Jews have been traveling to Elon Moreh, not for the delicious food served in the various homes, not to view Shechem and mourn that as Jews they can't go to Josef's Tomb, not to help develop that veteran Jewish town. They come to incite the Arabs against Elon Moreh. They come to cut down the trees planted by hard-working Jews and destroy whatever they can of Jewish property.

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