Thursday, May 25, 2006

missplaced priorities and loyalties and...

First of all, Chag Sameach, Happy Holiday. It's the 39th anniversary of the Liberation of Jerusalem and Shiloh!

Always begin with something cheerful. Then the other stuff...

OK, I'll never forget what Ronald Regan said about actors and presidents. To paraphrase: "I don't know how someone without acting experience can be president." I remember once reading it in a magazine article but couldn't find the exact words.

In congress, Olmert performed from a script written in part by famous author and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel. It was strong, while his policy is weak.

Now for something else. The Israeli government has been so careful and generous when it comes to sick Arab children in the PA (sic), even though everyone knows that their government has plenty of money. It's just not spent on the people, and the UN also gives lots of funds for medical needs. But when it comes to the needs of Israeli Jews, suddenly there's nothing. Cancer patients have been protesting that vital drugs are not in the "basket" of medicines and they must pay privately.

My suggestion is that they move to Gaza, change their names, and they'll get what they need.


Anonymous said...

I read a bit of the Olmert speech, heard that Elie Weisel wrote it and wanted to puke.
Granted that major statesmen don't have time to sit down and write speeches, and the ghostwriter merely rehashes accepted policies with some personal additions, but how can Olmert talk the words of Elie Weisel when he himself doesn't believe them.

I'm glad I don't live in the galut anymore. There you support Israel blindly, I imagine that I'd be proud that the Israeli prime minister was in the white house talked with the prez.

Barauch hashem, the prez slapped him silly, the media virtually ignored the visit, and congress apparently also voted against any stupid Olmert unilateral withdrawals.

Batya said...

Though the Israeli media "spinned" it differently.