Monday, May 10, 2010

The Two State Solution-- Recipe for Apartheid

My general attitude is:

Leave us alone and we'll learn to live in peace.  True peace can't be legislated nor negotiated. 

It really bothers some of the Arab leaders that Arabs and Jews work and shop together, such as in discount supermarkets like Rami Levi.  Plain ordinary capitalism, free enterprise is a great equalizer in bringing people together.

Davka, I was in the Sha'ar Binyamin (just north of Jerusalem's Pisgat Ze'ev) Rami Levi discount supermarket on Holocaust Memorial Day.  When the siren went off, there was total silence and no movement.  The Arabs working and shopping there didn't move either.  I doubt that they sympathise with the loss murder of six million Jews by the Nazis, but they certainly value their jobs and the good prices in Rami Levi.  Actually re: the prices, I did find at least one product more expensive than in our local supermarket, a chain of three stores, in Shiloh, Eli and Ofra.  I generally go to Rami Levi more because I'm itching to "get out," than expecting great bargains. 

The news is full of excitement, expectation ad nauseum about the latest round of negotiations bulldozed by the United States.  "Ad nauseum" is about the most polite and apolitical description I can give.  All of these "negotiations" defy logic, common sense and the lessons of history.  But since when has the world and modern Hellenists ever come up with any integrity when it comes to Jews, Judaism, Jewish Nationalism, Zionism and the modern State of Israel?  What can I say but "at least they're consistent."  You'd think we'd learn already.  Jews are supposed to be smart, nu?  Somehow when it comes to our own needs, security etc we're a bunch of blathering, suicidal, attention-grabbing idiots.

The ultimate aim of the "Two State Solution" is the separation of Jews and Arabs in two different countries but the same land.  It's impossible to implement and it goes against all modern principles of human and civil rights especially since its primary goal is the subjugation of the local Jews, forbidding us the right/freedom to live, build, work etc in our Land while at the same time it's hyper-sensitive to anything concerning Arabs.  It's conceived in hypocrisy and antisemitism.

As I've written many times, I'm a pragmatist, the daughter of a CPA.  I see the facts plain and simple.  Not only is the emperor stark naked, he has nothing to show off!


Keli Ata said...

The problem is nobody will ever truly know how many Arabs would or already do prefer life as Israeli citizens and consider Israel their home, not the fictional Palestine.

I watched a PBS documentary about a young Israeli karate champion, Shadya Zoabi, 17, At first I thought it was about Jewish Israel because she spoke Hebrew, but she was an Arab Muslim. Well, Muslim in name only because she wasn't religious at all.

Both Shadya and her dad said they just wanted to live as Israelis. They liked their lives as Israelis.

This clip is worth watching:

Anyway, with all the world pushing Arabs into accepting a two-state solution nobody is listening to what other Arabs, secular and Christian might really want. And those Arabs who do prefer Israeli citizenship and living in peace have a tendancy to end up dead or subjected to threats.

For some reason, the liberals don't seem particularly concerned about those Arabs at all.

Batya said...

If the Israeli Leftists hadn't stirred the pot, most Arabs would have been perfectly happy under the very pleasant Israeli rule. Yes, very pleasant. All the road blocks and searches were brought on in more recent years because of terrorism and "peace."

Anonymous said...

Yesterday H.M. the Queen gave her Gracious Speach in the House of Lords. Her goverment were to work for a two state solution "that sees a viable Palestinian state existing in peace and security alongside Israel".In spite of the Concervative Party in power, the Labour agenda for the Midle East were followed. But is a Palestinian State a good choise? My answer is no. Such a state would make an Syrian Bridge Head in the heartland of Israel. So way do the politicians continue their way? I found a website that gave some answer. A group including some british lords advocated an Palestinian union goverment with terrorist Chamas group. A former member were the swedish PM mr. Carl Bildt. He, being from a concervative party, took the same view as these lords. To embrace Chamas is today swedish goverment policy.It lookes to me that hands behind scenes have faar more influence than the common man at the electionbox or at any party congress. Democracy, so faar, has become just an bad system to precerve evel. It is not possible to influence the top, it would be faar more likely to influence a monarch than a elected goverment that is ruled by "others".

Sweden import iranian oil through Balticum, so it should not be clear from where! And we get i cheap. So what does the goverment, give in return: an pro Chamas policy, to be in favour for a palestinian union govement? This is discusting. But democracy does not help us to change the way, it's the root of problem. I say let's abandon it for a monarchy with powers to the king and a council, its a faar more better way than democracy wich came to us by the French Revolution.

Batya said...

yes, something's "off" in those politicians