Thursday, May 20, 2010

Valuable Visa, The USA Plays Hard to Get

Over the years, we've gotten calls from Israelis we know begging us to use our "influence" in the United States Consulate to help them get a tourist visa.  There's no rhyme nor reason why some get it and some don't.  One case recently, the person had gotten a ten year visa a few years before, but it was on his old passport.  He had been told that even though he had more than half the ten years to go, the US Consulate couldn't or wouldn't transfer it nor give him a new one.  So the guy missed his brother's wedding.

This morning, I read about a wife who can't get visas for her and her kids to live in the states with her new husband.  They've been married over a year.

And bloggingheads of the New York Times is also talking about visas.

No wonder that "second class*" United States Citizens, like my married daughter and her freinds, are willing to fill out reams of forms and then schlep the kids to the states to get them the same status.

There are so many illegals in the USA.  Some entered on valid visas and never left, and others got in "some how."  They're in a crazy "twilight zone," because being illegal, it'll be discovered if they try to leave, and then they won't be let back in.

Davka, Americans try to be so careful about who can enter the states, but they want us, Israel, to accept Arab terrorists and to take down security check-points.

We ought to do what they do, not what they say.

*Children born abroad of "first class" United States citizens get a United States Passport and "citizenship," but they can't transfer that citizenship to the next generation unless they spend a certain amount of years in the states.


Unknown said...

The problem is that you are not part of the favored class of illegals as well as insisting on being legal (which the Obama administration views as an insult). Not only is the Obama administration refusing to enforce the law on the southern border, but they are actively encouraging the drug dealers to take over.

THe examples you gave are because the people involved are not following the preferred way to get into the country, nor are they of the correct ethnic group.

Batya said...

There's a very good comment to this post on facebook. There should be reciprocity. Why do we allow Americans into Israel without visas? Any country which demands a visa from an Israeli should be required the same to come here.

Hadassa said...

Sabba Hillel, is it just a joke that some Americans are trying to renounce their citizenship so that they can qualify as illegal immigrants for the perks, or is it really happening? Is the bureaucracy that crazy back in my Old Country?

Batya said...

America is just like all other countries; the middle class has a very tough time. But illegals do get picked up, and some shouldn't be illegal, bureaucratic foul ups.