Monday, May 17, 2010

Time To Protest!

As far as I'm concerned the reason Israel is under pressure to stop building and stop developing and stop doing what's best for our security and future is simply because we invite the pressure.  Yes, the truth is that if Israel would just say "NO!" and refuse to even listen to all the foreign governments and leaders and busybodies, they'll quiet down and look for someone else to beat up.

I'm going to give you a section of what Arlene Kushner sent around last week.  It has phone numbers and addresses etc.

Here it is:
May 13, 2010

"Really Angry"

Because of Shabbat preparations I was going to skip a post today but circumstances have motivated me to write, although it will be brief. I'm calling out the troops.

Yesterday I wrote about what Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch said regarding the fact that demolition of illegal Arab housing in Jerusalem was going to proceed. The delay in carrying out these (court ordered) demolitions, he said, was the result of "diplomatic sensitivities" but that this situation no longer applies.

Not much. And this is why I am very angry. If you were with me you'd see the steam coming out of my ears.

I anticipated that the US would protest, but it's gone further than that. The US has asked for a "clarification," and now the Public Security Ministry expects Netanyahu to put a hold on the demolitions.

Yesterday, the Ministry put out a statement that:

“Police do not destroy homes, but rather secure the demolitions, in line with court decisions. Police will carry out every mission given to it by the courts. The rule of law is not a vehicle for a Middle Eastern political and geostrategic discussion.” I had addressed this issue of rule of law yesterday, and this is a marvelous and appropriate statement coming from a sovereign democracy.

However, there was also a clarification in that statement:

“We are subordinate to decisions by the attorney-general and the government, and we will act according to their decisions.” Put simply, we know what is right, but cannot be responsible if the government overturns us.

Damn, damn, damn.

You read my description of one case yesterday. There are many others as well. Ahmed Sheikh not only built beyond what he had permission for, he made a commitment to stop building while the appeals were going on, but defiantly continued to build. The court ordered what he had constructed to be razed a full year ago. And the government is tying the hands of the local authorities in carrying out this court order and others. Because the PA will scream and yell if we act with full legal authority and Obama will be angry. This will be an "obstruction to peace," you see.


And so...

First, please, contact Prime Minister Netanyahu. Using your own words, please, but tell him that a sovereign state acts with independence and a democracy acts according to rule of law. Tell him that in caving to demands of Obama he is undermining our sovereignty and the underpinnings of our democracy. Demand that he stand strong.

Fax: 02-670-5369 (From the US : 011-972-2-670-5369)

E-mail:  and also  (underscore after pm) use both addresses

There are two phone numbers listed for his Knesset office -- not the best way to contact him, but the only working numbers I have at the moment: 02-6753-227 and 02-640-8457.


Contact Minister Aharonavitch, as well, and tell him that you appreciate his strength on the matter of illegal housing demolitions, and that you stand with him.

Phone: 02-640-8825

Fax: 02-649-6188



When calling Israel from the US: 011-972 and then drop the first zero and continue with the number.


Then messages must go out in the US. Repeat what I said above about undermining Israeli democracy and sovereignty. Point out that the demolitions were planned only for Arab homes built illegally that the courts ordered to be demolished.

Additionally, point out that there is inequity in the response of the US government. Allude to the Palestinian Media Watch report describing the most recent PA incitement on TV that denies Israel's right to exist. I reported on this recently. It can be found at:

Promises aside, Abbas is continuing to turn a blind eye to incitement, and the US is ignoring this. If you are faxing (best) or using e-mail, include this URL.


Anonymous said...

It's going to take more than just protest.

Batya said...

That's for sure, but we have to start someplace. And that some place is with the Israeli politcians.

Anonymous said...

Start someplace? With protests? You mean like Gush katif and Amona?

Israeli politics is now practically sealed as a tyrannical dead end.

There is another possibility: pray for a miracle that will save us from the Israelis (in contrast to Jews)and from ourselves (in contrast to Israelis).

Mezzuzah said...

Dreamers. Are you still buying into the fallacy of politics and *democracy*?

The answer to Israel's issues at hand never and will never lie in *politics*. It will never lie in *agreements* or *promises* of this man or that. How utterly foolish of you to even think that it could. Our ways are not the ways of the nations. And all of this that is now happening is showing us clearly - that because we've been going astray after these *politicians* that our land is being YANKED from under us. That we didn't go DIRECTLY to Hashem with our issues but through the fallible man and his weaknesses.

We have the blueprint. We must abide by it or fall. There is no *beebee* there is no *bama* - there is ONLY Hashem. Only. Only. Only.

Anonymous said...

Well, Mezzuzah, I'm not sure how literally to take you.

Try this, as an experiment: pray to Hashem with all your might to sustain you with Mahn from Heaven dropped off at your door every day, enough for you and your family.

Try it for a week. See how well that works for you.

Keli Ata said...

Even though I am not living there I will still pray. I am also going to send Bibi a letter (does anyone have a snail mail address for the prime minister's office?). Aren't we suppose to correct a Jew who is doing something wrong, albeit very gently and in a constructive manner?

Writing to Obama is a lost cause, so on my end here I just plan to vote him out of office and pray others do the same.

Anonymous said...

Keli, one can pray from anywhere in the universe. Just point your antenna toward the Temple Mount.

IMO, you're wasting ink or pixels mailing a letter to Netanyahu.

Batya said...

Shy, Keli, Mezzuzah, when Jacob prepared himself to confront Essau, he took a variety of actions. The same is necessary here. Writing to Bibi helps partially, because it shows that he doesn't have popular support.

Keli Ata said...

Good advice Shy and Batya.

Shy, I will definitely directed my prayer toward the Temple Mount:)

BTW: Each and every time I've submitted a prayer note online ( which has been placed in the Wall, the prayer has been answered.

What I wouldn't give to go their in person.

Batya said...

G-d willing, Keli, you'll be here.