Sunday, May 9, 2010

The American Agenda

Ya'akov's Dry Bones pictures it perfectly, as usual.  The United States does not want a fully, financially independent, viable and successful Israel.

We in Israel and World Jewry must recognize that the truth is that we have no true allies.  We must stand on our own.  The dependence on the United States is a dangerous addiction that just weakens us.  By accepting their "shopping coupons," aka aid we are destroying our industry and weakening our economy.  Giving the United States veto power over our business and trade deals is suicidal.


Hadassa said...

Dry Bones for Prime Minister! He, unlike most politicians, gets it right every time.

Batya said...

Amen! But I think that one of the reasons the politicians get it wrong is that they have experts in norishkeit digesting the news for them.