Friday, May 7, 2010

Feiglin Leaving Likud, B'Sha'ah Tovah, It's About Time!

The latest news in the Israeli political scene is that Moshe Feiglin is calling it quits with the Likud.  I've been recommending this for years, since there's no way he can have any effect changing the Likud.  It's entrenched in its dirt and aim to be Center-Left which it thinks will keep it in power.  Its aim is power not Land of Israel ideology.

What's next for Feiglin and his followers?

Time will tell.  Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

It is both good and bad. Contrary to what you thought was a good idea, it is a step backward.

Batya said...

Why do you say that? I think that it should have been done a few years ago. Bibi has a strong hold on the Likud, and there's no way for Feiglin and followers to shake him.

Instead of wasting time and energy trying to fix the Likud, we need to fix our country.

Coolio said...

big mistake it was the last lost battle before victory
it cannot be done again

it is a step backward

there IS NO WAY that you have a entry pass to speak to or to speak for the plumber from ramat gan as a citizen of the state of israel

instead you become a sector in the game of israeli politics visa vi the game of foreign policy and social issues

i disagree wholeheartedly the facts of the future would speak for themselves in any event no matter where you are

and then a likud contest would self-evidently be in order
which would result in no other recourse but to win big and to be on the inside door

and then it would be a clear path forward to the top

but barring all that

still you have no legitimacy to speak for or to the israeli taxpayer from eilat as speaking for the general citizenry which means your making your own personal victory but your not fixing the game which is defining the identity of israel INCORPORATED

Batya said...

John, I don't follow, too disjointed.

YMedad said...

Think of all the money that was wasn't this past decade on this project. Actually, I had suggested that if he had the money it would be cheaper to have attempted to buy out Meretz as their Central Committee is smaller as is their membership.

josh said...

First of all, it's either not true, or a spin.

2nd, I'm not a Feiglin or Likud voter, though I did vote Likud in 96 I think.

3rd, I agree that it would be a step backward. Feiglin is in for the long haul and also I wish that people would stop being short-sighted. Feiglin in Ichud Leumi is just another settler and would not being any more mandates. Feiglin in the Likud is a kiddush Hashem and true Likud. Right now there is a danger in the Mafdal joining Ichud Leumi. Let's worry about that. Let the Likud worry about Feiglin.

Batya said...

Wink (YMedad,) money may have something to do with it...

josh, what are you basing your "not true" on? Shy is very involved in Feiglin's group and he didn't deny it.

For Feiglin to succede in anything, he must change his attitude. No barging into NU saying he's there to take over, like he did in Likud.

Hadassa said...

Long haul? Long haul to where? Long haul to place number 36 on the Likud list? Feiglin isn't going to get any farther than that in the Likud. As Batya wrote, Feiglin doesn't have a chance of breaking Bibi's strong hold. Feiglin is a good man in the wrong party. I'll be happy to see him out of the Likud and in a party where he can do more that fight a futile fight.

Batya said...

Will they ever admit it?