Sunday, May 30, 2010

Chickens Out For New Zealand

Kosher chickens that is.  In another example of twisted perverse morality the New Zealand government has joined a select group of frigid to Jews European countries and banned Shechita, animal slaughter according to Jewish Law.  Is hunting forbidden in these countries, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden?

It's not a simple matter of just importing kosher meat and poultry from abroad instead of local shechita, because according to New Zealand law, unprocessed poultry can't be imported.

The Jewish community in New Zealand is trying to appeal but considering that the Prime Minister is Jewish the chances aren't good.  Successful Jews abroad generally try to downplay their Jewish allegiance.  This is a good time to make aliyah.  I have neighbors from New Zealand who are happy that they are here in Shiloh.


Hadassa said...

An AJC report from 2006 lists a Jewish population of 7,000 in New Zealand. Even with the building freeze, we can fit another 7,000 in Israel, can't we?

Batya said...

Great idea