Friday, September 9, 2016

“Palestinians,” sic, Their Elections and International Hypocrisy

The other evening I was thrilled to hear the phrase about Mahmoud Abbas and his government, “going into its eleventh year of its four year term” on the French English language television news station. That’s usually something you can only hear from people of my “political persuasion.”

The so-called Palestinians seem to be coated with top grade Teflon, since none of the usual expectations, morality, democratic or human rights norms are ever demanded or even expected from them. They function according to rather fokokt and patently immoral behavior, which is accepted by all those who criticize Israel for basic minimal self-defense.

Israeli soldiers are condemned for inspecting trucks, cars and passengers for knives, weapons and explosives, along with the more mundane uncertified agricultural produce, while at the same time Israelis are told they should expect to be attacked or even murdered if they dare to enter certain Arab neighborhoods. Yes, we victims are condemned, not those who attack us.

And yes, while Israel is the only truly western-style democracy with free elections in the Middle East, we, not the totalitarian corrupt Arabs aka Palestinians sic, are the international pariah, constantly condemned for so-called “human rights violations,” and our government rulers are threatened with arrest when traveling abroad.

That’s why I really don’t care what all those international do-gooders say and demand. They do not deserve my respect at all. They’re just a bunch of high-talking anti-Semites, though of course they deny it with their distorted faux morality.

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