Monday, September 19, 2016

Hillary vs Trump: It Ain't Over 'till It's Over


For pundits like me, the 2016 USA Presidential Elections is a dream. We have two unlikely by history's standards candidates slugging it out. Both Hillary and Trump are "overaged" by most standards and historical precedent. Hillary is the first female presidential candidate/nominee from a main party, and Trump, unless I'm mistaken, has never actually held public office or a military position. Dwight Ike Eisenhower, who was President when I was a kid, from 1952-60, had been a military man and may not have been an elected official.

Remember that Hillary had planned on being elected in 2008, but when the Kennedy women bucked their clan leader Uncle Ted and supported Obama, her plan went up in smoke. She was then "compensated" with the position of Secretary of State, and mistakes she made when running the State Department are seriously hurting her campaign, reputation and image.

From the minute Donald Trump threw his hat into the ring, people -especially the media- considered him a sideshow clown act. During these past couple of years, there have been more headlines announcing his campaign's collapse and his disenchantment with the idea of being POTUS than anything serious.

The 2016 campaign and choices have polarized the United States more than any other. I keep reading of lots of threats to leave the country from the Left if Trump wins and from Jews is Clinton wins.

Early on the polls all predicted a Clinton landslide, but now, with a month and a half before Election Day, it's getting very close.
Clinton, Trump now neck-and-neck in Electoral College projection
A lot of Trump's rise and Clinton's slide have to do with her mistakes and hate-filled rhetoric. Not only is she insulting his supporters, which not only prevents any from wanting to switch sides but also makes it clear that she would not be a unifying president, but she broadcasts her racist views by stressing Obama's "black" identity. In her recent speech about the controversy over Obama's birthplace, instead of just referring to him as president and the legalistic issues, she stressed that he's the first black president, which should give him a special status/immunity. And if Hillary loses, that attitude of hers may very well be the key to her fall. Hillary is not at all presidential; she is too filled with hate.

Remember that the campaign isn't yet over. Yes! It ain't over till it's over. Don't forget that.


Anonymous said...

Better start praying as they did in Mitzrayim, when they started bathing in the blood of Jewish babies. Because this is the modern day equivalent. What are the Rabbis waiting for ? Sleeping behind the wheel ?

Batya said...

What has this to do with the rabbis?

Anonymous said...

Heads of the people of Israel; they should take the lead.

Anonymous said...

Rabbis calling for an (inter)national prayer rally against Hilary, lama lo ?

Batya said...

They are not going to do it; some are Leftists. Before Disengagement you couldn't find too many speaking out against it.

Mr. Cohen said...

Hillary Clinton wants to bring millions of Muslim immigrants into the USA.

This would make the USA difficult [maybe impossible] for Jews to live in,
and also make it difficult [maybe impossible] for the USA to be pro-Israel.

Under the leadership of Hillary Clinton, the USA would become just like Europe: anti-Jewish, anti-Israel and financially ruined.

Maxine said...

When Hillary brings in the multitude of immigrants , let us hope that the Mexicans outnumber the Others.

Batya said...

America will go the way of Europe, just more slowly.

Mr. Cohen said...