Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Obama's 2016 UN Speech, Proof of His Failures

Soon after POTUS aka Barack Hussein Obama was elected President of the United States he was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize, not actually for anything he had done, but  for   his "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.". There were great expectations from the man of a white American mother and black African (Kenyan) father, the first non-Caucasian to be elected President.

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Yesterday, Obama made his last speech to the United Nations General Assembly as American President, and he didn't have much good to say about the state of the world.
The speech – described by White House officials as a capstone of his foreign policy – left few major powers unscathed. He criticized France for its targeting of traditional Muslim dress, Russia for its quest to “recover lost glory through force,” China for denying democracy to its people and Israel for its continued “occupation and settlement of Palestinian lands.”
But Obama spent little time on any single conflict, instead speaking in general terms of the dangers facing an international system he has long advocated as the guarantor of world peace. There are “deep fault lines in the existing international order,” exposed by the turbulent forces of globalization, he warned. Jerusalem Post
I guess you can say that means he has admitted that he had failed miserably, although I don't think that he actually admitted any responsibility. I guess he won't be returning his Nobel Peace Prize... What do you think?


Mr. Cohen said...

When did President Barack Hussein Obama criticize Muslims for:
modern-day slavery, oppression of women, teaching anti=Semitism,
terrorism, torture, lack of religious freedom, honor killings, etc?

Batya said...

No way he'd admit such a thing. I goes against his religion, right?