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Monday, March 6, 2017


a guest post by Mr. Cohen
Quick historical quotes about about anti-Semitism that many
people forgot, listed in approximate chronological order.
Lest we forget why Jews need their own land, and army, and state.
“Under a rule established by the Visigoths [who ruled Spain around the year 700 CE],
the Jews [in Spain] were not permitted to own land.”
SOURCE: The Secret Jews (chapter 2, page 19) by Joachim Prinz, year 1973,
Random House, New York, ISBN-10: 0853031851 ISBN-13: 978-0853031857
“In [year] 1391 [CE], from his pulpit in the great cathedral of Seville, [Ferdinand] Martinez [confessor of the Queen, and administrator of the archdiocese of Seville, and a sworn enemy of the Jews] called for the destruction of 23 synagogues in the city.

Whether the Church stimulated the bloodshed or whether it only yielded to popular demand, we do not know. 

In any case, on June 4, 1391, the Jewish community of Seville was destroyed by a mob that stormed the Jewish sectors and burned the synagogues. 

It was the beginning of a storm which swept the whole country.”

SOURCE: The Secret Jews (chapter 2, page 25) by Joachim Prinz, year 1973,
Random House, New York, ISBN-10: 0853031851 ISBN-13: 978-0853031857
“Moreover, if it was piety and deep religious conviction which motivated the men of the Inquisition, it was a religious faith that paid handsomely.  Every conviction meant not simply heretics punished or reconciled but fortunes confiscated. And the proceeds filled not only the coffers of the state but the treasures of the Grand Inquisitors as well. 

It was common knowledge that the arrests and condemnations of so many Marranos were not merely undertaken for religious purification of these supposed heretics.  The income derived from the judgment, whether the sentence was death or the result reconciliation, was enormous. 
Many multimillionaires, even by today’s standards, either died at the stake or in the dungeons. 
Others were released with minor punishment. 

But no matter what the verdict, confiscation of property was a foregone conclusion. The accused all left the high tribunal as beggars.  Perhaps this explains why the Inquisition, called out of the past in the 1480s, maintained itself well into the 19th century.”

SOURCE: The Secret Jews (chapter 2, page 48) by Joachim Prinz, year 1973,
Random House, New York, ISBN-10: 0853031851 ISBN-13: 978-0853031857
 “In [year] 1670 [CE], because the Queen of Austria suffered several miscarriages,
the whole Jewish community was expelled.”

SOURCE: The Secret Jews (chapter 2, page 52) by Joachim Prinz, year 1973,
Random House, New York, ISBN-10: 0853031851 ISBN-13: 978-0853031857
 “In a glass case [in the home of Franz von Mendelssohn]  were the famous
white porcelain monkeys which every Jew had been forced to buy at exorbitant
prices in the middle of the 18th century to finance the Prussian porcelain industry
then being established by Frederick the Great [born 1712, died 1782].”

SOURCE: The Secret Jews (chapter 1, page 12) by Joachim Prinz, year 1973,
Random House, New York, ISBN-10: 0853031851 ISBN-13: 978-0853031857

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