Sunday, March 12, 2017

Haman in Modern Times

Like that classic story about terror, fascism etc starting with the policies and actions against Jews, those looking clearly without PC-distorted lenses can easily see the progression of violence in the United States, Europe etc. Caroline Glick tells the story perfectly clearly. Here we are on the first morning of Purim 5777. Read:
BY  MARCH 9, 2017 22:10
 The riots against Murray and Yiannopoulis alerted non-Jewish Americans to the intellectual and moral decay of their campuses.
An acrid stench of repression is spreading through America.
Last Thursday, conservative political scientist Charles Murray from the American Enterprise Institute was attacked by a leftist mob at Middlebury College.
Murry was invited to Middlebury by the college’s AEI club. He was to discuss his new book, Coming Apart, which discusses the plight of white working class Americans. Middlebury’s liberal political science professor Allison Stanger was set to ask him questions about his work.
As has been widely reported, a mob of leftist students prevented Murray from speaking. They shouted him down with a stream of epithets that went on without interruption, until Murray and Stanger were spirited out of the lecture hall.
They were brought to another location where they carried out their conversation in front of a camera that was livestreaming to students blocked by the mob from hearing them in person. The mob followed them to the new location and rioted outside the room as they spoke.
The rioters assaulted them as they made their way from the second location to their car. They hurt Stanger in the neck.
The assault continued after the professors entered their getaway car and at the restaurant where they tried to dine at with students.
In the end Murray and his companions were forced to leave town in order to have dinner away from the rioters. Stanger was later treated for her wounds at a local hospital.
The riot against Murray at Middlebury occurred barely a month after right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulis was blocked from speaking at the University of California at Berkeley by a similarly violent mob. The Berkeley rioters caused more than $100,000 in property damage. They beat up students who came to hear Yiannopoulis speak. Complete article here click
As I read this on Shabbat, I knew that it was the perfect message for Purim. Haman is alive and still trying to murder not only all of the Jewish People, but all who refuse to accept his/their ideologies.

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