Thursday, March 9, 2017

Amona Vigil, Protesting Bibi and Bennett's Broken Promises

Tuesday afternoon I finally made it to the Amona vigil outside the Prime Minister's Residence in Jerusalem. When I first arrived there was a crowd of young American teens there, who are probably on some study program. Many were wearing T-shirts from the "lone soldiers" centr and others with a picture of Donald Trump.

While I was there, lots of drivers honked their cars horns, the traditional show of support.

There was just a small group of Amona protesters sitting quietly, understandably depressed. I introduced myself to one of the women and mentioned that I can see the hill that Prime Minister Netanyahu and Minister of Education and head of the Jewish Home Party had promised them. I had really been wondering if they were sincere in wanting to build a new Amona in the Shiloh area.

When I made a joke about the weather being much nicer east of Shiloh than in Ofra, I got a sincere response that Amona had suffered much more difficult winters than even Ofra. Permanent homes in a more moderate climate definitely sounded good to that tired young woman.

We also "joked" about the "interchangeability" of Bibi and Bennett. The only real difference being that one has hair, while the other is bald with a tiny kippah.

In addition we discussed the complete lack of true leaders in Israel. Neither of us trust any of the political parties to do any better than the mess going on at present here. This yearning for approval of foreign leaders is only weakening us further.  Yes, it's all very depressing. How could the State of Israel have deteriorated from a King David giant-killer in 1948/1967 to a cowering terrified Mordechai begging his niece Ester to find a solution to the dangers against the Jewish People from her place in King Achashverosh's Harem in such a short time?

Gd willing our political leaders will become true national leaders speedily in our day...


Shiloh said...

God helps those who help themselves. Why do you expect God to bless us with the land when our leaders and half of the population want to give it away to an invented people and Iranian proxy? When our leaders ask permission to do was we need to do, its beyond approval. I have also learned that the US is about to build (it is contracted already) a US Navy port in Haifa. We are not a sovereign nation no matter how much we pretend to be. That is truly sad.

Batya said...

I didn't complain or expect Gd to do anything. I'm complaining about the politicians.

Mr. Cohen said...

Considering how often politicians break their promises,
why should anybody expect those promises to be kept at all?

Maybe the best way for us to cast our votes is to say more Tehillim.
For every chapter of Tehillim we recite, we cast another vote with G_d.

PS: Please read my recent blog post:

Forgotten Anti-Semitism:

Batya said...

Just like Jacob took multiple steps before meeting his brother and enemy Esau, we too must take all sorts of steps and not rely just on one method.

Shiloh said...

Batya, sorry, was not addressing you only, but our Nation in general.

Mr. Cohen, saying tehillim is nice and makes us feel good, but sitting on our behinds in prayer is about as worthless than anything without doing something about it. Our pathetic leaders would have both support of the people and the backing of God if they did what they need to do to end this charade, then you would see prayer work and the favor of God. Unfortunately the last 2200 years of saying tehillim has not worked when we don't act. In other words, we have been successfully defanged by instructions like yours.

Shiloh said...

One more thing Mr. Cohen, why are Jews not from their own words and own heart crying out individually to God? Why do you think that Jews all rambling the same words written by others will have any effect with God? The Father of Creation does not appreciate nor respect these vain words. He wants each and every Jew to connect to Him with their own words, their own heart, their own tears of both joy and sadness. King David did just that, God listened. We need to get back into an individual connection with the Creator. Look at it this way, you, a father has children who are all individuals, different souls. Imagine they came to you three times a day rambling some words written by someone else. For years they ramble the same things, not from their heart but from a book, dead bones walking. You will listen to this rambling or will you finally say "enough", what does each child need, you love and care for them, you want to connect, to do everything to help your children? Your children are all different, different needs, different pain and joys. All this vain repetition will NOT connect us to the Source. We need to return to God, each and every one of us. The "system" does not work, for 2200 years of suffering, exiles, slaughtering's will not wake us up. WE all cry, enough, but we wont listen.